Do we want to win(?)

Or let others keep fighting and killing, while we are scared in our rooms?

Stop the hate and spread the love. Sadly the love wasn’t enough so far.

Are you really in control?

It should raise the question, do you want to be in control? Because you can be in control. Just ask for it.

Replace the weapons with love and music and “kill” with “free”, then you got what I am talking about. No one should die, if we realize that killing will only make us more lonely than we already feel. Love, will do the opposite.

“You can’t stop this.”

“It is already too late.”

Because love will win, honesty will win, freedom will win and music will win.

Hate, fear, revenge, anger and the need to control others can go to hell.

But first we have to feed our love and turn pain and fear to love.

Honesty (speaking your truth) is like shooting a gun, but the one using it, is the one who could get hit. Still it is worth the shot because otherwise destruction will finds its way, no matter what.

I have to make my next step soon and then I will see what comes next.

I hope. I hope for good days to come. At first darker days will come, I guess. But love will never fade, we won’t let this happen.

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