At least “Iron Man” is real :D

The following is a very interesting spin-off series from the famous sci-fi series X-files.

And man, these are some serious episodes, if you ignore the comedy factor.

Again, the pilot episode was released half a year before 9/11 happened.
Do you see what I see?

But we are not giving up now, do we?

I might got a death wish, but actually it is the wish to live a real life and not the mess others created for us and called “freedom”. And again, I am against violence, just in case people should think that I want a violent riot or something… you should know what is possible, after my previous post(s).

And I personally was very happy to see those people in Belarus hugging the policemen. Gave me hope for peace and that people actually think for themselves. 🙂

We are the freedom fighters because we are still free in our hearts and we still love other people. I am not the hero you wanted. But together we are heros, fighting side-by-side. I feel guilty for being in a more safe place and for not taking the courage to do what is shown and done by so many others.

Actions of peace, freedom and love. At least I share it with you and try to help where I can. At least something to not be a complete waste of time.

I hope you are safe and that you instead of losing hope, got some hope back. And that you know, that you are not alone and what others try to do with us.

And be sure, I want one of the Iron Man suits! 😀

🖤💛💜 💕

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