We can do more than we think.

All of us.

So why not let them lead?

And we can show mercy, if they let us. Because we have a heart.

A woman should be seen as God, because women gave birth to us. Without my mother I would not be alive. Without the pain she went through, I would have never existed. I am a man, but together we stand.

But I know, a woman can do more than a man. My mother showed me.

She worked, she tried to help me and survived all the mess of her life and still does. She did what my farther never could. She fought for my life and her life and still does. So I know, that a woman can do more and is more than a man will ever be. At least for me because I am “just” a man. And I should protect what gave life to me and not fight against. But together to protect and get back what we once had, the freedom, the peace and the love. When I was a little child and my mother was still at home, we were alive and now we are getting there again. First inside, then outside.

Peace comes from within. If you won your inner war.

Then we are equal inside, no matter how we look or were born.

This is how it should be. People helping each other, despite the origin or whatever. You have a helicopter or boat, they need help and you help.

No “Are you a citizen of this country?” or “why are you here? Can’t you help yourself?”

Just helping and caring. People are not the enemy, it is the venom, the machine, the negative energy surrounding us.

In history some of those who came before us had to fight back with weapons. I don’t know for sure what the future holds, but I think we know better now. The power comes from within. The power is love.

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