Great leaders, suits and nonsense

And this is why we should get away from this one person with power governments. These people are at best speakers for our rights (but usually not) and at worst using us to play a godlike role or are controlled by other underground parties.

In countries with democracy you usually have multiple organisations and things to keep the power more balanced, but there we get corruption and manipulation as well. Through companies and other parties, working behind the curtain.

And democracy also can’t really be the best solution in the end because with democracy you usally also have someone losing. This doesn’t mean, that everyone should win for themselves or something like that. No, what I mean is, that some people already came up with better ways. For example that we should actually put people from different groups in positions for decisions. So for example some old people who worked their whole life. Some younger people or teenagers (to show that they also have ideas and know things) and also people of all kinds of minorities.

Because while it often is said, that the politicians know more about all the topics etc. in the end this is usually wrong from what I experienced. Because they also just listen to some experts (who hopefully really are experts) and then decide. But most of the people in countries with democracy also look similar. They have suits (or similar clothes), this bored for live look in the eyes and often laugh and shake hands.

But when I look at the people who really live in the countries, I often see completely different things. So why for example can’t someone with a leather jacket be a politician? Or someone with a flower dress? Why do they have to look so similar? And also why is it, that so many minorities get ignored, given that democracy is also about majority rules?

But it is not fair, if most people maybe benefit from the leading parties and current situations (maybe not right now, but in general), while others are still ignored and also have no voice. For example refugess in my country (Germany) were either ignored, shamed and then even flown back from where they came from. But I know some who are very kind, want to help and work and all. Some of them had a hard trip to get here and also not the best conditions from where they came. I don’t even care about economic refugees (as some called them). Because if you look at the world, well it is a mess anyways. And I trust some of these refugees more than people who were born here. Not all, but I also trust people who were born here. This is not important. Important is what is inside them and what they do with their life and chance.

Why should these people not get a voice in the parlament (or things like that)? I mean even in the U.S. a lot of foreigners are working or at least were working (also under the radar for reasons). And in some cases the country profits from it. Why shouldn’t they get a voice?

Because in the end, it should be about people who are willing to help others, who are open and also question things. People from foreign countries often have a complete different perspective on countries. Because of media and stories and things, but when they arrive things often change.

For example my uncle from Pakistan at first also questioned, why we don’t do more with all these possibilities. And he was right. Because from where he came, there wasn’t that much possible. But now he also just drives taxi / cab and this for many years.

And also some young people who came year some years ago, from afghanistan. They also were surprised that things here are so complicated and also how people here were frustrated in school and seem to not get anywhere after learning over a decade. As if it all was pointless. But they still got jobs and tried to do something.

There is also this weird thing, that people from other countries who want to work here (at least if not from western countries), have to redo some of the training or certificates. Because in Germany many foreign certificates are worth nothing. At least from what I know. So doctors, engineers and other people have to put a lot of work into it again. Then they often have trouble understanding complicated words (to be honest, many people here as well) and at worst can’t do their original job here because of this. It is so weird. And I know that maybe some jobs like doctor, should at least get some extra time to learn new things and also tests because these are risk jobs, but this also was for other jobs.

For me this is not okay because it is one thing, if someone has a problem to communicate, but another if they just can’t work because they have no german (or in general western) certificate. As if people here are all better.

I know from people here who put little effort in their certificates and even still make a lot of mistakes in their job, but they still have their job. So why can’t foreigners get a job, while they might even put more effort in it? And actually want to do a good job?

I mean around here we got an electrician who often puts the wrong cables together and people know him. So it is not a big deal usually. People call him and then he fixes it again. But from the certificate (at least what I know), such things shouldn’t happen, especially not this often. I mean, if someone like him would not work on basic light switches and such things, but in a power plant… Well, then you would know why all of a sudden the things starts burning (just saying).

So for me it is not that we should make harder rules, more pressure and stricter certificates, but actually caring for the work we do and feel good about it. Most people here in Germany don’t really care much about the learning process. I mean just in the IT branch I have seen so many people who struggled, had problems with new programming languages and also thinking about solutions for themselves. It is scary. And most of them still got the certificate. I mean, some couldn’t even actually program, while it was like the main thing. They probably later look some things up or at worst switch to a new job. Wasted three or more years, maybe pressured.

And then a refugee from another country might actually know more or has at least the will and actual interest, but has to first get these certificates… wow. (I mean, maybe there were some changes in recent years, but if so, they weren’t really noticed.)

Democracy, communism, monarchy, etc. are old concepts. We already know that they can’t work. So we have to mix them together and find new ways. Or sometimes listen to people who are not always in the public. Not meaning, that we should listen to people who want violent change or always blame others.

If people only complain, but have no real solutions or at least ideas, why should they be better in the end? I mean everyone can scream: “Freedom! Let the people rule!” But usually in the end some people again take seats and take control, sadly because most people have no idea what to do, so they also willingly give control to a few people again because they promise to do what they want. And how should they know what you want?

Especially minorities, the usually always get ignored. I mean, we could argue about some groups, like neo-nazi movements and violent rebels, but even they should be heard. And maybe should be shown, that there are other ways. But if everyone just complains, shouts at each other and at worst builds up violence, hate and in the end war, then we are not better like the people thousands of years ago.

So to be a complete sheep (just following laws, orders and don’t question authority) is not good, but always being the wolve or bear, will also not help. A tiger (or lion) could for example also defend some gnus. Sometimes such things actually happen in nature, that animals who usually are enemies, all of a sudden help each other. Or at least in some way helped each other out.

There is a reason why we people are so different, with different strength and abilities. And it is not meant to take advantage of each other, hurt each other and play “who is the best of ’em all”. We have these differences to find different solutions, help each other out and also to not get bored. 🙂

So why are there so many similar people sitting in seats of power?

I personally would actually like to see some people like the following in my countries parlament.

And yes, we have many more people, groups etc. I just didn’t want to make a several thousand images post. 😀

But I hope you know what I mean.

Because usually I see something like this:

And this is of course not a campaign against or for certain clothing and styles. But I personally think, that the last picture explains it pretty good. because this is what I usually see, when I look at my government, other western governements and governments in general.

People not representing me, people looking pretty similar and also either older people or young empty people, who don’t really know what life is.

Familiar? And I don’t know the people from the pictures, they were more as a demonstration. And if you want to wear a suit, I am not holding you back. But I personally hate these things. I usually feel uncomfortable with them, they are expensive, can’t get cleaned easily and also feel weird. As well as these ties… uaaagghh

As if you already have a rope around your neck, just waiting for the judge to give the signal.

I personally like to wear hoodies, t-shirts, and in general clothes which feel comfortable and which I like. But I would probably also try some other things, if it wouldn’t be so weird. Because then people are looking at you as if you were from Mars or something.

I so often found people who thought, that a certain way of style (clothes, colors, make-up) makes them into some kind of person. And then I see people who dress up a certain way. But then when you think, they might understand you, you find out that it either just was a challenge, an event or they just wanted to be part of something. And I usually seemed pretty normal from outside, in the past, but inside I was all over the place.

When I wanted to wear black it was not a question of style, of attention or whatever, I simply couldn’t stand colors, especially bright colors. So I often had dark blue, gray or black pullovers, t-shirts, hoddies and also jeans. But also blue jeans. And I of course also sometimes had t-shirts with colors. And now I think people don’t really get it or never really did. They think, oh this is an interesting style, I also want to look like this. And then they call themselves emo, punk, psycho or whatever for fun. I am not talking about people who got called these names, felled actually alone and different. I am talking about people who just do it for the show, the style and don’t really understand that it is about what is inside.

I can also wear a ties and such things and did in some cases, when necessary. But this is the thing, why was it necessary in the first place?

When for example I would know someone who would just be very happy if I would dress a certain way, I would do that. But why is it necessary to dress like this in many companies, important positions or at important events? I always hated this because I just wanted to wear what I wanted. And sometimes even other people fought through and so we could at least wear some more comfortable clothes.

But for me in general ceremonies, a lot of people doing basic things and all this “everything is fine and in order” kind of society… aaarrgghhh.

This is why this one time in the rehab clinic was so great. There were so many different people. Some had colored hair, others had some dark and heavy clothes, some were just normal and others had also heavy stories. We were a pretty interesting group with different backrounds.

And later we were one of the, if not the best group the personal had experienced. Why? Because we were all so different and still got along somehow. A very eye-opening experience.

And now people, what actually is acting dumb? See… Others told you what is and what isn’t. And usually those who are actually dumb are those who call others dumb. Or weird, or wrong. And this is how people who have no idea get and stay in charge. I mean they could sometimes know a lot and are pretty smart as well. But if they forget, that at some point they will also make an mistake and then this could mean, that they will have to pay a big price, well then they can’t be too smart. People who actually care for others say when they made a mistake, because these things are normal. And people who are open about their mistakes are usually more trustworthy. Because most people try to hide their mistakes, cover them up and then act as if nothing happened or someone else was causing the problem.

(And there are of course things someone shouldn’t do, but we know that.)

We are not talking about people who were victims like rape, toture etc. (sometimes people take things out of context… I also do that sometimes, but I usually regret it soon after, when I realize that I was wrong.).

If a politician is corrupt or was corrupt or had an affair, well then just say it, face the consequences but be honest. Because of course at first or maybe for a long time, there will be people shaming them etc. but they often don’t look at those who really should be ashamed. Not everyone did a lot of bad things, but sometimes keeping quiet about a threat could also be a problem.

If people suffer because of others being silent, while some are having a good time, I can’t call this freedom. But we have a long road ahead of us, I guess. So don’t act dumb. 😀

Don’t do what I do or did, learn from it. Make it better.