I’m just another soul

They can pray and maybe surrender now, now that they got the chance to surrender. Because if not, no one can help them later.

(And no, I am not for violence, because the universe will do its thing no matter what. So why should I need to get violent?)

Lightning, do you remember?

Or maybe something else? You never know what the universe has in its pocket these days.

*dragon appears*


You never really know… Told ya.

It is time for these machine minds to go down and in case there was confusion, the nazis. So everyone who behaves like them and is on their side.

The people who really think, killing, using, abusing and controlling others is for the greater good or whatever they promise. They just want power and play God. But you have to pay the price if you want to play God.

If people just see with their eyes, they miss a lot.

Because how should you be able to see who is your friend and who is not?

A uniform can’t tell you that, maybe the one dresses as an enemy is just undercover. So if you kill them, maybe you kill a friend.

If you see with your heart, you can feel it, but first you have to trust yourself again. And you can learn this only when you are on your own or when you are free to do whatever you want.

Sometimes you have to take this freedom, step away from someone who has control over you, step away from your comfort zone and see, that you are actually not alone. That you might actually be more alive and way more connected with others, than you were before.

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