A master’s teachings

(You should probably read the video description)

This story truely is inspiring and while I wouldn’t agree on the ways of the Spartans (only the strongest survive), they still were better and wiser than their enemy. Also the role of a king was still an honor and a responsibility. Because in this story / history / country, the king was the first in line and even sacrificed his life for his people. How many kings or rules do this?

Most of them defend themselves and only their position of power, while their people are suffering, dying and not really cared about. Suffering with mental health problems is even worse because it also causes your other health to go down over time.

So we can learn something from the Spartans and Greek in general. Because some ran away at first. But the others stay and fighting nonetheless, so that those who ran away before could later succeed.

So there is no shame in running away, if you have to, but then still know who your friends / family are and that they will still fight for you. At least real friends and family does that. So if you leave them, they won’t turn their back on you, but wait for you or fight for you until you return.

Weakness is in numbers, strength is in mind and heart.

What these men did with guns, goes also for words or actions without deadly actions or tools involved. A master has to attack the student, until the student fights back. But a true master knows when to stop and doesn’t force what is not possible at the moment.

In school this often isn’t the case. Because the student is either attacked by the teacher with tasks not meant for him or knowledge which is not important. In school the student should attack the teacher until the teacher either goes down or sees that the student had enough training for the day.

Because the student should be excited to fight his teacher, while the teacher should be excited to be challenged. Be it with words, knowledge, actual fighting in a martial arts school or other things.

But usually in school it is boring. And no we are not talking about guns or weapons and fighting in school. I mean that should have been clear by now, no?

Not everything is literal and some things which have been one way, could now be used in other ways. Learning from history and the mistakes.

The anime “Assassination Classroom” is a good example for this.

A “monster” which could have destroyed the world, instead decided to teach some students. In a way no one would have done it. I really loved this one because it actually more and more seems to be reality. While of course with different aspects and visuals. It is worth watching and learning. Because (besides the guns xD) the whole thing was a pretty for visualizing how students feel about school and how they wish school would be. And also life in general, not just school.

(Warning: could have light flashing and a lot of colors)

But I should add, that the weapons can only kill the teacher (the tentacle monster :D)

And thank you S. for recommending this to me I think 4 years ago? Should you ever read this. Many thanks. I watched it back then and it was fun to watch, but now I can actually use it for something useful. 😀 💜

It always has to start somewhere. And as I said, the teachers are everywhere, but usually not where you search for or expect them. Sadly because at least in our western society teachers often are more like students themselves. So students sometimes even know more than them. We should find common ground and learn together. We can all learn from each other, help each other and then go out and teach ourselves (or whatever we will do then).

We are meant to stay, we are meant to live. Not to die for a dream others live or wanted, while we only play a side role, if even. Often life felt for me like Inception (the movie). Because if they were in a dream of someone else, the people which were part of the dream were suspicious about the unwanted guest. So they had to be careful and sometimes defend themselves.

So because many people are still part of “the dream” we have to free them. Otherwise they will always look at us, blaim us, shame us or lock us away, if not simply ignoring us. We are the people, we all are, even those who thought they were more. Whatever power I have, it is nothing without you. And I also don’t want to be alone. I don’t want this to be a neverending dream in which I would be talking or writing with myself, while interacting with you or other people.

In a way I can’t be alone, but sometimes it feels this way. But maybe it is because we are one of a kind, until we come together and fight together for good, for love and a future we all want to live in. ❤

It is so weird and awesome at the same time, that I forgot so many things. I watched so many things, did so many things and forgot most of the before I started with writing last year.

As if my life didn’t existed, as if my memory was deleted. But each new day, something is coming back and new things are created. And all what I forgot and remember again, is now helping me and others to build a future we want. Way too few decided over all of us. Some of them had good intentions, some of them bad ones and many were just confused half of the time, trying to secure their own lives. This is the end, but not an end as if in “life is over, we will all die”, but in “the shit part finally comes to an end and life actually begins now”. Not only for some, but for all. At least all who want it.

I am just a young man who wants to make the world a better place, a good place and not a mess. So don’t expect too much, but I try my best! 🙂

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