Ecila and the palace [2]

In case you haven’t read the first part

When Ecila found the source of the voices, she saw two women walking towards the town. They must have already walked past her and the old man, while she was talking with him or giving him some water. At least she didn’t have to talk with them now, she was thinking.

After the man had enough water and felt a little better, they put the arms around each other again, so that the old man could walk. There weren’t any sticks long or strong enough for the man to use instead. And somehow it also felt good in a way. They both didn’t feel as alone as before.

Like this they walked towards the town gates, but then the man said, that his cabin was outside the walls, near the town. They made some breaks, so the old man wouldn’t collapse and she also got a little tired. Then finally they reached his cabin, next to the big forest. It wasn’t big, but enough for one to live a life. The old man thanked her a lot and even wished her to be his daughter. After all, Ecila wouldn’t say no to have a kind and wise old father.

Her own father died a couple of years ago in a fight with some farmers. He was supposed to collect their taxes and since he always had been a little bit of a “business man”, he took way more than the town had ordered him to collect. One time the farmers didn’t buy his excuses anymore and so he ended up beaten to death. Now that she thinks about it, he never really was a father for her. He often hit her and … she didn’t want to continue to think about him.

She was about to go home again, when she realized that neither she said her name nor the old man. So Ecila said to him: “Before I forget it, my name is Ecila… Drougavye.”

The old man smiled and replied: “And my name is Waldemar, just Waldemar.”

She giggle by the sound of the name. And he had to smile a little as well.

“What is so funny about Woaldimoar?”, he joked and laughed as well.

“Nothing… just…”, she couldn’t stop laughing.

They both laughed for a while. Then Ecila look into the sky and the sun was already going down again. Already late afternoon it seemed. She said good bye to Waldemar and he wished her a good evening and safe walk home. Now she really should move faster because her children were still alone and the guard would soon be going around to check whether everyone is at home. Since there have been some rumors about some spies and troublemakers the last days.

Ecila may not have had a nice lonely day walking around the lake, but instead it was even better. She found a friend, some kind of father figure she never really had. Hopefully she would meet him again some time soon.

Then she reached the town gates and it was just about time for the guards to make their round. She hoped it wasn’t too late and began too run towards home. She almost ran into some men walking out of the town inn.

“Well I knew women are wild horses, but I never thought one of them would run into my arms just like that.”, one of the two men spilled out with a grin.

To be continued…