Thought randomness is actually of importance and will later on help the bigger picture, while thought to be important things will vanish and soon be forgotten.

Life seems random and it should be in some way, but what really is random, are these laws they are putting out everywhere. I mean have you read that shit? Have you thought about how wishy-washy (foggy) most of them are? Except for those who of course are against the little people like us.

It is easier to catch someone who was parking at the wrong place, than an actual criminal, so they catch those who are easy to catch. The innocent.

I am not talking that everyone in the police, governments etc. are doing or supporting these things, but it is a general trend, sadly.

So I should probably say, why do the others accept these things or are speaking so quiet? (Other people: “I am screaming, but no one listens…”)

I know… I know…

Just wow!

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