How it comes and goes

When the hope is running out and the love not present here.

All what is seems only broken, sometimes dropping down a tear.

All what stays and always will, is this overwhelming fear,

whenever love starts showing up, fear is always near.

But why? Isn’t it weaker, isn’t it slower, isn’t it wasted?

Love is on the rise, you want more, when you taste it.

And if you can, you give more, right from your core.

Someone will catch it, for sure.


And the thing is, that those who sing about it, share it, are the reflection of the rest of the world. Those who don’t face it and push it all away. But someone has to handle it and so it is up to us to do so. Us who are thought and said to be weird, broken and helpless. We are the ones who face, what others couldn’t.

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