The underlying truth

What is the difference between a concentration camp and the life presented to us, especially right now?

In a concentration camp, you knew that it was against your will.

But even in these camps some people survived for a long time. They had no health care, almost no food and were meant to die. I mean it was a camp where people were sent to die, if they didn’t die before reaching it.

So tell me, what is the different between the workers life today and the situation back then? To the very core, I see no difference, only that it was obvious back then.

I know this is hard and luckily we can escape this, while the people back then couldn’t really or at least usually had not much of a chance.

No matter what the near future holds, if not enough people start asking questions (at least to or for themselves), I don’t see much of a great future ahead of us. I mean, I still do, but at the moment it looks still pretty bad.

In my eyes, violence won’t help in the long run, while it depends what you understand under violence. For me violence is aggressive action without thinking and destruction just for the sake of it. While a violent seeming act in defense would be different. When you play video games, you probably know what I mean. If not, well, it is about doing whatever you can, doing your best to help those you want to protect. In our case it is us, us humans who are hold like slaves. With money and rules which make no sense and in the end will only be hold against us.

In the past it was pointed out that terrorrists play video games to train and meet to make plans.

Me: Well, I play video games. I want to make a change. So I must be a terrorist. Dam it and I thought I was just someone who likes to play games and thinks for himself.

And I still can’t understand, why many people think, that people who believe in the existence of aliens wear alu-hats. It just makes no sense, neither wearing those nor not believing in the existence of aliens.

But well, it is not their fault, they got brain-washed or they are scared of themselves.

I man it is so weird, that we have stars out there, a whole universe and a lot of lifeforms on this planet. I mean, how should one just think about the existence of other lifeforms out there?! No, no… they can’t exist, obviously.

Question mark?

I mean, people who laugh about people like me or think I am weird, they don’t know that they are actually laughing about their own non-existing life and abilty to think. And the sad part is, that some of these people are even in high rank position, where some intelligence is necessary (should one think).

I mean, we are talking about the fundamentals of our existence here.

Because for me it is possible, that for example at one point actually a life form developed out of something, but who said, that it had to be us? That we were the ones or that we were the first?

Why couldn’t it be, that maybe humans (or something similar) existed somewhere else or way before we thought they did and then developed high advanced technology, to finally recreate their kind. Or that they maybe have found us at some point and thought: “These little minds. Let the help a little.” or maybe “Let’s use their working power for our own purpose.”

I am just saying that it is possible and a lot of things make way more sense this way. Given our history and how things developed.

I mean after we leave the school system, we are basically forced to work, if we don’t have some money already or some good friends and a will to make something on our own.

We basically have almost no time to decide for ourselves, to calm down and work something out. We get told, that even if we take one year off after school (at least when I was younger – Germany), that we can’t use it to play around. So basically no free time or thinking time, relax time etc. Always the need to do something. What does this do to the brain? It gets weaker, it gets more tired and loses the ability to think more and more. And also the ability to imagine and dream etc.

There sure are some people who still can do that, but most people won’t or only sometimes.

I again want to remind, that many people who are now great and well-known, were either lazy or bored at some point or simply had a little rebellious thinking when they were younger.

So, why are they successful? Because they didn’t do what others said or only to some point. So why do we all do what others say?

In games you usually have some things you can do or should do. But in some games there are a lot of secrets. You only find these if you take some time to search, if you maybe think a little or just try things out. And I think many people just rush through these games and miss probably 2/3 of the whole experience. So why did they even play it? To say: “I finished another game!” or “I won! It only took me <enter time>”?

I also see this in real life, where cars often drive close from behind or even drove past me, while I already drove very fast. Sometimes even just to 100 meters later take another road, while they could have been hit by another car or something. Why are they so fast, so pushing? I never really got that.

I sometimes thought: “Well, they probably can’t die fast enough.”

Or they simply don’t think about other people and that they maybe should care more.

I also believe that I am able to live forever, so why the rush?

The rush only makes you weaker, harms others and you don’t really get what and why you are doing what you are doing. Maybe this is the point. Only a few people get it, to call them lazy, sick or crazy, while the others actually should look in the mirror and think or think twice.

Are you a machine mind or an open mind?

Are you programmed or free?

It is programming and I got programmed as well on this one.

But I myself thought first that it was wrong, until people around me were telling it is normal. I stood negative about it, meaning that I still knew it was not good and normal, but still fell for it. As a drug as well and still am sometimes.

But I knew that there was a difference between real and fake and what should be normal. And still it grew a bad behavior inside me.

The problem is, that talking about the upper level problems, while not talking about the root problems, will only help a little.

I know how things went in my school time.

We also got told about such things as far as I know. And also about drugs, smoking etc. So it actually isn’t something new. At least not where I live. And guess what happened? People were still buying drugs, started smoking, watched porn etc.

What does someone want things which possibly harm or are weird, but they do it anyways?

For many it is probably interesting to try something out, explore etc. or make party and so on. But the thing is, why does it seem necessary or normal to do it? Because the generations before us also did it or at least some of them.

Was it good? No. Did they do it anyways? Yes.

It sure is good to talk about things, but the real problems are the causes for such behavior. Usually someone showed or told someone something. Convinced to do or try something.

Would for example the future for most people not look like this:

Maybe, they wouldn’t start taking drugs or do too weid things in the first place. And I am not talking about grafitti or wearing different clothes. I am talking about dealing with drugs, building gangs to beat others up, bullying etc.

The whole society is based on this need to be better, to be good and succeed or simply to give up and work, work, work. And those who don’t get affected by this, probs to you, stay the way you are.

But I am sure now, that most people are negatively effected during and because of school time. Because of the stress and way how it is set up.

Would school actually let the children decide what to learn and only give the basis to do so, we probably would get rid of most other problems.

In elementary school, when some people asked about math things and other stuff, the teacher sometimes said, that it will be taught later.

Later meas, you have to wait, waiting causes frustration or boredom.

So what does the way how our school systems used to work?

It causes fear, stress, anxiousness, pressure, boredom, ignorance and hopelessness. Usually boredom would be the possibility to learn something new, to think something threw or just relax. But when it is caused because the system “needs” you to wait or to do things in a certain way, then no wonder that people get aggressive.

And if then there also is aggressive material supporting it, of course it won’t get better. But the problem isn’t the aggressive material, it is more a result of other problems in my eyes. An then of course for manipulation purposes.

So what Maria Ahlin is talking about, is indeed a major issue, but you can’t fix it the way she wants to fix it or thinks it could.

It is like telling someone that alcohol is a major cause of death, but then most people drink it anyway. Why? Because it is “normal”. What does alcohol give you, other than a headache, health problems and sometimes a burning throat or stomach? I don’t know me, tell me, because I only tasted alcohol sometimes and I never really liked it. The same goes for other drugs etc. except for porn in my case. Because in my case I think that porn filled the gap of the missing love I had. I mean not the aggressive part or something… that wasn’t good, but the chemical reaction it caused in the brain. So that I didn’t have to think so much about all the problems of the world and the way I couldn’t escape them, because I didn’t got much of a chance. It of course didn’t really fill the hole in my heart. The problem was, that I actually had a strong heart when I was little, a strong will to live and explore and just be happy. School time broke this spirit and other negative events because of how the system works.

So it is really not a simple task here, at least if you really want to make a change. Why do people take drugs and do other things? Either when they are young or when they get older? These days because their future seems pointless anyways. Being enslaved in a working society without real joy or creativity. I am talking about the big part of the whole system, not how some people got a way around it somehow. Or how some people found a way to be happy in the system.

But I mean, even rich people are addicted to things, not necessarily money, but maybe cars or women or other weird things.

We are talking about capitalism here, we are talking about governments here. Even if some of them still were good people and just had not much of an idea what they were doing, now with the pandemic so much has gone even worse. They are pushing out new laws like newspapers. And this is something Edward Snowden was concerned about 7 years ago, when he spoke about what NSA & Co. were doing. He said, that he was worried about this technology because in the wrong hands, it could mean the control over the whole world. And these new laws, apps and other things basically are the result of not enough people dealing with the issue he talked about the whole time.

So yes, I am still partially addicted to porn. But I had long times without it and it really was better. But in my case the only thing which helped was the actual feeling of love. So not pain, but a warmth feeling inside the heart and all around me. Whenever I lose it again, it often doesn’t take long to trigger my brain to want sexual pleasure. Because the brain realizes that there is pain and an overall negative feeling, so it wants to at least temporarily make it easier.

And I think that this is the reason why still so many people take drugs or other things because alcohol is also a drug and a very harmful one.

I am not talking about banning things because that only made things worse, what I am talking about is, that alcohol is like “culture” in Germany. What does that even mean? Isn’t that like saying: “All these violent people, car accidents, damaged organs, … are cultural influence and therefor normal.”?

You WHAT!?

I mean they don’t say it this way, but when asked, people said that alcohol belongs to the german culture and is therefor not possible to think it away.

But we all know or at least knew, that alcohol damages the body and that except for medical purposes alcohol is no good. Other than intoxinating the body of course and damaging it. Because only because in your case it might not be much and the body repairs the damage, doesn’t mean it is good.

So yes, why are people willing to destroy themselves for pleasure which isn’t really good either in the long run and only temporary? I bet it has nothing to do with the depression, the lack of hope and this pressure and nonsense with this capitalistic work environment, where profit is above all else, even human lives. This is the major cause for most addictions. Because would there be real love, friendship and communities in which you could be the way you are (without the need to wear a mask), most of these things would go away more easily.

We are an overall anxious, depressed and broken society.

We don’t need more education, we need more love. I am talking about accepting people for who they really are inside. Without the need to call the crazy, weird or whatever for at first weird seeming things they might start talking about. We all are scared to share the truths. Because sharing about being addicted to drugs or whatever is almost normal these days.

And this is of course not good and not normal, but it seems this way. So what are these people hiding inside?

We all know the systems are rigged, fake and corrupted. And those who maybe wasn’t will soon be overtaken through these situation.

This is what we are dealing here. Laughing people in suits or maybe cross the laughing part.

We need freedom, love and peace. Then all the other things will work out. Maybe soon than you think. But peace isn’t profitable. Freedom would be a loss of control and love, well most people don’t even know anymore what love means. Do they?