We will pay the price

Because others wanted too much.

But we people know better. We can do better.

This story gave some hope and also tears.

So many problems, people fight for lives, dying for jobs, fighting in wars and so many young people faced with death in some form.

This is not a world I want to live in.

And some of the people shown, might fight against each other at some point. I hope not and I hope that more people wake up and see what is going on behind the walls, buildings and the current situation. This is so much bigger, when you look into the details.

Peace never really was a thing when it comes to the whole world and freedom was also only partial. But more and more people either want to take their own life or kill others. For what purpose?

I can understand the “defend my country part” of some people. But dying for corporations and people who sit in safe rooms, is not what we planned to do when we were kids. Did we?

Just to be clear, I don’tsupport war and what young people to fight for wars. Knowing how a weapon works, might not be bad, but on the other hand, it is a critical question whether you should actually use one or not.

I understand self-defense and that, but as soon as people start shooting each other with real guns and with real war, such a thing won’t stop so easy nor quickly. Once there are lines full of young people, eager to fight for their countries… I don’t want to see such a scenario. Nor do I want to see a scenario in which more and more people take their own lives out of the lack of control.

Corporations and people in “big seats” are the real enemies here. While AI of course also more and more plays an important role in all of this.

Do we really need all these things? These war machinery, the AI and all this slavery? Of course not, so why do we keep pushing it or supporting it?

Are we even? Or are we just sitting there, waiting for it all to explode?

I don’t know sometimes, most of the time life is a nightmare or a bad movie, you didn’t want to watch, but you feel choiceless and watch it anyways.

But we have a choice, we have many choices and like this woman with her Sushi shop, we can make a change. At least try. And unite in peace and love, not through force or corporations.

We have to really speak louder about this, to those who suffer or could maybe suffer in silence. In the end maybe most of us suffer. While some might just block it all off or never even noticed it.

Okay, whatever this was… but I wouldn’t want to stand there.

And… I don’t … but yes, this could be me as well.

Okay… now I officially let all respect drive away far, far from here…

Do I even do good posting these things? I don’t know…

Probably not. Yep… I am making things worse. Yaa….

Yep, this could be the main thing for my blog….

But I actually take these thing serious, but the content somehow isn’t always telling the things the way I would want the to. And then I also mess up.


This year is so much… pain and craziness. Well it actually just showed how crazy it was the whole time I guess……