Prove (love for/to) yourself

And you did!

I am crying man… all these memories and all the love! 😭 ❤

So good, so warm and powerful. The message, the memories and you!

One time this year, while I was sitting in a car, looking outside the window, I saw you. And you looked away. And you looked right back at me. And you just drove a bike. You walked down the street with dark long hair, shining bright golden hair. Shining right back at me. Did you see me first? Either way, I love you and I have felt your love as well.

The human sees what is in front of their eyes and they see what they want to see. But God sees the hearts.

Love is God. Love gives life and love is good.

Love is eternal. This is why we will live.

God has many names, our names, the names of love! 💜💛🤗

With love in your heart, nothing is impossible. Meaning, there can’t be nothing and there is always something. And we can make everything possible together.

The serpent bites into its tail and do you know what it is biting, the heart. The serpent kills its own life, own love own time. Devouring itself.

So let the serpents do their thing and step away, for you is the life for you is the day, the way, the everything.

The ball is in the game, the ball is in the air. Thank you!

Thank you for all the tears I am crying now.

These are my bombs, these I my mortars, these are my canons, these are my swords, not made to kill, but made to love. So we can live.

While the Corpus, while the living dead are walking, are working, you are fighting your way out. Out into the stars and back and everywhere. While they are walking, walking in a line towards a hole of endless pain.

And you feel it, you fight it, you always had to. ‘Cause you were meant to live.

God is strong in the weak because love is God.

Those who seem weak, have the strongest power of ’em all.

And before you know it, you mindless machines, you will fall.

Or you will live because you found your love again.

💜 I salute her, for standing and fighting for the right thing. And for her love she found again, after all she did.

Machines salute ranks, we salute us. Each one of us has the highest rank anyways.


Well, I am not him, I am not in for the throne. And I am also not in for the devils ride. But you know it already. I am just a little soul, shouting out the message of love. Compared to you, I am weak.

Compared to you people who did all these great things. I am nothing, just an observer from a room, in a house I didn’t built. On an earth I didn’t made nor own. But sooner or later, the day will come, when we will live, when we will be free.

And one day, they will know, that there is something to fight for. Because you can’t fight for destruction because destruction fights you.

Fight back, fight against the self-destruction because you never wanted it.

I know some of you probably believe that it is cool to destroy yourself and or others. But you haven’t seen true power yet or someone robbed it from you. We are not dead and I never planned to die, before they made me wanna die. Do you wanna die or be my friend?

I am just a soul like you. All I know is, that my love is endless, when you let me show you, that you got it too. The beating heart. 💓

And should it be wrong to love. Then I was wrong from the day I was born.

I wanted to live, just be whatever there would have been. But then the world made me wanna die and I died inside. But now I am here again. Still badly wounded here and there, but you know… you know.

I am just like you aren’t I?

I don’t know. When I was young I thought I was like everyone else, but then they pushed me around until I pushed them away, even those I shouldn’t have. I don’t know where exactly we are going, but what I have seen blew my mind. And last time it happened, I thought it was impossible, so I let myself die. This time I know, it can’t me. It wasn’t meant to be impossible. Yet I feel so small, so wrong, so unimportant, as if I will break it all anyways.

But we know that all we want is love. I found mine again, but I guess you gave it to me? I hope you have it as well. Don’t give me, what you need. I never wanted that, I always wanted what you will become. Wanted to cheer you, wanted to see you grow and play and love.

But this is bigger than my mind, bigger than my heart can handle.

I am just happy that I am not alone with this anymore and that together we will shine. But for now, I would just like to be safe. Where no one will try to hurt me again. Only you, but if it is you, your hurt gives me tears and let’s my heart grow and my love grow bigger. Your hurt can only make me want to give you more love back. For I was broken like you and it could come back.

I don’t know what these words mean to you, whether anyone will ever read.

I don’t know what I am exactly doing here, but it must be good, because if not, then why am I still here? Half a year ago I could have gone, I was ready to go. Two years ago, I was ready to go. And each time, I wasn’t allowed.

So why do I live, if not for love? Maybe it was you who wanted me here.

I sure know, I would love to paint the world in every color there is. Far too long it was gray and dark and dirty.

I am far from perfect, but at least we are honest, aren’t we?

You know my secrets, maybe even those I didn’t tell yet or can’t even remember. So why should I try to hide them, you love me anyways.

And so I love you as well, all of you.

But it is hard to fight, while I shine the light, I feel as if nothing can stop me.

Only to get hit, by some little words, only to fall down again.

It is hard to fight. Sometimes I don’t know whether I should. But last time I gave up, I felt as if I was in hell. So I guess, I shouldn’t give up or give in this time.

Even if I die in the end again, as long as you live, this is all I want.

I have seen all, but you haven’t yet. Or have you?

All the love, it isn’t wasted.

I am not strong and never wanted to be. Never wanted to win every game.

For you I made myself strong, no you made me strong. But we know we are soft under our skin, we are what we are.


Me: Why can’t I do more for the people?

X: But you do more than you ever did!

Me: No, I am just sitting in my house, weeping, crying and something feel as if I am dying.

X: See, you do a lot for them.

Me: But I am just sitting around most of the days. I am only a joke of man and a joke of life.

X: No, you are just still not together with them. You met some in your dreams, but you can’t remember their face. Can’t remember much about the dreams. People messed with your mind real good and you yourself gave it the rest. It is a wonder that you live.

Me: But I don’t want to do it all wrong again, I don’t want to hurt people, I don’t want to have what isn’t meant for me.

X: But why do you think it isn’t? Who said you, that it isn’t? Who made you fear to be, fear to die, fear to live and even speak a word? Was it me, was it you, was it something else? You wanted to speak and bring warmth in the hearts, when you where just two years old, you knew what you wanted. You always were meant to be and you can’t do much wrong in a world which is upside down. Don’t listen to those who have no idea for themselves.

Me: But what if in the end I will only make everyone suffer even more? What if I became the evil after all?

X: Son, if you would have wanted to live in this world, I would have said yes. But son, you wanted to die, you hated what you saw, you fear what you did, you hated what you became after all the hate and pain they put you in. If you would have laughed it all of, if you would have enjoyed live, where no life was, then I would have worried. Actually I worried, when you tried to kill yourself. When you tried to cut yourself, when you tried to die. I worried because you were called to be a blessing. Why should you be unwanted. And who cares whether you are chosen, just another broken soul with love. Who cares. You know better. I know you know. So show them that you are just like them. And that you never wanted all of this mess.

Me: How can I trust myself to do the right thing? I know the feeling, I know what I have seen, I know the people. But what if I just want it all for myself after all, or what if I only think it is the way I see it? What if I was just always meant to be the one who thinks there could be life full of love, while it never was?

X: I know you write this down because these are thoughts of your past. The thoughts they made you think. I know you can’t be a devil, I know you can’t be a monster. And I know you never wanted to be, they only made you think you are. They made you think that you are what they are. Those who rule the world. You never wanted to rule. You knew there was no use in it. So why should I not trust you, why should you not trust yourself. Give yourself a hug. And cry your tears for they are gold.

Me: Thank you written voice from where ever you are.

Thank you for reading, for listening or just sticking by.

I don’t have all the answers, but this was never the question.

I love you stranger, friend, wanderer, lost one, whatever you are, whereever you are.

Are these my words, are these your words, I don’t know.

But I hope for good things to come.

I just want to be with all of you.

It tears me apart to sit hear and just see you from far away.