We ARE… Hearts in the open!

It was great to hear this story, together with the voice and music. I was so hyped each time it was on TV, when I was younger, watching TV at my grandfather’s house. Actually in the same room I am sitting now. While the TV is long gone as well as my grandfather… leaving his house for me.

I just had to listen to them again! So good!

I didn’t watch most of the episodes actually… but the good memories are clearly coming back. The messages in these songs and the whole anime! 💖

Don’t forget! We fight together! 💖

I don’t understand japanese, except for some random words maybe, but I know that it is all good. 🙂

Exactly the message I always knew when I was little.

The biggest treasure was always right in front of us. The map of the heart.

Speaking of light, the sun shines bright outside, the wind makes the leaves of the trees dance and the air smells like something good.

Wow it is so powerful all together. Magnificent. Magical.

When I was younger I just enjoyed these kind of things because I knew they were good and powerful. How could I forget all of these…

And well, yes I watched it in german because back then I only understood german (given the country I live in) and also it was only available in german because of the old TV having just 40 channels or something.

I still have problems with learning other languages or even with my german, words were never really what I was proud of or what I wanted. But it would still be great to understand other languages. I tried a little russian and well, at least I learned english (kinda), although I will probably always make mistakes. What does it matter anyway, am I right? 😀

Without english I wouldn’t have been able to learn for myself because many things I wanted to learn were only available in english. And also many videos, so I learned it somehow. And also through school, but I think that I learned the most my simply watching things in english or meeting people from other countries online. We indeed are fighting together. 🙂

And no one said, english has to be the language we all should speak. There are so many languages and accents, just in my country you find people in different regions speaking their own languages you could say. I sometimes didn’t understand people in my own village, when they used these old words. Pretty weird, but also fascinating. So you see, there is a lot of learn and we have all the time we want. Maybe at some point I will speak hundred languages or whatever will be.

I actually didn’t watch this one as far as I know, only one episode somone showed in the religion class once. The same guy also was doing some martial arts. I am thankful that he brought this up and also that our religion teacher was an open minded man.

Good people still exist and good things are made my these.

I wonder what C.O.P. stands for, maybe Can’t Operate Peacefully? I mean, I don’t know, I am just saying. And my voice to all the police officers who still have a heart, it is hard to have a heart I bet. But you aren’t my enemy the enemy is in your mirror or surrounding you. Let the love shine into your heart or out of it and show that you are also just human. Sometimes police and also people in general forget, that they are all human with hearts. As if they were all machines, or ants, or flies.

Before anyone says: “This is sexist!” I say it myself, so you don’t have to.

So can we not just enjoy the One Piece now? Thank you…

I mean what do you want anyways… I want everyone to be free and happy.

And if everyone can defend themselves and know why we are all fighting, then you would know what I mean. You have a heart or am I wrong?

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