Why do we still support the system?

And sadly all of this it not new to me, but luckily I can put this out now.

(I still didn’t sleep and I don’t know how much you have already watched, realized and seen. But there are way more things.

We didn’t even talk about creepypastas yet, at least not really.

And we didn’t even talk about all the secret experiements governments did (USA, Russia, Japan, Nazi-Germany, China, etc.)

We didn’t talk about how history told us Columbus found America, while he actually was the last, besides Africans, vikings and maybe even greeks and other nations / people. Did we?

I mean what do you really know, right? All lies, cover ups or misinformation. Even I probably way too often trapped in these traps, usually when I was too way into the things or not feeling stable enough to think about things properly.

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