Freedom and Obfuscation

WAIS – Google Maps – Pluscode: 25G9GWH8+PM

Weird how the sattelite images are all glitchy down there.

I mean I zoomed in on a white surface and all of a sudden it looked colorful.

(before zoom)
(after zooming a little)

Mount Sidley – Google Maps – Pluscode: 24JMXW82+M2

(a little zoomed in)
(just a little zoom later)

This isn’t how google sattelite images should look like. I mean, these are all new, according to the copyright water mark. And you should think, that Google’s sattelites are pretty good by now. Well, well.,53.9115236/-80.691484,53.9122063/@-80.6915195,53.9119708,54m,-77.5759346,86808m

(Okay, I think some people had fun on this one :D)
(Why is this so messed up?)
(why is this so detaile???)

The thing is, that I am not here to say: “Oh look ALIENZZZZ” or something.

I just want to question, why some pictures are so detailed and others look like a child used Gimp or something and painted a landscape?

Isn’t that a little weird?

And my mother told me, that her father told her once, that they had this technology for decades. If you look back on Nikola Tesla and the fact that his lab burned down once and many people with power hated him.

Her father also once told her about the russians and that they had a big laser weapon. Tesla had plans for such a weapon. So according to this information, it could be a very great game of hide and seek. And I mean you can use other maps and see whether there are differences. I found some people over the years who did that.

The thing is, that some of course were probably fake themselves or just hyped / confused / brain-washed(?).

It doesn’t mean, that these things have to exist and be real, but again, what is real? If you only believe what others told you to believe, then they also could have told you that the moon is made out of cheese, right?

But we know it is not. So again, I just want you to think and do some research, try out some things and so on.

“The truth is out there.”

The truth is inside you.

And no, I am not talking about flat earth or that we are on the back of turtles… (if you should really think that I am this stupid or whatever).

I just want to question, whether you can really trust what corporations give you and tell you. They say it is glitches… well, I think if Google can’t handle them, then we are screwed. What I try to say with this is, that I know what glitches can do and these things look a little too glitchy.

And it is not a secret (ironicly) that secret bases of US military or other forces are hidden on some maps. Why? Because otherwise other countries would of course know where to find them and hit them.

So why are there so many glitches? Maybe they aren’t glitches.

It depends… I just want to say, that I don’t really believe that the technology could be this bad. Otherwise you should ask, okay if a company this big, with so much influence and money can’t make something right, why even trust them with our data? Why trust their technology at all, if they can’t handle sattelite images. Do you understand what I am talking about? I am not talking about aliens, eventhough they should exist as well. I am talking about the possibility that there indeed is technology out there, we think is sci-fi.

For me this is no new thought, again I knew that as a child in some way. But now it actually is important. What would you do, if you would have the possibility to control the whole world? Would you make people believe that they have no chance against you? Of course. But we know, that nothing is perfect, at least when it comes to technology and science. Some things just have just a higher success rate than others. So games, movies, books, they are either preparing for the near future or telling the truth in some way.

Therefor, love is the key against it all. Because if you can make those who want to control everything feel the love, it could change their whole mind and believe system.

Love is good, it is the best thing to experience and we could have it the whole time, wouldn’t others keep pushing the hate and fear into our minds and hearts. We people have the power and we don’t have to know much at the moment, because love will guide us.

Maybe there actually was an agent like Fox Mulder, who knows…

It is possible.

Just don’t freak out okay? Things will be alright.

They want us to think that we are crazy, so they can keep us under control.

But if we don’t let us overrun by fear and instead try to think about these things for some time. Maybe if we share our different experiences, thoughts and so on, we could actually find these things more logical, than whatever some other people in suits or white coats tell or told us.

If you are an actual scientist, in the military, NSA or whatever. I hope you know that I love you and I just want peace and love for everyone. So you are not my enemy, you might be by ally. And if not, well, if I am dead, I am dead. Whatever that means after all.

What is the best way to deal with people who know that something is wrong?

–> Give them a lot of possible answers, so they can choose one and then stop searching for the actual answer(s).

How do you do that?

–> Put some conflicting parties on the play board, give them a name and some cool unique features.

Why should people believe that and follow them?

–> …. Seriously. I mean… Are you seriously asking me…? Okay. Why? Well, because they don’t think for themselves.

And why does this happen?

–> They get told from a young age, that what they see, hear, feel etc. is wrong or not real.

And why does this work?

–> Because children usually trust the ones who are either their parents or at least care takers. I mean to some degree until at some point they either start thinking for themselves or they start following one of the “possible choices”.

Some parents are actually good and open and really care for their children. But many are controlled themselves, so how should they be able to let the child be free, if they are not themselves?

Some children learn and start to think for themselves, but many don’t. At least it seems this way to me.

I once heard from a boy in India who could do surgery at the age of 10-12 or something. (Not sure about the year, but very young) And the whole village even from other villages came to him. He read some medicine books and tried some things and then (however it was possible for him) he helped a lot of people. But then someone in his family got cancer, so he wanted to find a cure for that. When he got invited to the west, I think he must have been either shocked or blinded. And if not, then I hope he is still alive.

Another boy in Africa built his own radio “station” out of garbage he found.

He also got invited to the west and I hope he is still alive.

Do you understand what I am talking about?

You can learn something if you want to and the age is not that much important, as long as there is a will there is a way. But if there is no will, there won’t be a way.

And most of us lost their will to live, to survive and to fight for our right to live the way we want it. Because others told us: “This doesn’t work like this.” or “No, you can’t do that.” or “But how will you make money with this?” and “Do something useful with your time, look I go to work and you should also go find a job.” and so on.

“Work will set you free” my ass…

Working with a goal in my will set you free, but just working for others, for the sake of working and breaking and faking and making… this will only kill you slowly. Some people might feel happy doing such things, but maybe it just seems this way from the outside.

If 10 people would want to build a sattelite, a rocket or a car. They will achieve this with ease, if even one person alone could do that. So what is the big fear, the big deal? Why do you think you can’t do that? Because you never tried, because you never got a chance or others didn’t let you do it. They didn’t gave you enough time to do it, try it. And you gave up to find ways to do it anyways. Because it was hard. And maaaan…. I know. I gave up so many times because these feelings killed me. The pressure killed me. But did I survive? Yes I did. Am I totally myself? Something I am not sure, to be honest. Sometimes I am not sure whether what I am doing here is good or bad. But I want good and hope for the best, while I also do more and more things. Like driving a man home, being company for broken souls and spreading some love.

So I am very aware of my own dark side. Because it scared me to have all these bad things going on in my mind. I still have some of it not fully controlled, so I should soon start to work more on it. But the thing is, that I was aware of it when I was a child. So basically the opposite of most people.

I have had a big imagination, played with my phatansy friends, worlds etc. and was full of love and joy. I was happy to help my mother with baking, cooking, cleaning and so on. But my father made me always feel bad about doing the right things because he is a narcississt through and through. He never learned how to really think for himself. Always does what others say as long as it fits to his believe and then he does what he thinks is right.

Like changing things which belong to me and my mother while excusing it as an act of helping. Sure dad… sure…

In my case this inner peace was broken from the outside. To a point where I then actually developed negative behavior over time because I more and more started to question my kindness and my right to be. That is when I got negative towards myself and then also more and more to other people. But by nature I was kind. So, so much for “the nature” of human kind. And yes, I of course had also a tendency for something. In my case it was sex and still is. But believe it or not, I never had actual sex in my life and I don’t regret it.

I only regret that I let this need grow. It started in elementary school, when I didn’t even fully understand what it was. It was an external trigger because I had seen movies, people talk and videos etc.

It was disgusting for me in one way, at least how it was presented, but because it seemed more and more normal because everyone was somehow telling me it was normal, I forgot about my feelings towards it.

I am not telling you that sex is evil or something, that is not what I said.

But that what was shown and how it was presented, seemed wrong to me.

And still I let myself drag away from it because while I felt weirded out by it, others said it was normal. So why question it, right?

Should have listened to my feelings. But they were mixed and so I am still not fully free of these things. What are we by nature? For me, I was by nature a kind and happy child, which was smart and knew what I wanted.

I usually pointed negative response from others to myself, as if I made something wrong. And I accepted when things were not in reach or possible at the time. As long as it made sense to me. So I didn’t really need much toys and later didn’t even want presents for chirstmas because what I wanted was love and time and not toys to distract me. I wanted to know that I can do what I want. But it was often said to be not possible or wrong.

As in like: “Most of us can’t always do what they want.”

And I thought, well that is the problem. You could, but you let others tell you what to do and now you think you can’t. And then you try to tell me what I can and can’t do.

So the rebellious “phase” is actually an attempt to fight this feeling of dying inside and of hopelessness in the world. And others just call it “normal” and a “phase” we all went through. Well guess what… if even I had this phase then when I was very young. So when people thought I had teenage depression, it was actually depression I had since 7 or 8, which slowly grew and grew inside.

Now that I worked it out in the time of one year, I realize how much shit actually is going on and what I knew when I was younger, what others made me forget and I myself then wanted to forget until I forgot.

This is why I felt so lonely with other people because they all didn’t know.

So it makes you think that you might be crazy, while you are not.

For me the people who do a job they hate (often secretly) or do just because they have to work (because everyone works, right?), they are mad, they are crazy. Not meaning that they are necessarily bad people, but that they think they are “normal” or acting according to the given rules, while they are out of their mind. So the person talking in the video is actually also not fully aware of all the problems and also doesn’t see the full picture. I of course also can’t see every detail, everything, but I guess that I really see more or am aware of more than most people, if not all. And this scares me because then I would be alone again because no one would understand me.

So I try to teach, to revalidate myself and try to explain what is in my head.

I know that there could be other people out there like me and I really hope there are and that they are wiser than me and know more or at least can do something more with what I know or can think of.

But for now I am moving forward, trying to make the best of what I got so far.

And the video actually said: “The one who says ‘I am not a narcississt.’ is the biggest.” or something like that. This means, that the one in the video of course also can’t know all the answers. So listening to him, would also only give you another box. The same goes for me. But what does this mean?

For me it means, that we actually come to a similar level of knowledge, so that we can use our different experiences, skills and so on, together.

Otherwise why do it all anyways?

For one big God, for one big corporation? Why do we exist? We don’t exist for fear, hate and slavery. We exist to live, to feel good about ourselves and what we can do for ourselves and others with what we got.

Some people play music, some can make good food and others can build tools. There are so many ways in which we could live together and be happy. But we chose to let our lives be consumed by a little few or in general others, which can’t live their own life. Or they do, but still want more. The thing is, that there is always more and can be more, but we can’t have it all for ourselves. We could have it all together and this would actually be so amazing. I mean think about it, if you could build a space ship, how would you want it to be? It doesn’t matter what science says is possible or not. Just what would you want? And then you could find a way. And if it then still wouldn’t work, try until it works. Maybe with the help of others.

We are not made to be narcissists, this is not our nature. Our nature is to be free, connected and helping each other through love. People say much, because people profit from what they say. So others buy their books, buy their products and do what others want. There is a difference between rebellious violence (destruction and hate) and a rebellious mindset to change the world for better, for good.

A rebel is more free than a worker who follows order. But a master doesn’t have to be a rebel to win a rebellion. A master does it without destruction because masters know how to move the dots, to change the ways and open ways. Kindness is not meaning to obey, to do what others want you to do, kindness is for me to stay calm while being attacked, because you know that you know more than them. Would you just fight back in the same way, wouldn’t it be a 50/50 chance to win or lose?

So if you know more than your enemy, you maybe don’t have to do much and still win, while the enemy tries a lot of things and fails because the enemy doesn’t know whatfor and why. You enemy just wants to stay in control, wants to know everything. But if you know “everything” you don’t have to fear the enemy because you know they are helpless childs inside. They might look like strong men, look like people with power, but inside they are weak. So if your weapons are set in the mind and your heart, you have more powerful weapons than your enemy. Because you enemy tries to destroy what your enemy sees, but you see what the enemy is hiding, while the enemy most likely is not capable of this. So why fear the enemy, if they no nothing, just the way of the sword. And you know, “the one who uses the sword, dies by the sword.”

This means that we are better than this and don’t need weapons. Because we know they are useless against us. Even if they should kill our bodies, they can’t kill our love.

If you stop your routine and do something different each day (doesn’t have to be that big, just change something small), you will see that there are way more possibilites and way more exciting things in the world than just slavery. Even slaves can be free, if the slaves know that the their “masters” are actually slaves to themselves. At least when they act out of fear and not love. A true master acts out of love and kindness. True masters can of course also get challenging on you, but they wouldn’t willingly harm or hurt you and should you speak up to them about it, they would listen and understand and don’t judge you. They wouldn’t say: “How can you speak to me like that, don’t you know where your place is?!”, no, a true master supports the students or “slaves” until they can become masters of their own. Or at least feel and think for themselves to a point where they are comfortable and not fearfull anymore. Mistakes are good, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to learn from them.

Some people cause chaos and problems and we have to deal with it. While the big problem is still unhandled.

(It is sad what humans do to each other, but also good to see that there are others who try to fight back and help where they can.)

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