Use our voice!

During my walk this morning, while the sun was still not showing up, a judgement day speech developed in my head. It was more like a manuscript I read to myself, while less than my words.

Sadly I couldn’t write it down and even if I would write it down now, it would not be the same.

But the core message was, that those who waves with their guns, those who think they are controlling everything, that they are actually the ones who are surrounded. The “guns” are pointing them from all around the world, even from the sky and they have nowhere to run. And that those who feel ashamed for being addicted to or trapped in drugs, sex, porn, self-harm, self-doubt, pain etc. are the innocent. That they want out and will get out and should not feel ashamed anymore. Because those who really should feel ashamed are those sitting on their self-made thrones and castles.

They are the ones who should be ashamed, who should feel guilty, feel the pain and finally face themselves in the mirror. We sure did that and thought we were not worthy of life. But now we know that we are. Even if I should not be part of the life, at least I would know that I did my part to make it possible.

And in my imagination I thought about this child story with the witch who ate all the children. But in the end, she got burned herself, in her own very oven, by some of them. And after she died, all the children she killed and ate, were free again. So for me it translates into: They can live again, when all this mess is over, but those who don’t confess all of what they have done and feel guilty, they will burn.

It is so frustrating that usually the people who already feel ashamed, guilty and punished even feel worse because of other people telling such things. While usually the people making them feel this way, might actually be the ones who will be the ones who will “burn”.

For me, most people are innocent and in fact everyone who stands up, confesses their mistakes and speaks the truth, is innocent. Because those who are laughing, while telling lies all the time, they only play nice. Did you really trust them to help you or make your life possible? Even if they wanted to at first, they didn’t take the risk to get killed or lose their career.

There are so many politicians and other people, who probably get black-mailed or even threatened with death in some way or worse. What are they keeping silent for? In the end they will die anyways, at least if they continue this way. And then people, if even, would only remember them as bad people who supported the broken systems and elite who plays games with us. Is it worth it to die for a career, which in the end will only give death and probably cancer as well? I don’t know. I personally don’t think it is worth it, but people sometimes seem to not see the point of life.

Living doesn’t mean to take, it means to give.

And the people who are innocent, who work all day and still feel guilty for not doing enough, they know what giving means. The people in their seats, they just laugh, not knowing that they will all be dead soon or maybe worse, that they will live and maybe clean our toilets, take the garbage away and such things. I would love to see some of the politicians, businessman and so called Presidents do such things.

The King of the Spartans (at least from the stories) walked in front of them towards battle and fought with them side-by-side. Not like the enemy who was sitting in his godlike throne, letting thousands of man die for his kingdom. Yes, his kingdom and not theirs. The Spartans at least had a Kingdom which belonged to them (at least in the stories).

What does this mean?

A leader who never did the lowest work and actually met the lowest of their people face to face. Helping them, understanding them, what kind of leader is this? So for me, a woman (like my mother), working almost her entire life for her family and in general, doing jobs many didn’t want to do. Like cleaning graveyards and toilets and planting flowers for the people in the town so they have something nice to look at. A woman who gave a lot of her money to other people who claimed to help others, while secretly using it for their own benefit. People who work on the streets, dealing with all kinds of people. These people are the ones who should lead, the ones who should be heard. Because those who wear these nice suits, they have no idea how it is like to be on the bottom of this damn system.

I think, if they would have to do what all the people on the bottom do everyday, I think they would quit after just some days or probably start sobbing or screaming or whatever. So letting them live, to show them and teach them, what real work means, maybe would be better for everyone.

But we are not talking about everyone who is in charge of something. The obvious ones are not always those who really have the power. In the USA for example the corporations and secret agencies are actually the one ruling the country. So going against the politicians, would probably not help much. If new ones would take their place, they soon would get some “visits” as well and if not, then they probably had nothing to say anyways.

And in many other countries also corporations and other people who own them etc. have their hands in the game. There are countries in Africa which get money from corporations and people, to block water access for the public and instead wash trucks with it, plant flowers and then even sell it to the public, while it was free water before. A river or other kind of water source. So if the people in these countries would get a new leader somehow, then this wouldn’t mean that everything would be alright.

There are people with immense power (when it comes the visible and physical things) and they control a lot. Not everything luckily, but a lot.

And while they are still laughing, some of us already stepped out from behind them, telling them: “Wo is laughing now?”

Because we know, that they won’t live forever, but we have a chance.

I better try making the world good and wake some people up, instead of playing by the rules and wasting my life. If I would die anyway, so why not for a good cause instead of a dead life, which was a lie all along?

But it is important to understand, that you also can’t trust corporations.

People I would trust (I have trust issuse, but yes), are generals who write about possibilies, but then speak out against them. Because it shows that they are aware of the inhumanity and injustice of such a thing. At least to some degree. Would China (or in general most countries in the world), would actually be rules by the people living and working there, there wouldn’t be so many problems in the world. Because I am sure that these former or still in charge generals and also other people in such positions, also in other countries, would be open for peace. At least would talk about it and find common ground. A general or soldier who wants peace, knows what they want because they have seen war. At least in my eyes. And also people who suffer in silent and fight their silent or hidden battles are warriors and soldiers. So they also know what they want, when they want peace and freedom.

People in high positions who never really fought a battle because others always helped them or eliminated their enemies, they don’t know what peace means. This is why they also talk shit and propaganda, as if war could never come to an end. It is them who want it to be this way because otherwise they would have no right to keep their position. I mean they have not right for their position, but with war on or against someone or something, they always claim to be rightous. They call war against terror, drugs and other countries. But who they really fight against are we, we the people. Because the big guys usually don’t get caught and if so, the often get away with it anyways. Why? Because they know people, pay people, control people and some maybe get controlled by others.

These are the people and they are or were actually fighting for freedom and peace. I would trust them, if I would have to decide between my country or them. Because they are free and know what they want. While in my country (Germany) people usually just get drunk in some way. This year especially and also in recent years, more and more people went on the streets again. But sadly not with too much change happening (at least from my point of view). As long as corporations, industries, banks etc. control our world, we can shout as loud as we want, it won’t change a thing. I mean, maybe a little, but it has to be changed in the minds and not on the papers. Paper is worth nothing in the end.

There are so many people who should be given a leadership position instead of all these talkers, like me. I am just here because I have the ability to talk all day about topics I care about, to write all day and watch all day.

But I won’t be a good leader, but if you would all see how much worth you all are, there wouldn’t be the need for a debate anyways. For me people are priceless, life is priceless and real love is too. While for many who claim to be rightous rulers, we are nothing but dust on the floor, until the cleaning robot sucks us up, to be never seen again.

And no, I am not supporting war, the soviet and or communist party etc.

Also me about this video: “Well, that escalated quickly.”

Sadly this is actually more of reality than we want it to be.

And luckily in reality it is possible than an army of free people around the world could take down all of these mindless machine people.

Because if they would have to defend against people around the world, they would have no chance. This is why they try to keep us low and devided. But together we are strong. Be it through our music, through our movies, our working power or whatever we got. We the free people of the world, we know how to fight and we are many. (Several million people I think).

And you really don’t want to mess with us. Because instead of using weapons and corruption, like everyone else, we use everything we got with our heart and will for freedom. You can’t kill us all, censor us all and scare us all. And the more you try, the harder it will get for you. The more pressure you put onto a ball, while trying to put it under water, the higher it will push up again. And we are the ball(s), while you try to push us under water. You so called rulers. We are the people and we rule.

Sometimes it might be better to trust a spy from the enemy, in case you could become friends. Instead of cruel rulers, we have mercy on those who surrender. At least I would have. But I am just me and I can’t speak for an army of people, I didn’t order nor control. I am probably just one of many small voices from those who hide in the shadows. If you are even scared of me, then I don’t want to see what you do, when those who are stronger than me show up. Boy, you must be shitting you pants. And I know I would, would I be you. You, the people who never had a right to rule under the sun, under the sky and the lands we built up. Not you made it, we did. And the same way you will be done, done by us.

If too many fires burn at once, you have no control anymore. Especially if the fire starts to surround you, like an almighty force.

So you better run, but wait, there is no where you can hide.

Because we, the people are everywhere. Shouldn’t have been so bad with us, shouldn’t have put so much pressure upon us. We learned, we got stronger. So thank you for making us break and reassemble. This way we got stronger, wiser and we get more and more. Thank you for your ignorance. Because now you will meet the darkness we had to embrace for all these years, decades, centuries. Now you got nowhere to run.

And remember, not even in space you are safe. Because we will find you.

What you thought, you could use all the cool technology just for yourself?

Could control people all just for yourself? Well, I think you just played chess with yourself the whole time, while we played the actual “game” of life and learned. You never had a chance. And I know you will still kill some of us and try to get rid of us, but it is too late for you. You felt so safe with your plan, so safe with you power. You forgot, that the people outnumber you. You forgot that even a few can win against many. You forgot, that all people who want to be God, will die as the devils they are. You forgot to think… while you thought you had it all set up. Perfect for your throne to stay.

Maybe I will die, maybe others will die. But you, you cruel rulers of the world. You will die once and for all and maybe burn in hell. But we will rise again and again and you can’t stop this. While you were laughing, we were waiting and are still waiting. Because I know that this war is not done yet.

I know that there are still too many things not done yet. But do we have to wait? I don’t know. Everyone can decide for themselves.

I am just a voice… I am not a leader, not a great person all the time and also not someone who is good with social things. So I am not so much someone who would be seen outside, only at night maybe or somewhere alone.

An easy target you might think and you are right. But remember, I am not the one who loses in the end. So what do I have to lose?

And maybe soon, I will also go out on the streets and show that I can stand my ground. You probably expected me to be strong and I am strong. But standing alone on a dark and gray place, is pretty taugh. Maybe I won’t be alone.

And well, you thought we play poker.

You thought that I have bad cards and you are right.

But what about the man with a gun behind your neck?

Did you notice, no? Sweet dreams my world rulers… sweet dreams.

But I bet you got none because you aren’t even able to dream.

I mean, in theory or even practically a spy from a country in which foreign music and culutre etc. is not allowed, could be guilty in the name of his own country or corporation as well. Why should this spy work for such a government or corporation etc.?

But yes, we have to be patient, as the Jimmy Lai said as well.

(If I didn’t mix something up.)

Because it indeed is a long fight, but totally worthy, if you can imagine and have seen what I have seen.

This speech could have been from this year and would for the most part still be valid or at least should be, sadly. Because not much has changed in my eyes. There were reasons why this man got killed.

As well for what this man had to offer and to say. He also got killed because of what he had to say and said.

Also a man who did great things and had a lot to say and give. He also got killed. Because he helped people to escape or survive Nazi-Germany.