Love will survive in the end

Love will show up after all.

When the supporters said something about violence against riot police and I just thought, wait… love is violence?

This policeman is also just a human like you. And these people here know that. ❤

So this is what terrorism looks like… wow and I always thought it was about guns and bombs. Man, would I have known earlier…

But, yes I know that there probably were some people throwing things and fighting with violence again… as always. But if you look at how many people stould there in peace, you know who really is to blame.

DW – Protests around the world [Playlist]

When you look at the Payday games, then at first it seems as if you play the role of some criminals who want to get a lot of money and other things.

But when you look at the masks, when you look at some of the missions and story (yes this game has a stories), then you could start thinking about a deeper meaning. And that maybe there is a lot more too it. Like in a political way. So that this game actually in many ways shows grievances.

For example when you accidentally kill a civilian while robbing a bank, for example, you “just” have to pay for the clean up. I mean, back when I played this game with some friends we didn’t think much of it, while we sure had some thoughts on it. But when you look at corruption, it actually often is this way, that people pay for the clean up in some form (corruption, black-mailing, etc.). There are also missions in which you help some people to manipulate votes, there are missions about prisons and how horrible they look and seem. There are missions about secret agencies. And so on.

So this game, like many others, is telling a lot between the lines. It could have been intended as a joke at first or people who created it, maybe didn’t think much of it (Idk), but these messages are there. And so many games have these messages.

(Also a game)

And the part with the mass surveillance goes for all around the world. At least in some forms. Remember, we need those against terrorism. About that… well, all these things didn’t really help against actual terrorist attacks.

In some cases maybe, but the solution shouldn’t be to get more and instead to care more about people. The more you try to control people, the more likely it is for them to actually become terrorists. Why should someone who has everything start a war, get violent or whatever?

Love is the only solution here, technology is optional, love shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t even be a question, whether it exists.

In this video and also many other things it usually is projected all on China. But the U.S. is diubf this as well. Just two sides of the same coin. But we don’t want this coin, we want freedom. And I mean, almost every country has similar technologies or wants them. All in the name of security of course. Either way you put it, we people are not really part of the game. We are more seens as “NPCs” (non-player-characters). This year showed that we are not just NPCs, but human beings, all capable of stepping up, speaking up and showing presence, while taking part in this change of times.

So whatever will come in the future, corporations, secret agencies and all this corruption, shouldn’t lead us. Instead we should get rid of them or at least get the upper hand. But it is a long process and is about love and the changing the mindsets. The world could be one, while still not having one united government. If just all countries would actually be lead by the people working and living there, we would find ways. Especially with the younger generations. I see a future in which different countries help each other out and people can live where they want. Where the different countries show different perspectives and solutions and creativity, rather than divided people, fear and strict borders and laws.

Free people are usually more peaceful.

Well, I might be nocturnal, but I don’t like rituals.

And while there often comes a big rage, hate and anger through my veins, I usually keep calm and try to think.

Because again, if we fight each other, we will all lose.

We should use this power for good, use this hate for love and instead of hurting people, help people. Because we want justice and freedom for everyone. Not just some countries or some people. Freedom is only freedom, if no one was forgotten. And freedom means, that you theoretically can do anything, but you decide to do things which are best for you and people around you. Not what is best for others.