Awakening by singing souls

If all the soldiers and fighters of the world would instead of using guns, just sing. What could that bring? Imagine an army chosing songs as weaponary, instead of guns and bombs. Thinking about “How can we destroy the enemy most effectively?” while thinking about music and songs, instead of deadly bombs and mass destruction. When the enemy is hate, is fear and anger.

Vibrations can bring down walls, both physically and mentally. When there should only be a heart guiding. While weapons are dividing.

Not to oppress, not to conquer the land, not to conquer to use.

Only to conquer the hearts to be free again, to love and sing.

Enemy general says: “What is this, they have no weapons?! This will be an easy win!”

Also enemy general: Looks towards his army and sees it surrendering

And in case you think I am supporting communism, soviet union or anything alike. You only see with your eyes, but I see with my heart and hear with my ears. Even if I don’t understand most of the words, I feel the harmony in the words and voices. A dream of heaven, a dream of life.

Coming for you all, the love for life.

The way of love, is to see beyond the visible.

I see the eyes, I hear the voice, I feel the words and sounds surrounding them.

What do you see? I see a soul worthy of love and pure body.

We all have scars, but we hide them away.

She shows them, let’s show them, for they were/are part of us.

They all built castles of sand, thought there was only one way to win.

And then there was love and suddenly all was good.

If you see beyond the visible appearance, you see the message clear.

You see the colors, the lost and broken flowers. Fighting with love for the freedom of life. While others think they are devil, they are bad and evil. They only reflect, what they see. Like the color you see is the reflect of what isn’t absorbed. And so if they look like devils, it is you what they see.

You, the dead, the ones who want to die, the ones who want war and destroy all worth living for. We haven’t even discovered all life on earth, before you destroyed it for land. Destroyed it for factories, for gold and power. Shall the sea grab you and give you a shower.

We wear, what you showed us. And then you think we are the evil.

The devil comes like an angel of light. The human sees, what is in front of him, but God sees the heart. Be it love. Amen – so it be.


When I was a child I waved towards the trucks passing by the house in which I lived. I waved to the busses driving by the road. I smiled towards the people, I spoke to and with the people. What others said, I didn’t care. What others saw, I didn’t see. But when I drew my father, with the anger and the hate. I saw and drew what I saw. But instead of listening, instead of seeing, he thought I had no respect. He thought I was being bad. He thought I should get punished. But all I wanted to tell him was, that he wasn’t alright.

The more I saw, the more I broke. The more I hoped, the more I choked.

Until there was nothing more to hope, until this world got me good and made me broke.

Thank you for all the traces, all the waves, the stories and hearts.

You made me see again, feel again, love again.

I died, but I am back again. Crying, smiling, feeling your pain.

I am just like you, let me show you, if you haven’t seen it already.

Never be broken again. For broken we all were or became.

You are the voices of love. The ones I asked for. Didn’t know before.

One of my aunts made a book with some photos.

One of these photos describes this situation in the best way possible.

I will show it to you, in the next post.

May be love with your ways, may love reach you and stay with you all days.

Me: crying about the beauty of what we were able to accomplish together

Don’t die out there, not now.

This is NO TIME TO DIE! 💓

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