Frequencies on one line

The grand line. Coming in, fading out.

What is the use? – Don’t you see?

See the hope of long forgotten lights, long forgotten ways.

Someone died yesterday. People die all the time.

Not everyone is the same. Every loss is one more in the book of life.

The lives we are living, told to live aren’t lives.

Let us break free of these chains and make each loss count.

Heck… make them come to life again.

If I would be dead, maybe looking from up high.

Why would I want to come back here, why would I want to waste away?

So we are here to scream, to shout, what we want.

And then show them. Show them that we are so much more.

There are lines we have travelled in our dreams, but not together yet.

Not like this, not in the here and now. This is what I know.

The piece was right in front of them.

Where is the best hiding spot? Right in front of you, in the open.

Without the legend, they never would have been able to understand.

If he would have said them what the actual treasure is, they would have laughed. So instead he told a story and laughed himself. Knowing…

In the ways of: Pick up my pieces, to build your own.

He hoped for someone better to come and they came. But we are not talking about big guns, gold and fighting other pirates. You know what I mean.

I don’t want to see them all laugh or cry themselves to sleep, feeling alone and completely broke. I don’t want to see them all walk the plank…

True pirates are not out for the gold, they are out for the adventure, they are out for experiencing life. We are not talking about brutal murderer pirates here, we talk about you and me. Pirate is just another word for a free soul, a human who wants to be free.

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