Let the games begin!

But no hunger games, please!

Why not use games to improve real life? Or learn through games?

And the thing is, that real life often seems like a tougher “game”. Because of history we think that there is only one way, give up and do what the rules say. But aren’t rules there to be broken or reshaped? To be questioned at least?

I mean, doesn’t the sentence: “Arbeit macht frei” or in english “Work will set you free.” remind you of something? Like described in the video with the nazis? So you should consider many people in “camps” given by the rules society or rulers give us.

Not every country might have too weird rules, but usually these are either small countries or not well known. (I will learn about them soon, I guess. 🙂 )

If you look at our school systems, work etc. and how it didn’t really change over the years (not the visual appearance, but the actual feeling and rule set etc. around it) – isn’t that weird? I mean these things got modified a lot, but only with things which didn’t really change the root / core problems.

You can give a slave a yellow coat, a green coat or no coat at all. But does it change the fact, that the slave is still a slave?

Working for your vision, your goals and dreams – is freedom.

Working for the sake of money and the need of work to get it, is slavery.

Money is not necessarily the problem, but a problem it is. Because you are not in control of it, while others are.

Work is a problem, if you are not in control of it, but work has control over you and your life.

So philosophy which tells you to accept what you have, is actually telling you to give up. While giving up on something by a free choice, is actually freedom. For example when you give someone else the bread you wanted to eat, but the other one needs it more. This is freedom. And being able to bake your own bread is freedom, without the need of others (or at least for the most part). If you can show me that you can plant wheat, grind it and bake a bread and that you have water from your own well, then you are free.

Sadly almost no one can really say this because even if you own the property, others can decide what you can and what you can’t do with it. At least in my country. So where is the freedom?

I don’t really see it. I see golden cages everywhere, this for sure, but I don’t see freedom.

And the bread and water thing is more an example, but still important. Because most of us are dependent on companies and their products because no one taught us how to do these things ourselves. I personally learned a little from my mother or my grandfather, but sadly not enough.

Luckily we have still other people who know more about these things and together we can also learn these things again. Dependencies are always problematic because at some point they could bite you in the ass (I know what I am talking about, programming taught me well)

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