Truth comes in waves

Light and sound and feeling vibrations.

If you listened to these songs and dance, moved your head around in joy.

If you thought, what is this music? Oh boi…

The truth comes live, the truth comes in stereo.

I imagine the people dancing, laughing, talking,
watching at effects and bodies moving.

Don’t they hear the words, don’t they see the truth?

Imagine all these words on a last letter to say good bye.

Would you then laugh and dance? Wouldn’t you cry?

When did you fall asleep? Did you ever?

When I heard these songs, saw what was really going on, I almost cried and was shocked, that people are so careless, so naive or blind.

As if it was about a genre, how someone is dressed, as if it was about image and what one can and can’t say or do. Others do it anyway, so why can’t we?

Why can’t everyone be themselves and let all this craziness go away, because what is in our heads is not crazy. It is crazy what was placed all around us and said to be normal. We are good inside, maybe a little broken, but not because of us, but because of what is going on outside. Because of the need to stay normal, act normal, be normal – because someone said what is normal. Don’t we know better what is good for us? They made us forget, so that they can tell, what they want and say it is good.

Aren’t we all in this mess together? So why are we still trying to be normal, when no one really is? Why do we pretend, when nothing makes sense?

What all of this has in common, is the need and lack of freedom and love.

And this burning wish, burning heart for it to finally be.

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