When angels break

I had to cry several times watching these stories.

Feeling the pain, imagining what they have seen and went through.

And this deep need to make this pain vanish and find these people who did such things. And yes, we could use the internet as a tool for good and this is what I try here with you. You can’t bet on politicians or governments. But individuals are always there, good people who really want to help.

And now all the tears drop down. All the tears they can’t cry out anymore.

Together we will win and let love unite us and the pain we went through.

I as a man… I feel this as if it happened to me, while I almost could have become one of the problems.

I hate these thoughts, these things I imagine, I watched.

But what I hate more, is how others could do such things.

It breaks me… breaks me to see how innocent souls and beautiful people break, get abused, used and thrown away.

We sure don’t want more of this. We want it to stop.

All who survive, will make change and make it better.

We are survivors of different kind, but we are all on the same side.