The dawn of a new era

Well, this took a very weird turn. But this God, is not of what I am speaking here. Not really, only sometimes, depending on how you see things. I speak of love and love is in so many things. Even Gods make mistakes, it seems. Still, love will always be.

In Warframe I sometimes wondered why the Orokin had healers and why they looked so ugly. But I guess view from the right angle you understand, that the church represents golden hallways, great strength and all kinds of knowledge, as well as the so called right to speak in the name of God.

But if God is love and only love, then they have no right to speak for it. So all what the eye sees is ugly facades, which try to convince you that they are right. This is why they turned into mindless machines. Like the infested, like the Grineer, like the Corpus and the sentients. As soon as you start to fight against another party without love, you are as strong as your enemy. So you can’t win, even if you do, you will only fall of the horse / throne on the other side. Replacing the old oppressors with yourself and someone else.

No one expects love and even if so, then not as the most powerful weapon of them all. They think they know what love is, but as long as they think death is inevitable, they haven’t felt love yet. Not all of it, if even.

It is all corrupted, broken and messed up a long time ago. We are here to fix it, to wake people up and bring some down on their knees.

But sometimes, love doesn’t is enough, because if they don’t know what it is, they will not understand. Making it visible might help, making it hearable might help. And so I did. If it still isn’t enough. Then tell, tell me what shall I do? I know… I am too far away, still not there yet. Whoever I am in the end, all what matters for me is, that I know how broken this world is. And I know, if you feel broken, you only see the world for what it really is. But not forever, so stay with me and change it with me. Use your inner strength and if it just is by staying alive somehow. Don’t give up now. Not now. After all what we went through. Each of us alone in some way.

You deserve to live, you deserve love, you deserve not to be alone. ❤

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