Mttw [Mix]

More than thousand words

I hope you enjoy it.

It really says more than thousands of words can ever say.

I hope you are doing ok out there, these are very strange and dangerous times.

Yesterday I had a vision that lightning would strike down in China an hit it in its core. And then I saw a news video talking about this lightning in the tower. Well… things are happening, I guess.

So if I would be one of the people in the high castles, I would better be watching the sky and watching my steps. Because maybe tomorrow a lighting bolt could hit you in the face. You never know these days. Right?


Payday 2 is a game in which you learn both sides of “the game”.

You learn how people can get rid of you and there for you could protect yourself or maybe take action in some way.

“Nothing is as it seems.”

They said: “Do you want to start a war?”

We said: “NO!”

They started a war.

And so did we because otherwise they would make us want to die. But we are meant to live. We have mercy, not like them. We had to show mercy so many times, while no one had mercy with us.

Music like this can be like some magical healing spell or just a way to see through the fog, placed all around us.

What is so sad is, that those in power (if they think about it at all) don’t realize the longer they go on like this, they worse it gets for them as well.

They could live, at least when it comes to me. But most likely they would preffer death instead of the freedom to work for us. But what do I say, it is all just a big play. Right?

You can’t stop this now because it indeed is too late. Too late for those who ruled for far too long. The only thing they can do is, to do the right thing and give up as long as they can.

This fight is mainly faught with minds and not weapons. So the more weapons they gather, the more money they print and gold they put into safes. They weaker they get. Why? Because they have no weapons in their minds.

I once saw a t-shirt many years ago. It said something like this.

Something like, that the person wearing had weapons in mind, but that they see that the other person is unarmed. Meaning they can only fight with actual weapons or violence. (It was a simple and funny, but serious sentence, sadly I can’t remember it fully)

And I know that when it comes to violence and weapons, that I might have a hard time and many other people. But wasn’t it like this all the time before? So why should I be scared, now that I got the chance to finally fight with weapons they can’t buy, will never have?

These weapons are only born out of love, out of honesty and beating hearts for justice. No military training, no weapon on earth, no mind control machine can win against them. In the end, the real love will win and bring peace and freedom, once and for all.

If you won the war within, you see that there are many like you, that there is much to do and little to lose. You see that the ones who rule are little children, playing Gods and kings and Monopoly. But luckily, they only know how to play by “the rules”, while we can break them. Ironically they follow their own rules, which makes them blind and weak.

Of course they can and did kill many of us already, did harm us and will do more. They have great power, don’t get this wrong. But if we know that they are only as strong as the people following them, they almost lost already.

I am not a leader, not a hero, I am just sharing my stories, my music and ideas. I can’t tell you what to do, I can’t tell you what is right or wrong or true or (im)possible. This is up to you.

And whatever will be, should anyone think I did something wrong, I will pay the price. I did too few already, was not following myself for far too long. So if everyone else could live, except for me, I wouldn’t have a problem, as long as I could be sure that they are actually free. And no, right now most of us are not, whatever you think or others say.

Someone once said to me, that many artists have similar song titles or messages. Well, maybe you should listen closely then. If something call again, it usually must be important, no? Don’t you think?

And if I should be a problem in the future, we might do it like in “Assassination Classroom”. You know what I mean. 🙂

And with this, some words to all the people from secret agencies, corporations, governments etc. who are meant to watch me or get information through me. I love you too! You are also just people, so why shouldn’t you be able to live as well?

Most people are also just doing their jobs, fear to get killed, fired or worse.

So why should I blame you, you are also just part of the machine.

I only have a problem with the people who hold the machine together because they can stay in control this way. Most people are just passive “supporters”, so why should I fight them?

😢 Does anyone remember this movie or watched it by chance?

I did, so yea… look around you. I think I don’t have to say much more.

As weird as it may sound, but what I write is less important than the music and videos shown.

And those who think they are strong, with muscles, good physical training and always pushing problems away. They are weak. Who is really strong, is the one who does the work for them, who keeps waking up with pain in the stomach, with scars in the heart. But still giving some strangers a smile and doing the best. I know it is weird. But these people are stronger. And if they finally fought it through and won against the pain, they are even stronger.

Big people, with money, muscles and words like snake bites, they are weak little children. Because all they can do, is hurting others to get what they want. But we don’t do this, at least we try not to and feel guilty should it happen. Whatever you think, you are stronger, than you think and others say. You don’t need to train all day in the gym or whatever, but you can of course.

The important part is inside, your heart and your mind. If you have power of these things and in general over your own body. Then you can do more than most people who might have trained decades in the army or whatever. Why? Because they did what others told them. So even if they have a good training physically, their minds and hearts could be weak.

And to all the people working for some kind of police or military. For me, you are not an enemy and what you learned is also good. Because many soldiers could actually be good people, just trying to do their best as well as police. And many of you are probably also just confused or manipulated, so you blindly follow orders or even think it is right what you do.

You can change and your physical training was not for nothing. But your mind and heart had suffered and got thrown away. I still love you because you didn’t start these wars, didn’t want this mess.

When we were all kids, we didn’t thought: “Let’s hurt some people.”

I think it was more like: “Hey, there are so many colors, so many things to explore, so many things to do.” And we wanted to help other, play with others or just be ourselves and have a good time.

“Since when did we follow the rules?”

Who said, that all of this is good the way it is, while we know it can’t be?

The purpose of police and military was to protect, defend and catch the bad guys. But these days usually the opposite happens. Did you ever question why?

So why do you fear us, us the people, why do you fear yourself? Did someone tell you to do so? In my world, there are only a few who profit and usually the police and military (or rebels etc.) are only their tools to play us against each other.

Some people might actually fight together for the same goal, but way too many work in some way against each other. Would we help each other and not be afraid of each other, man, this world would be heaven (quite literally).

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