Freedom of speech in technology

There is none, that is what I try to tell you.

If more people would think like these people. I mean, we also need other things, not just technology, but if more people would know how to write software and change code etc. themselves, there would also be more freedom. Because if people would be able to look into all codes, they could make them better and also use it as a way of expressing their freedom of speech.

Why are so many systems still unsecure and on the other hand so expensive and complicated in a way? Because we jave too few creative and happy people like her and too many “we need more money” people.

There are so many versions of Linux, for so many different situations. But still people use Windows or MacOS or things like that.

Why? Because companies can then make money this way.

Linux (at least most distributions) is free and can be modified.

You can make it run on so many different devices, while Windows usually is not so good with other devices. We saw what happened with the Windows phone.

But this is more about freedom of speech. Because it is the same with other things. When I was in elementary school I was in an experimental computer class. We learned to draw things and animate them, we learned to make presentations, how to use the internet and what dangerous are out there (virus, hacker, ads :D) and even the hardware parts.

In secondary school I heard that there was a small computer club, but one year later when I entered the school it was gone. We never really talked about programming or computers. So the whole 6 years I learned nothing new about computers in school, while in elementary school I could have almost built one together myself. But only because of this experiemental class.

I wonder what happened to the data and why I still don’t see much of a change. I mean I don’t wonder, but it makes me sad.

If you can’t modify the hardware you are using, while using it probably every day, is blindly trusting others who maybe don’t even care about you.

It is as if you would sit in an airplane and all of a sudden you see the pilot jumping out of the plane, leaving you alone with all the instruments.

I mean, taking the basic control wouldn’t be too hard to understand, but landing is a whole other story. And also dealing with stormy weather etc.

Do you understand what I am talking about?

Because if one day all people who once developed these operating systems – or whatever software – are either dead or too old, then who would fix or understand them? So it is important to understand this technology and also to give kids the opportunity to modify and control it. Just using it is easy and controlling it is also not too hard, but no one really makes it available easily.

There are some games who teach it and tutorials and such things, but in school itself, I think it still isn’t much of a thing. And if even, than it isn’t all too fun because of weird rules and concepts, no one really needs for actual programming. Maybe later, but not to get into it.

If the younger generation has no ability to hack or modify the given systems or even create their own, then there is no freedom. Because they have to hope that those who can control it know better or are wise. And if they are just out for profit, they usually don’t care much about your personal need. Only when it gives them more money.

There is a dangerous dependency and also a lack of understanding how the world works. Because the whole stock market runs on computers and some people even hacked it. The point is this one, if someone should point out that you can’t show people how to hack for security reasons, this is so much bullshit … I can’t say how much. Because the number one security issue is, that no one really know what is possible and what not. So there are actual companies which have the task to hack computer systems to show how unsecure they are. And even they are shocked and kind of frustrated that no one really knows a thing and that their job is so easy. Which in other words means, that most systems are easily manipulated and hackable.

For me it would be more logical if most people would be able to hack. Not only people who want to do bad things, like blackmail someone or steal etc. and these security hacking companies. I mean, we are talking about system our whole economy runs own and lives depend on, like hospitals and such.

So if most people could hack and program, the world would actually be better because then people would realize how much shit is out there and how unsecure everything really is and make it better. And also in case someone would do something bad, a hundred other people could prevent it or track it back maybe. So a criminal would have a bad time. Because criminals will always find a way to steal, but if we don’t know how and what, then it is an easy game.

There would also be transparency guarantied because no one could hide a thing, at least nothing dangerous. I mean secret agency and criminals can do it anyways, so why shouldn’t we people be able to do it as well?

It is always about power and control. As long as you don’t ask too many questions all is fine, but when you start to understand, you might get dangerous for others. But why? Why are they so important about their technology, if they could have a much better live, without the need to control? Because why shouldn’t it be possible to have something like a civil hacker army? They could do a lot of good things. And again, criminal will find a way no matter what, so it is no argument against it, only for it.

But what we need more is nature. And what does technology help us, when we have no air to breath? If we would be in control of it, we could of course find ways to make the climate change. But we are not, not from my point of view. So we should not push technology so fast, while forgetting the resources, the people and nature. Only together we can make a good change, but not if people who only want profit or have no idea are leading the way. The children are indeed the future, but only if we let them be and not tell them what they can and can’t do. They know better than most adults, at least before they get turned into mindless machines as well.

And the thing is, we should teach them how Linda explained and tried it. At least more like this and in general when it comes to teaching. It is not about what adults want children to learn and think. It is about what children want to know from adults about how things work. And sadly usually they also don’t know themselves. Even teachers sometimes, then they have to ask their books or the internet as well. And then… where does this lead?

Data can be modified, manipulated, but by whom? If we can’t do that?

Even we are programmed and programmable. Not exactly like a machine, but still nearer than you might think. Because repetitive information and patterns are a way of programming and manipulation. Usually the brain is set out to learn new things and it is normal for a brain to constantly learn and do things. I mean not non-stop, but like never ending in a way, but with breaks in between. Sometimes longer, sometimes smaller. But usually the brain learns out of play, out of fun and joy learning new things. Understanding more, experiencing more. Why does it not do that, especially in our western/modern world? Because we hurt it so much, that it wants to die. We force it to learn things it doesn’t need or want. We force it to feel bad about not knowing or doing things perfect, although we don’t always say it. The system is set for it.

In an ideal school, there wouldn’t be a school.

But if we need an institution called school, then at least where the children have the possibility to start learning in whatever field they want to learn and also in the way and speed they want to.

These days it should actually be easy with all this great technology, don’t you think? But most importantly, they should be in control of the learning and not teachers, old people and industries.

We could design our future together and not just a few who got it to the top somehow. Some through will and some through influence. But those who just want to be, just live and be love and free, they can’t survive in this world. Or if, they inevitably get broken, like me. Often to a point where they leave this life one way or another.

In the world I want to live in, there are no big corporations, no industries. In my world, people can use things together and help each other out.

I did break for many reasons, but the most important one was, that I knew that my life was not really in my control. That whatever I do, I would be always be dependent on authorities, industries etc. no matter what I would do. And I knew, I can’t trust them because they usually look the same.

Even if the world would finally be in peace and people would be actually free to be themselves and not just machines in some way. I wouldn’t know if I would be fully okay, or if I would still be thinking that I am alone. That I just wanted it to be, while nothing really is, nothing is important, while everyone says it is. And then why couldn’t I just stop existing?

And this is why I know that if the global market, the governments and authorities don’t get removed or at least changed, so that we would actually be the ones… then I see no point in living. Technology won’t save us, would only make us even more slaves than we already seem to be. Again, no all of us were to this point, but after this year, it might change.

I simply don’t want to live in a world in which I am just forced to do something either way. Paying taxes, a lot of paper work, not owning anything in the end, while feeling as if…

I don’t want to be brain-washed into thinking that I am not good enough, only good enough for work in a company. Children are able to change the world, they usually are very smart and creative. But schools make them weaker, tired and depressed. And they don’t even really realize it, because they call it teen depression, as if it was normal.

Depression is never normal, otherwise war would be normal as well. Is it? Not in the world I would want to live in. And well, my “teen” depression which wasn’t one, started in the middle of elementary school. When I realized that the world I live in is not as bright as I thought. That I won’t be able to do what I want and that no one would care, would really listen. Because it all has to be, always was and will be. At least this is how it felt and got “told” to me in a way. As if world peace was impossible.

If most people would realize that they could be free, wouldn’t be so much of a problem after all. And those who would still want to harm others, they would be faced with a wall out of love. Because we would actually care for each other. But each time I bring it up, other people wash it off and call it impossible or not easy. Well, it actually is easy, it is harder to do what we do now. So why do we make it all so hard? Was it even us?

I got scared to make mistakes because of school, before that I did just try out things until they worked or I figured it out. We are no machines, we can’t and shouldn’t be equalized. Because we are not equal when it comes to what we want to create, but we are all human and this way equal. So instead of teaching equal and often old and useless knowledge, we should teach with fun and what we want to know about.

School kills us, work kills us, wrong parenting because of work and school, kills us. Governments kill us. War kills us. Broken promises kill us. Hate kills us. Fear kills us. A hopeless future kills us.

But remember what Putin said in one of his talks. That you have to fear those who have a rope around their neck. Or something like that.

Because if you got nothing to lose, maybe you got everything to win.

And if you are dead either way, then at least for a good cause.

Otherwise we will all die as well, while some powerful people might developing their immortal future. Where they can rule like Gods.

But we are the people and we shouldn’t die any longer for people who are already dead inside.

People dying isn’t normal. Maybe we were never meant to die in the first place. Even if so, then we could develop into something more than that.

Maybe we already did in secret, while others didn’t notice.

How should I know… apparently I don’t know a thing. All is pointless, while others have so many reason for hate and pain.

Endless creativity would give endless happiness, joy and love. We could maybe help other species to grow and learn. Maybe could find so many better ways.

People were searching for a perpetuum mobile, but the earth is one, the best we could have ever wanted. And we destroy it until only dust is left.

Dust and death. Like Mars maybe or the moon.

While actually energy could be transformed, nothing is lost. But we keep destroying until it might actually be. If we would stop the industries, this big machinery. The world would still stand, would still be turning and we could find ways to actually make it good. If there is no time to think, to imagine and try new things, then this civilization is indeed doomed. Doomed the way I felt, when I put on my necklace of hope, the rope.

Let’s see what we can do or can’t do, but what the future brings.

I am only broken for the hope I so often still lack and the love which sometimes goes away again. But I feel less broken than at least half of my life if not more. I am not fully healed, not fully free, might never be.

Only when justice finally took place, there would be the most joyful expression on my face. I can always hope, right?

And the thing is, that I have not need to leave now, now that things finally seem to change. But I just was very pessimistic most of my life, at least in the back of my head. And now I am just still having this pessimism because I know that what he is talking about is actually nothing, when it comes to the full picture. So if even he was threatened like this, oh man…

So who knows, maybe the helicopter(s) were also there for me. But maybe not. At least I have no documents, only knowledge on how far people will and can go for their secrets and power. And what is possible.

I mean my imagination is so far, that I really feel like in a dream. But like literally, not only blinded by misinformation.

I hope that one day I will be able to finally feel just love and good about myself and not with all these things about what is wrong in the world in my head anymore. Because it would finally be fixed, be over and good.

I really hope one day I will feel like myself again and good about my knowledge and imagination and all. But maybe I won’t survive to see this future. All I want is love, peace and freedom. And that human will together with nature let the earth breath again. And then maybe move to explore other earths. I don’t need to see it, I have seen it all. All I want, that it is not all for nothing and not just a useless, pointless thing. And I don’t want that all of this happens again.

I hope one day I can just be there for others and teach them, help them and experience things with others. ♥ 💜

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