Hard, but maybe not?

In school you learn to obey rules. But rules are not really a thing.

Even science should know that by now. I mean we have things which worked in the same way for quite some time now and therefor it seemed like a rule. But at some point things change and then all the science could be pointless anyways.

So instead of going to school (at least what seems to be school) we should explore the world free and learn how to do things on our own. Would be a much more useful way of learning, than putting pressure on people only to turn them into working robots in the end.

Where did the problem start and when turned the need into a must?

We have to learn things, but school often isn’t the place where you actually learn important things if things at all. School shouldn’t be a must, it should be a want and a thing which gives you the ability to explore free. Not everyone has to be doing the same boring job. We could all do things without the need for a job. Would we all be inventors, scientists or things like that, then we would never stand in front of a problem and say: “This is impossible.” Because nothing is impossible. But school teaches what is and what is not. People say until you think it for yourself and say the same.

Until hero movies seem like fiction and impossible, while it all might just be two thoughts away.

(This goes for way too many countries around the world, but especially in the west)

Hunger is still a thing, fear is still a thing, especially now and war is still a thing. Why? Because someone always thinks it is necessary and that others should work their selves out of it. But how, if we don’t let them?

We can help each other and we are meant to do so. So that others can learn with us, together.

Now, what is more powerful?

A human with a weapon coming to battle or a human without?

Most people would call the one without a weapon a fool.

But what do you know? If you can stand and feel powerful without a weapon or armor visible to others, then you really know how to win.

Like the story with the king. What are we ashamed of? What are we scared of? To see, what others have seen already? To do what no one did? To be called names, hurt and maybe even killed?

Why? If we could fight for a chance to live forever maybe, or just more free than ever. Because if we don’t we will die either way.

Why does it seem that change can only be gained or forced through some kind of violence? This is not right. Because every revolution in the past claimed it as necessary and what did happen? It only got worse, until it all started again in some way. A new leader, new king, new dictator.

This time, it might be the first time in which we all actually see what true freedom means. Many have seen it, some have lived it, but most just dreamed about it.

The leaders should fear us and not we them. The leaders should sacrifice for us and support us and not we them. A leader is meant to be someone who cares, who fought through the darkness, but is aware of it. A leader is not meant to be perfect, just honest, kind and trustworthy.

We are the ones to say who is and who is not. Some people can change, if they want to, all could, but do they? Let’s give them a chance.

My mother told me about a story from WW2, in which japanese troops caught some americans. They brought them to some place and started shooting them. But one american started to sing some song from his childhood, probably a christian song. And he didn’t got shot, instead the japanese soldiers stopped and tried to figure out what to do.

They then came to the conclusion that it would be the best to surrender to the US. And so this one soldier should act as if he catched all of them and so they walked to the next US troops. Because otherwise they all would have been killed anyways. This way they had a chance to survive all together.

(writing this made my eyes wet and want to cry.)

We people are not meant to fight each other. And music unites us, technology also sometimes, but technology is cold, while music can be warm and tell stories and feelings. We should use it all together and not let us being used by it or destroy by it.

If all weapons would be destroyed and it would be impossible to build new ones (impossible I know), we would have to fight face to face again with our bare hands. Would we still want to fight? Looking into each other eyes and knowing that we could be friends instead?

These games and past should teach us that it is not worth fighting.

That it will not help, but only destroy. And yet so many either want to fight or just are too scared to don’t fight, if others tell them to do.

If a whole army would stop fighting, at least stopped killing, what would they do?

What if both sides of a war would stop fighting like in the Christmas in WW1?

What if instead of fighting each other for nothing, they would fight those who told them to fight. Wouldn’t war end? Wouldn’t war end, if we would lay down all our weapons?

Did we ever try? Some did and yet we are here, talking about the same things… like hundreds of years before. Where is the evolution people? Where is the promised peace? I don’t see it. I only see more destruction on the rise, more control of a few and more hate then we have ever seen before. What for?

“A divided house…”

War –> “You are not expected to survive”

I already watched it some time ago, but man did it make me cry now.

Why can’t we all just do it like those two. Looking at each other, not pulling the trigger, waiting and realizing that we neither want to kill nor die.

That our common enemy is war, is hate, is fear.

“It’s hard to write good code.”

But it is worth the challenge. Same goes for our lives.

Together we can make it, might be hard for some, but in the end, would be marvelous.

It is probably only hard because people said it is, because they either have no idea, were too scared or simply repeated what someone told them to say.

Programming is easy.

Life is easy.

Creating new things is easy.

Finding friends is easy.

Finding love is easy.

Why do these sentences seem so weird or wrong?

Are they noise to you?

For me they are not. But I know, why you might think they are wrong.

This is why I had to go where you all are, to understand it. To explain it and make it better together with you.

We can fix each other through love. I am not talking about an intimite or dependent love, I am talking about universal love for everything. Or at least the possibility to see the good in everything.

Not all things are good, but if you want, you can still find something good.

If I could just give you what is in my head, I would, but you have to understand it yourself. Because you might actually do things a lot different. So my data wouldn’t help you, would only confuse you. But together, we could mix it and make miracles come true or true again? Who knows.

But I don’t want that money and fear control the world, but love, hope and nature. Giving a blizzful, joyful experience and not this pain most of us feel or would feel, would we not drown it in some way or hide it away.

The end of the world, as we knew it.

“God is strong in the weak.”

Love is strong in the weak.

Hammer the points of your plows into swords
and your pruning knives into spears.
Even the weak must fight.

Joel 3:10 (GNT)

Make your plows into swords.
Make spears from your hooks for trimming trees.
Let the weak say, “I am strong.”

Joel 3:10 (ICB)

You have heard it, you have seen it.

Three times I prayed to the Lord about this and asked him to take it away. But his answer was: “My grace is all you need, for my power is greatest when you are weak.” I am most happy, then, to be proud of my weaknesses, in order to feel the protection of Christ’s power over me. 10 I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and difficulties for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.

2 Corinthians 12:8-10 (GNT)

And his power is love.

If you think I am religious, do your thinking.

Maybe I am, maybe I am not. I don’t care, because it is not important.

Love is important, the love which warms all of our hearts, the love we are all searching for. And many didn’t find, didn’t see it.

Love is something you feel. It is nothing you can see.

And with love in your heart you see that all is or at least could be good.

With love you want to make things, help, build up and live.

With love nothing seems too hard or complicated. It might still feel hard at first, but for this love you will do everything. Even give your life, should it be necessary. Not to kill, not to destroy.

Words can never describe it. The more words are used, the more it seems surreal. Love is everywhere. It holds things together. Without love, the whole world would have broken apart long ago.

What is love? The glue of the universe. (At least for me right now)

Would we all sing our stories, all speak out our truth, those who suffer wouldn’t have to suffer anymore because then everyone would be able to be free. To speak, to love, to sing and be.


This is what love can do, I had to weep because it was so beautiful. What they made out of what they got is incredible.

“We have no friends, but mountains.”

Just wow. They are free. At least at the time of the videos.

Bravery is given by love.

Those who are brave don’t need a lot of weapons if weapons at all.

Those who are not and who have no love inside them, they need all the weapons and power they can get. The Kurds just wanted one country, just their own country to be. They have love, but most of the others don’t have it. So the others want to kill the love, because if they can’t have it, no one should, in their eyes.

Because would people like the Kurds have their country. Others would wake up as well. And this can’t happen… in the eyes of rules who have no love.

Domino effect they said?

Do you see what I mean?

With love in your heart everything can work somehow.

Without love, the best concept will always just stay concept.

Why did past civilizations fail at some point? – They had no love left.

It is important what is inside, not what you see on the outside. Well sometimes maybe, but I think you know what I mean.

Those who need to show visibly that they are “good” or fighting for “justice” and love, they know nothing about it. Because it is something you can only feel and see through your heart.

What makes us separate from God, is the lack of love, because God is love. And instead of love we fight wars and destroy love, in the name of God, in the name of hate. God is love, at least for me, but it is so much more than you can imagine. Well some of you can, I hope you can. United we stand.


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