When reality haunts you

And all what people could do is to drown you in drugs or let you do what you have to do. To fight for those who suffer with you.

Because the other options would be to give in or give up.

(warning – 18+ violence and blood)

It reflects how perverted or obscure the words “Love and Caring” are in our society. And that many people talk about it, but you don’t really see it. Instead you see people taking pills, people getting angry and so on.

When you rationalize everything what happened, while not forgetting about the creativity and imagination of everything possible. Isn’t it then possible that everything indeed was rational and that it shouldn’t be this way? But it still was and is? So maybe depression actually shows just how reality is. This is why no one can help me because I can’t escape reality, so what would it help? I could only try to forget again, try to distract myself, but what would it help?

If it would only be for the rationalizing part, you could say, I need help. But I actually know what good things could be and I see some, I just don’t see all what could be possible. Only the bad things and they get more and more real again.

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