Voidnich | Savinov | Tape 1

I don’t know, I just had to write something again and then this happened. I don’t know what it is, apart from some kind of generic sci-fi horror story of course. So I don’t think I will continue it or anything, but I hope it was still interesting. If not, well… I also don’t know so have a cookie, I guess…

Written 23th August 2020, 4 – 5 AM.

— Loading data… 80% … 90% … 100% —

Checking for possible transfer mismatches… Done.

All systems online.

Lifesystem: “Welcome Commander Savinov. Commanding officer of the Voidnich – LDTU class. How would you describe your current condition?”

In front of her face were five options:

[Awful] – [Sick] – [Confused] – [Fresh] – [HELP!?!]

The last option was making her feel uneasy, but she also wasn’t really sure what to think of the other options. Where was she? What was all of this? The last thing she remembers is… actually there was only a blurred memory of her walking down a corridor, maybe inside this ship.

She picked [Confused] because besides this unease feeling, everything seemed fine, except for her memory. Her body was moved uspide down or at least it felt this way, then she sensed movement, although she couldn’t see anything besides the visual hud of course. After some seconds a bright light and then she could see that she was in a box. The transparent cover opened up and now she could see that she was in a hallway with dimmed lights on the walls. Now she noticed, that she couldn’t move, something was holding her back and just when she tried to push herself away from the box, the pressure was gone and she fell down on the floor, right on her face.

“Not the best way to start a day.”, she wishpered, while still on the ground.

Luckily everything was fine, although it did hurt a little.

Now the HUD on the eye-lenses showed a different question.

Lifesystem: “Do you remember your name?”

Her name… a name…

She tried to remember. After some weird images passing by, she found it.

She spilled out: “Nadia… Nadia Savinov.”, with a dry voice. It did hurt to speak. Maybe she wasn’t alright after all. Should have picked [Awful] instead or [HELP!?!], maybe this would have been better.

Lifesystem: “No, according to the bio-sensors and the recorded data, you should be the way you entered the sleep state.”

This time the message on the HUD was followed by a weird robotic voice, reading it out loud. But where did this voice come from?

Nadia looked around, but could see anything like a speaker or robot. She even moved here hands all around her body, but except for her dark green underwear and this blue glowing dot on her left hand, was nothing on her.

Lifesystem: “You really are confused, don’t you remember that I am part of your brain?”

Again followed by this weird voice.

“Okay… I get it. But can you please either stop talking or showing me these messages. It makes me feel sick. Also, is there another voice because this one, gives me the chills.”, Nadia said out loud while she started to get a bad feeling coming from her belly. “I… I think… I nee…”, before she could end her sentence, Nadia had to throw over and filled the floor with some partially green and blue liquid. But it seemed to glow a little on the gray floor.

“WHAT THE HELL!?!?”, she shouted in panic.

Lifesystem: “You don’t have to speak, it is easier if you just think. I am in your head after all. About the incident, I think we should go through the wake-up protocol again. According to my data, you should have taken one of the SNS injections or drinks, take a shower and then drink one of the PSL bottles.”

“Wait, wait… what is all of this?”, she said, still speaking instead of just thinking. “I don’t remember any of this, I thought I was on the Voidnich and as far as I know you didn’t say anything about drinks or all these code names. And what is this liquid substance on the floor?”

Lifesystem: “This is part of the sleep mode procedure, it helps to analyse and support the body functionality. But the SNS should have neutralized it, so you wouldn’t have had to throw over like this. SNS stands for Sleep Normalizer Serum. PSL stands for Power Stabilizer – large portion.”

‘Okay…’, she thought a little calmer now, ‘and what the hell is with this place? Why am I alone around here?’

Lifesystem: “I don’t know. I have to connect to the ship system to find answers. And by the way, you can call me SAM, ‘Sensor Accelurating Machine’.”

Nadia: “Okay… Sam. And could you please use a more human like voice, not all this terrifying?”

SAM: “Ok Nadia. Is this voice better?”

Now communicating just through thoughts and brain structures, Nadia felt a little better. And SAM or Sam, now used a female voice. It seemed familiar, but she couldn’t figure out why.

Sam: “There should be a shower 10 meters from here, just turn to the left and walk through the door on the left side.”

Nadia: “Alright…”

Nadia slowly walked towards the showers. Very slow. It felt so hard to move.

Sam: “Oh no… you should have taken the PSL already. I think…”

All went black and Nadia just felt her head falling on the floor, then an loud beeping noise and then silence.

[To be continued… (?)]

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