You are good ♥

And I love you whoever you are! 💜❤

It is a feeling and most of us at some knew about and some of us like me still have it and know about it. Or again I should say about myself.

And we are the ones for others, we are the heroes we never had.

We can decide whether we make a strangers life better and maybe become friends or just a friendly smile on a walk through the streets.

As a kid I couldn’t get enough from other people and their stories.

I wanted to talk with everyone and know more about them, what they really wanted to say. And also give them a good day. And this is what I again now. Because only through these things we will get better as humanity.

Not by fighting each other even more and destroying each other or ourselves. I did that way too long and sadly still harm myself sometimes, just the last days again. I don’t really want it, I know it won’t help me and I feel better when I instead support me. I know that, but this is why I then question it again and why I then still do this to myself and others.

It is because of this pain, this injustice, this madness in the world.

And then I know again, than how dark the alleys of my mind might be or get, there is always light awaiting me at some point. And this year it keeps getting bigger. Even though I sometimes again seem to push it away.

We are always good enough, it is the people who say we are not who are not good for us. Remember, we are always enough, we are good, we are beautiful, but others, systems made us hate ourselves.

We should live and will live, we are not meant to die. Trees are not meant to grow to die, they grow to stay. And then someone comes and cuts them down. Why? Because of profit, power, all these things.

But we are better than this. Over time we will make things better, because we are and can. The problems we have inside are not ours, others made us think this way.

We are good. If we are just our pure self, we are good. Maybe broken at first, but good. Because after we heal, we all together, we won’t be broken again. Not like this, never again. A child doesn’t come to life and things I am nothing. A child doesn’t do such a thing. So we were told or brought towards this mess and maybe even convinced that it was our own fault, but it wasn’t. People who are bad don’t admit that they are monsters, that they are bad because they are. People who say, that they are good all the time, those are the ones you should be scared of because they lie. Being good, doesn’t mean to do everything right, it means to be yourself. And if others can’t give you the space to find yourself and can’t even except your broken state, what do you expect them to think about your true self? A creative creator spirit, who just wants to make things better, help and be?

The ones who speak out loud about their own misery, their own unworthy feeling, their pain and what a monster they are. They are far better than those who say nothing at all or only tiny pieces. Because our whole world is broken. And it should stay like this, isn’t meant to be like this.

And some day in the near future we will fix it together. At least I hope for this day.

(maybe you should turn on the translation/subtitle)

And I am from Germany, so I can’t really say anything about this.

I just think that it really would be a good idea to give young people the opportunity to fly and explore. And not first cut them short with bills, student loans and a lot of other expenses. Education should actually be free and could be much cheaper. If students could actually explore everything most of the time on their own, we wouldn’t need to pay so many people to teach them and also not so many school books. I mean my dream doesn’t involve money, but we will see. Maybe as an additional thing. So that for example only luxus things would cost money or some kind of currency thing. So that people could use everything they need. We will see.

But Putin really is someone who could get way more interesting now. He has a dark past and also the fighting with the Ukraine and such things, but compared to the US and other nations, Putin is someone you can talk with. Not like other people or governments. I won’t trust every word he says, but the will he has, should he want something.

Even I wanted to go to Russia for some reasons for several years now and maybe I still will in the future. But you never know for sure. 🙂

We are good people. What others do is their business. But if someone wants to be free again, we can give an open hand. No matter what country, origin or whatsoever. If someone needs help and it is not a trick, we help.

Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of. There are many people out there who tell you that they need money and things like this. Question these things and don’t simply give it away or such things.

I for example once gave a young man 20€ (because I had only this one 20€ paper). I knew that it was probably a trick and all, but I thought, maybe I could at least help him with it somehow. Some time later I saw another man, he had almost if not the same paper in his hand like this other man.

But this time I didn’t give something and I saw this man several times.

Now I feel horrible because I knew that he was probably lead by some gang or mafia group and I could have given him something to eat at least. Because they have to give a certain amount of money to their boss if not all.

And this second man really seemed worried and helpless…

I still feel bad because I didn’t follow my gut back then and just buy something to eat for him. Because I knew it wasn’t his fault.

Instead I was just sitting there, trying to ignore it, back when I was doing my apprenticeship and driving to school with trains. I was so messed up back then. I was far from myself. Thinking of jumping in front of the next incoming train, but didn’t because of all the people watching and especially the train driver. I know what trauma can do, so I didn’t want to give even more people such an experience.

Luckily I am far from what I was back then. So when I now seem down, well, you didn’t know how I was back then, if what you get now is even too much for you or seems heavy. No one should experience such horror or pain and yet there is so much. We have to come together and make it end and better. Love people and open your eyes.

We are not the people leading us or convincing us that they lead us, we are better. And together we can show this. But violence will not help here, did it ever help?

“Violence causes only more violence.”

So love should cause more love? At least in some way. Not necessarily to the people near you, many just use you. But some people out there, maybe out on the streets or in a lone home somewhere around the world.

If those who are willing to love people for who they are come together, others might join. And so peace would reign, peace through love. Not through violence, drugs, corruption and all of this. Just letting people be themselves and loving them for it.

You are not the company you work for, the government you obey or the people who don’t like you. You are you and might be more special than you think right now. What do you think, how many people see the world like you do?

We know things are not good, so why do we keep doing the same things?

Aren’t madness or insanity the words for keep doing the same things, while it won’t make things better or different? And knowing, but still doing them.

So what do you expect? What do we expect? We know that we are not the problem. It is how the world works or not works as I said.

If we have to hide truth in comedy, movies and secret meetings. The world is not working. So why do we continue? Those who feel stuck, actually feel that the world is stuck and strange, but they think it is them.

We are all meant to be. But some people should finally stop doing what they are doing and we should make them stop. But I don’t think violence will help here, did it ever end the war? In the heads it never ended… all what we ever wanted was love. And now we are the one who will give it. At least we could be the ones.



As long as there are still humans out there, there is still hope.

Because you can talk with them, can show them what love means. Often the people we attract are people who just suck up our love and never stop until we die or go. But would we instead help each other, we could maybe even them see what it is really about. Love is so much more powerful. It is like the core of feeling. So all feelings together are love, while love itself is the ability to feel, connect and help others and yourself. So through love you can feel pain, but also joy and all the others.

We feel and see the pain so intense because it is intense, but this is not the love we are feeling, we only feel it because we have love in our hearts, because we have at least a bit of life in us. While we seem to be surrounded by a black mass of hopeless pain and destructive work.

You people out there, if you would have seen what I have seen, you would know that you are good. Some of it already is on this blog. If you know what some people can do and did and it is way, way more horrible than you will ever be. You know you are good. Because a human alone, will never do such things. Children aren’t monsters, children are the best and honest beings, until most of them get broken or told they are not enough or okay the way they are.

The best music is found where no one expects, the best music comes from the heart.

The “little” ones are those who have more than those who think they are great.

And guess what, this young man also plays computer games with guns. Doesn’t work together? Well in what kind of illusion are you living then?

I also played them and still do sometimes. Am I a monster because of this?

No, because I know that this is just a game and that I would never ever want to use a gun in real life.

Some people say, that these games will make you violent. Well, I tell you, I needed them to not become violent because of all this bullshit in the world.

Some people maybe shouldn’t play such games for their own good, but in the end, the real world is way more horrible. Because if playing a war game already is heavy for you, then what about the actual wars which are fought to this day? Either through psychological warfare, physical weapons or economy etc. It is all about war. And we are the cannon fodder.

So we have to prepare ourselves mentally and games are the best way of doing so. Not necessarily this kind of games, but in general, something which won’t harm or hurt you or others in real life and still gives an experience.

And so many games are actually about psychological growth, life experience and helping you out of trouble. So no, this doesn’t reflect how games look like. Today and even over 20 years ago, there were many games about strategic thinking, about overcoming trauma or understanding such things. Something which could probably help way more than anyone talking to you while collecting thousands of dollars and there is still no progress. Some games even made me cry, like “Life is Strange” or “Beyond: Two Souls” and they were meant this way. Meant to make you feel. About life decisions, about how horrible a lot of people can be and about how alone many of us feel. Especially when we realize that we can do things that others either can’t or simply aren’t aware of.

I still want to cry because of this game, because it was so real and emotional. Just this one song is made full of love and pain.

While others were busy destroying the world or building up their fake careers, I watched a good man playing these games (because I couldn’t effort all of them) and I also felt better watching him playing, so I wasn’t so alone (talking about Erik Range aka Gronkh – for those who can understand german).

This is what I am talking about, when I talk about video games. At least for the most part. The experiences, what they can teach us and how much love and sadly pain is within them. Why pain? Because to fight against the evil trying to control us, causes you to feel the pain of all the people. And so you got to fight harder and help some through your pain, so that they can also do their part. And these games really gave me hope and love in the dark time we live in. The invisible darkness surrounding us all. Maybe more visible than it seems, but ignored until it might be too late.

We are good people. Don’t let others tell you, that you are not.

If you enjoyed this music, felt the sadness, the pain and also the love, you are good. And if you at least paid attention, you are also good.

Thank you for taking the time, at least you were here. 🙂 Maybe just scrolled to the bottom. At least you were here. Hey! ❤

And like many before me or who are fighting for love beside me, we don’t really fear to get killed. At least some of us because we are not the ones who lose. I will live on, while they will die out.

You notice real love as a feeling of overwhelming feeling in general. Usually joy and peace. Words can’t give love, specific actions can’t give love. Because love is something invisible, but which can be felt. So if someone says: “I love you.”, but all you feel is pain, maybe there isn’t love.

People who are true are easy to love, at least for me.

All of these people are, maybe you as well.

What I can’t love is lies, when people try to cover up what they acually feel.

If someone honestly hate me, I feel better as if they would hate me in secret, but tell me they love me. I feel it. So don’t try to cover it up. Sometimes even my feelings let me down, but usually they don’t, if I don’t ignore them.

It is important what you are inside and not what others see or want to see.

It is important what we humans do with our lives and not what others want us to do.

The ways are different, the ideas are different and yet we are one kind and we are still around and still can be better. Money and profit and power, will never give us love because love as life are priceless and yet we pay/paid for it.

Until next time and I wish you a good night or maybe good morning.

I wish you hope and love, whereever you are. I know some people are from countries far away. Stay safe out there. ❤

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