Everytime the sun comes up

… we are in trouble. But why?

The thing is, that I want peace, but I don’t want a new world government.

Because if there would be one government over all, we would have no control anymore at all.

Each country should have their own freedom and help together. And we could see countries more like regions with different peace loving people. But should we unite under one government, we would most likely not get what we want. Because if there is only one government to corrupt, only one thing to infiltrate to gain control over everyone else, you know where this is leading.

The is a difference between world peace and one united world government.

For example in the german history you got a lot of small states (around 300) at some point. But when they faced a common enemy, they united together and help together. The thing is that I see the future more like this, more like many states or regions and the people there living together in peace. So that should one country get corrupted again or maybe something from outer space should attack us, all others could come together.

Because not every region has the same needs and same culture or possibilities. So uniting under one world government would not long bring peace and most likely will be used to just easier control most of us instead of helping us. Because I see the possibilities for a new world government coming in the following years and I don’t support it.

What I want is freedom to chose and freedom for every nation/country/region and the people living there. For me this is something else.

Like with the Kurds. They want their own country and this is all they want and they are willing to fight against ISIS and others who want to get rid of them and others. They want to help others and have a burning heart for freedom.

Or Scotland in the past or other regions / countries.

But would we then instead develop one overall government, how should it know the needs of each indiviual group, especially the minorities? If even today, with all these already big nations, it doesn’t really work, while they all claim to care.

So if it doesn’t work with some big nations, how should it work with one government over all?

But this is what probably in the following years could be promised or develop. If not and instead we will actually have what I imagine and it really is that everyone has a right to speak and be, than I would be happy. Sadly I don’t think this will happen, at first.

At first we, the people will get a chance to claim our rights or maybe get convinced that we are all free now, but then after some time, we would be faced with the reality. Which would mean, that we only got rid of those, who were not supporting a world government. And therefor helped those who actually were the problem the whole time. Those behind the scenes. The secret groups, corporations etc.

A new world order / government, won’t help us, because it will most likely only be there to convince us of freedom, like it was done all these years before.

Why was J. F. K. killed, Martin Luther King, Malcom X and all the others?

Why weren’t people like Georg Bush and other Presidents killed? Not because their enemies were gone, no because they were either supporting them or not much doing against them.

For example was it clear for me, that if you don’t give a group of people their own home, their own state, that this would not be good. So for example with Israel and Palestina I always thought, why didn’t they just give each one some land in the first land? Back when the Britains (it was them, right?) this had control there and help to establish the possibility for the israelian state. Every smart person should know, that by only granting one group land, while another group would get none, would cause trouble at some point. And as shown, the previous American Presidents or maybe also other governments promised such things, but they didn’t happen. Why? Because it would have brought peace. And peace is not good for people who profit from war, military, oil etc.

So the thing is, that I don’t know about Trump, but I am sure that if there should be an agreement, that it won’t last for long and won’t give what people actually want. At least in my eyes.

If it would be for me, I would just want everyone to be free.

But again, the world is one and should be one, but not as in one new world order or united government. Most of the people in these seats have never really lived on the “bottom of the chain”. So how should they know what to do? Therefor many small countries, lead by the people working there, supporting each other, would actually give, what others only promised. Because what is the cause, why many did say we need one government or one market etc.? Because of money and resources and control. Of course there are benefits for people and these benefits should stay. Like in the EU, the freedom to work in another country and travel over borders. This is a good thing. But what isn’t, is that is always is about capitalism and that this system is backed by the need for money and economy. Would we have an EU without so much focus on money and economy and instead on the people here and in other regions of the world, then it would be more what I would want.

For example, would instead of using other countries resources (at least companies here) we would help other regions to stay on their own feet, this would be progress.

Africa would have way less problem and also other countries. Because tell people that they should work, does not help. We know that many people work hard and almost have nothing because others use them as resource or property. Or gangs and other groups get paid to make their lives hard. Also in South Amercia.

There is so much corruption in the world and promises not fullfilled.

It is always said, work hard, do more and together we will get there. But in the end, who is driving the cool car, has the big “palace” and tells you what to do? Other people. Often people you don’t even see in the media or in general.

We have a lot of technology already and don’t need to develop it any farther and instead should use it for good and not just to make profit.

Would countries in Africa be not so corrupt (I mean, I don’t know that much about them, but as far as I know many down there as well as in other contintens are corrupt in some way), people would long have gotten a better live. And then also wouldn’t try or need to get here.

I mean, I have no problem with people coming here, but wouldn’t it be better if they wouldn’t have to come here in the first place, because where they live is actually better? A green (I mean full of plants) Africa would be helpful. We need nature, food and not more economy, useless money and governments to rule the world. They will always do what is in their favor. Not usually all people involved, but sadly way too many.

The time where the world had a chance for actual freedom, was in the last century. Where we had many protests, reforms and people who stood up for freedom. Sadly the important people got either killed, silenced or forgotten. And to this day such things happen. Replacing the government or uniting into one, can’t solve the problems. It only solves problems for corporations and other people with power, so they won’t have to deal with all these different cultures, laws and borders. So they money flows, their resources flow and production grows. But for what, if most people still suffer in some way. Either mentally, physically or both. Would the world actually be better or good as said, we wouldn’t have so many suicides, mysterious deaths and broken people.

We were fooled and are still getting fooled.

One man, or one big government won’t solve our problems, it will only solve “their” (those who already take advantage of us) problems. It is then, when they will tell us, that now we have peace and freedom. But most of us will not really benefit. We would only be allowed to work for them, waste our lives and think that having holidays sometimes is normal, if we would get some.

“Arbeit macht frei” / “Work sets you free” (picture from concentration camp)

There is a difference between actually working for your own dream, while having the possibility to do so and a system which seems to provide it, while it gets rid of everyone who is different.

In the U.S. people don’t really have much rights at the end of the day.

No money, no right.

And money isn’t even worth something.

Don’t get this wrong, in my country (Germany) we have many laws to protect people and also help people and I am glad for them. But people with power can pay people to ignore these rules. So what do laws / rules help, if those who should protect them, go against you instead. This is why we people should help each other.

In my country there are groups like AFD (Alternative für Deutschland / Alternative for Germany), but they are more conservative and even backed by some corporations as far as I know. They also go against refugees and in general are not a good alternative. Some people there might actually want good change, but in the end it is just another trial to get power. (I personally don’t like people who honestly support groups like this, except for some who simply don’t know what it is all about.)

At least they know that something is wrong. But their solutions are far from better, even worse and go against what I would want and believe.

I would be for more for people on the left, liberal spectrum, but in the end, I don’t think that as long as the world is based on a capitalistic and corrupt law and economy system politicians will change much. They sure want in some cases, but when they are too good, they will most-likely not stay for long.

He also got shot.

And although for myself I don’t really follow any religion because for me religions caused a lot of trouble, I believe that we are not alone. That we together can be and should be proud of our differences. And instead of fighting against each other, try to understand each other.

So if someone out of free will follows a religion and this religion is good for them and no one abuses them, uses it to control others etc. why should it get removed or people who follow it get killed or tortured?

For me a religion is not the problem, if there is freedom and free will. But in many religion or religious groups people claim that there is freedom, while there isn’t. They say a young girl married a man out of free will, but didn’t leave her a choice. And I am also against any kind of child marriage or other forms of child manipulation, abuse etc. Children should be free to chose what they want to believe and do.

For me God is love. And everyone who has love in their hearts, has God in their heart. Because love creates live, while hate destroys.

So to get rid of religions is not the solution. To force people to believe one religion is no solution. To force people to follow some believe is not good. Freedom is only where people can chose for themselves out of free will and without force, pressure etc. and where children are protected. I follow no religion, but I have no problem with them, as long as they are not used or meant to harm people.

Either way, people who openly spoke up about uniting people, were killed, at least when they had too much power. Or at least threatened in some form.

So when now all of a sudden there should be a free united world, you should question, why now? Because I want us to be in peace and that we have no conflicts and all, but what really is freedom? I only see a development towards a supreme regime which will after maybe some years of peace turn against us and control us. And we wouldn’t even care or ask much questions because we would be taught that all what is, is normal.

Like in China for example or the U.S. or in my country, Germany.

We get taught that the state acts in our favor, maybe get a viratity of laws presented which support us (and originally were meant to do so) and that we can make a difference. But in the end, we all get fooled in the long run. Even if we made small change. Those who really control, will always get away. Or did you see corporations and secret agencies etc. get in trouble a lot? They only push some people out, call them crazy or “the problem” and then continue business as usual. While the world keeps burning, keeps turning and they keep earning.

Isn’t it this way? If not, I am sorry. But you should start to ask these questions for yourself. And I am thankful for everyone actually supporting people in need and fighting for freedom.

But you see what happens to these. There even once was a hospital bombed by the U.S. for whatever reason. And in this hospital were even doctors from “Ärzte ohne Grenzen” (Doctors without borders).

I trust individual people, I don’t trust money, titles or smiles.

I trust honest people and follow my intuition for the most part.

Should I be wrong, I usually feel bad. And it is not up to me, to decide, to say what is right. I want people to check their reality and whether it is actually their own or someone else who dictates their life.

Luckily I am in Germany, but sadly I am in Germany.

At some point I would like to travel the world. And see first hand the beauty of it, not just in movies or photos. Maybe in a few years, maybe sooner.

If you are not limited by resources, money, believes, people etc. and you can actually do what you want, good what you want, you are free.

Usually people want to do good, but because it seems impossible, they do bad. Why? Because they are limited to work for others. Many people could create so many actually useful things, would they not give up when they are younger. The good usually give up and break. Now are the times for them to strengthen and start to love themselves again and those who might still struggle. Good people are out there and we have to show them that they are. Because bad people tell them, that they are not until they believe it.

Bad people, would never believe that because they know that they are bad or at least can do whatever they want. And they do bad things, while good people would do good things instead. But because they get limited, broken and scared, they fear to do so and also feel helpless, alone and hopeless.

Is this freedom? I don’t think so. If even my mother questioned herself for being too kind. I think people should actually be kind, but not be taken advantage of. Sadly it happens way too often and others don’t even care or understand.

Since when were suits actually the official clothes for “important” people?

I would preffer a leader who for example has colorful cloths or at least something comfortable and honest. Everyone can wear suits or other uniforms. But I have no respect for people with suits, I have respect for people who are alive, honest and who have a heart.

And also who said, that a nation should be represented by one person?

Couldn’t all of us represent our countries? I mean, we the people are the country, so we represent the country, am I wrong?

As long as even a single one has to pay, so that everyone else can live, there is no real freedom. Because we could all live and be free, without the need to take something from someone else. Imagine a world, in which you would just have to say what you want and you would get it.

Children usually want things to play or help others and make beautiful things. And young adults would create useful and helpful things. Music is also necessary, art is necessary. And only because we grew up in a world of restrictions, limits and problems, doesn’t mean we have to force our children or the young people in general, to think the same way and act the same way. They are the ones who will survive, who will make the world better and we can help them (okay, I am also just 22 and I am talking about topics waaaay beyond my own possibilities, but I still believe in this dream).

Why are usually old people in charge? Aren’t young people more creative, have more knowledge and a better understanding of the world around them?

Many people are so busy about their career, their job, money, daily tasks and struggles, that they forget to live and feel and see those who are paying the price. They usually not complain, say little to nothing at all about the pain they suffer. Are scared, see all black, the big nothing because they are worth nothing in this world of work, progress, perfection and money.

All I am is a child, a man who sits at home, his house which he shares with his mother. All I am is a young man, no title, not much I did or do. All I am, is a waste of time, wasting time. Or is that? Is it all for nothing?


All I am, is someone who tries to put the pieces together, who tries to help those who are about to give up. Because this is not the end. Those who do the work of love are those who are little, who don’t think much of themselves and who often are not seen at all. Those in the high seats do the least, if even a bit for love.

It is easy for me to say such things because I am nothing compared to them.

So why should you listen to me? Should you? You should listen to yourself and make peace with yourself. You are surrounded by problems, while you are not the problem. We are here to find solutions. The actual solutions.

If we all would die for each other, so that we all could live, no one would have to die. But I guess…

Therefor break the silence and take action.

And I am taking this for myself as well because I also talk a lot and don’t do enough. At least for what I think I could do and should do. But first, we need to know that we are worth living and that we fight alone or fight together, we can win and get the life we wanted. And even if we won’t get it, then others like us will come and learn from us, our courage, our mistakes and our hope for a better world. A good world.

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