Things which gave me hope

during my childhood, up until now.

I played the version from 1997, Gold Edition

I got it from an older cousin and played it several years because I didn’t have much else. And I found out some years later, that this game was the ground breaker for the whole strategic games.

Given the time it was created – mid 90s – it was more than good. I still sometimes played it (just last year). There are so many good and calming memories. Many years it was like a friend for me, when I had no one to talk.

I would take over the world, plant a forest to make the world a better place and also created some maps and other things. I of course play and played a lot of other games afterwards. But this was the first video game I owned and which to this day, given my life, gave me the best times, taught me a lot about myself and what I can and can’t do and also about computers.

(How does this simple and crazy / carpy looking game do such things?)

It gave hope, motivation and inspiration and also challenges.

Because old games and old computers always involved a little extra knowledge. Also when I wanted to play it on the computer I baught afterwards, I had to find a way to play it again. When I got finally internet, I found something called DOSBOX, which simulated old computers and the MS-DOS operating system. Because these old computers still had serial connectors for mouse and keyboard. Or at least weird looking things.

The PS/2 one was for keyboards and I even had a case in which a friend wanted to give me his old keyboad, but the connector was even bigger and older.

Most people my age didn’t experience such things, even most where I live. But some people here are still pretty old-fashioned or don’t really use computers, only for some basic things maybe.

And before you say: “Man this guy is old.”

No, I am 22.

“Yes, old…”

Okay… thanks, I guess.

I almost had to cry again. This very scene is just so deep and powerful.

It gave me hope, that not everything is lost in this world and there are still people out there who can’t stand this madness.

For those of you who don’t know, Teal’c was the first commander of the evil lord and then turned against him, after he had seen these few people (the SG1 team) and saw that they were different and that there was hope.

And so he joined them, to fight against these evil snake lords or goa’uld. They actually are snake like creatures possessing human (and other creatures) bodies to control them and play God.

(Yes Stargate is a series you should really watch, especially for all the between-the-lines messages).

And yes, I watched it when I was in elementary school. But I wasn’t scared watching it because for me it was family, hope and adventure. Not like my actual family or life, which was pretty messed up.

Later when I watched it again with my mother, while I was in secondary school I think, we even theorized whether we might in some way could be relatives to Richard Dean Anderson. You never know. This man for sure is a legend, not only as an actor, also in general, from what I heard and saw.

Even became a general (honor title), cared for wounded soldiers and has a very kind heart, open mind and interesting life.

This man and the whole Stargate crew was the family I never had. They even inspired me to learn things on my own and got me so many perspectives on how things could be and seem to be etc.

I think I got way smarter by watching this series as a kid and I mean this serious. Although not every kid should maybe watch this for some scenes. But compared what some kids (including me) also saw in their childhood or even experienced. Then well….

And I don’t understand how a series (actually 3+ series) were cancelled and also not even reckognized by most people.

If I should choose between Star Wars, Star Trek and Stargate, I would always chose Stargate. Because it was not (like shown in the intro) mostly about fighting scenes, but more about exploring other cultures, understanding how things in the past developed and how maybe our future could look like. It had a lot of philosophical, ethical and other topics included. And also some funny things too. It was a fully package with everything one wants and needs and don’t even know they want it.

Action, drama, science, games, philosophy, ethic, history, sci-fi, critic on current situation, etc. (everything in some way).

And what did the studio, which was paying for production, do about it? They cancelled it because it would cost too much money and also not really had a big audience.

I just thought “WTF!?”, like as if stupid movies about people killing each other for almost no reason was worth billions of dollars, but something like Stargate is not worth it? … when I heard it I again lost hope in humanity.

Luckily you are here and other people, so not all is lost, I guess.

And last but not least, YOU give me hope! 🙂 ❤

And before you think I spoilered you about Stargate, all of Stargate is 3 series and several movies. Together probably 500 episodes (I didn’t count right now) and something around 300-400 hours to watch.

Edit: Okay, I looked it up again, 354 episodes (if you only count the 3 major series) and with each episode usually ~40min long, you still got ~240 hours to watch. This would mean ~10 days non-stop watching. Oh man.

So even if you got spoilered now, if you can remember all of Stargate without forgetting something, respect, you can do more than me, and I remember a lot.

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