The child in us…

…wants to break free.

This morning I went for a long walk to the town. I wanted to look what changed over the years. I saw some places for contruction and graffiti and then I saw a cat. Just walking around the streets. I followed the cat and then the cat turned around and looked at me.

I got down to crouch and looked back. After some seconds the cat ran towards me, all around me as if we knew each other. I think I have never seen this cat and it was probably from some of the houses near by.

I did pet the cat for a while and the cat was lying down on the street next to me. As if it was my own cat. Rubbed all around me, even my shoes. ^^

We were there on the empty street maybe for 15 minutes, I don’t know. And then at some point the cat got up again and followed a noise in from the field next to the road. Then I also got up, waved a good bye and walked home again.

As if the whole point of my feeling and need for a walk, was to meet this cat, I never have met before. I am really a cat-human. 😀

I mean some other animals probably also like me and I guess that not every cat likes me and I also don’t like every cat (if they are mean towards other cats for example).

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