Voidnich | Savinov | Tape 2

Nadia woke up on the bottom near the showers. Her head did hurt pretty badly. Then she remembered how she got here. There was this voice, this AI or whatever called SAM or Sam as she preferred.

She remembered everything since she woke up last time in this sleep box. But now she couldn’t hear the voice nor see messages on her HUD. Actually what had happen to the HUD? She couldn’t see it, was it deactivated?

Confused and a little scared, but Nadia went into the showers nonetheless. When she entered the room, the lights weren’t on at first, but after some seconds some light started to show up. Only a few light-panels were on and even they only poorly gave her light to see. ‘This can’t be right…’, she thought and got under one of the showers. Nadia still had her underwear on, although it wasn’t much, it gave her a little safety in this dark and lonely rooms. Usually she would have gotten out of it, at least she assumed because she still couldn’t remember what happened before the sleep chamber time.

The water the shower spilled out seemed cold to her, even after she turned the heat to the maximum. Or was it just her? After some time it seemed a little warmer or maybe she just slowly got used to the temperature. At least it still wasn’t as warm as she would have needed, would have wanted it.

She felt a little weaker after some time. Maybe two minutes, she couldn’t tell. So instead of standing, Nadia sat down on the cold wet ground. She didn’t even clean herself because she felt too powerless. Then the headache got stronger and she felt sick because of it. Turning the shower off again seemed like a good idea, but when she tried to get up again, it felt all dissy. Then her belly started to hurt as well and before she could turn around, she had to vomit again. This time it was more red, mixed with something gray or even metallic.

Terrified of what she was looking at, she just stood there, probably for half a minute without moving. The cold water still running down her body, over the weird looking substance, washing it slowly away. It was just one or two hands in width, but whatever it was, it can’t be good. It looked something like blood mixed with something else. Nadia felt even weaker now. What the hell was going on?

Ignoring the shower, she tried to get up again, but it seemed too risky, too hard to do. So she tried to crawl outside of the shower room again. When she reached the door, the lights as well as the shower went out on their own. The automatic sensor system. Luckily the door was still open, although it probably should have closed. Given the situation it was probably more comfortable when things stayed the same, at least for now.

Sam told her something about SNS and was it PSL? These substances she probably would need now. At least the one with the P in front, as far as she could remember. Maybe her memory wasn’t as good as she thought. Did Sam tell her where she could find some of those? Could have been useful now. What even happened to Sam, maybe this weird mixture in the shower? Would at least explain why she didn’t see nor hear anything and even the HUD didn’t work so far.

At least Nadia still knew from where she came, so she thought chances might be good when she would go or better crawl into the opposite direction. Since she couldn’t remember anything except for the box and walls where she came from. Maybe twenty meters from where she was, she could see some more doors. With all her strength she moved her arms, while her feet seemed to get number and colder, as well as her legs.

Halfway towards the first door she heard a voice, no two voices from behind one of the doors. But she almost couldn’t hear them, it was more like noise in her head and it also didn’t help with the headache. Then the second door on the right side, of the direction she were crawling to, opened up. A robot like creature walked outside, together with a child. They were talking in some language, but she couldn’t understand it nor seemed it familiar to her. So she stopped with the crawling and quietly observed the scenery.

Then there was a beeping noise and her vision went blurry again. All she could hear before she blacked out was: “Commander Savinov, is that…” Probably the child because it seemed to be a soft and high-pitched voice.

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