Erich von Däniken

This man also found out that many things make no sense, or only sense when looked from other perspectives and views. Not what others often tell you. And he for example was in a Jesuit abbey of some sort, when he was young. At some point he also started to question things in the bible and thought, that they might be different from what the others say or make no sense at the moment.

And some of the things described in the bible or other books and cultures could be describing either alien or at least high advanced technology and beings. I watched some of his videos and heard from him in the past.

So he tried to do research and found out that these things made sense. And then also some bible texts made way more sense to him and also some scientists working together with him.

But if you just close your eyes and say: “Everything in the bible is fake or a ferry tale.” Well, then I must tell you, your life is a ferry tale as well. Sorry.

You have to understand that people back then of course didn’t really understand what was going on. So they thought it must be a higher being, it must be God or something. While in reality some of these things were either other beings or higher advanced humans or whatever or maybe energies and things they didn’t understand at the time. So if you say, all in the bible is fake, then you should question your life and tell me whether it is fake or not.

Are we talking now? Same goes for other religions, cultures etc.

I don’t follow them and believe them literally with everything, but I investigate them and found patterns, as well as in society and other things.

I of course had to rely on other people and what they found out or claimed to have found out but I thought about it for myself and whether it made sense. Some things didn’t make so much sense or just seemed a little too obvious or speculative. So I still looked at it and thought about it, but it didn’t really help in the long run. And yet, I found useful information almost everywhere. Even where none should have been, like in a comdey movie or something.

It depends on how you look at the things and what we look at. Not every comedy is useful and has information. This is why I don’t look on labels so much and more on what the thing actually is and tries to tell me or show me. Otherwise everyone could just buy a police uniform, a doctors coat and tell others what to do. Oh wait… this is what is happening. And many of them probably also don’t really know what they are doing or why. Someone told them to do it a certain way and so they did.

If I tell you that silver bullets are better than gold bullets and that basic bullets are garbage. Would you believe me? Probably not because it is bullshit. Gold bullets don’t really work as far as I know because gold is too weak and not really good for armor nor weapons etc. And silver could work, but still, why would anyone use silver for bullets? It is much cheaper to use other materials which are stable and work, when in the end the only reason for them is to hit a target. (I don’t want bullets to be a thing anymore, but this example just popped up, sorry for misleading information.)

So you would question me or should question me about the bullets. But if I would talk about medicine, about religion and other things. You would probably either believe me, if you would think that I seem rational and trustworthy or you would say that I am crazy. But why do you believe people in doctor coats to know more than you? I mean technically they should know more than you in the field of science, but still, I could also wear such a thing, make a video or even talk to you in person and tell you a great story, to make you buy my product. I am not talking against scientists here or people who really want to understand the meaning behind a religion or believe. I want to say, that people can tell you a lot, if they want and as long as you don’t question their authority.

The problem is, that then people who realize that something makes no sense overreact and maybe do stupid things. Then this could be used as an example to warn others or show others how “stupid” these questions are. So no one questions them. And sometimes the people who look and act stupid in relation to such questioning might be paid or whatever. Or they stopped questioning at some point and thinking it through, waiting it out.

Because when I woke up again, I felt as if I was dying. I got this thinking that everything is possible and that any moment something horrible might be happening and such things. In this moment I was and felt totally crazy.

This feeling and thinking lasted for some weeks, but over time it got more stable and clearer. So while the possibility stayed, my mind found a way to handle it somehow because I waited it out, continued to breath and write things down and such things.

It is of course very critical in a way and therefor waking up of the illusion of a life others put me in was a terrifying experience. And yet I am still here, so it can’t be that bad to wake up. I mean it took some time for me, but this could be because of my thinking patterns and my will to die and hate myself after I got turned into this thinking. And because I was very smart as a kid this was in this case very bad for me. Because I could use all my intelligence against me and so I did until I turned into a numb idiot.

So your experience was probably different or should you still be “dreaming” or maybe be in a middle-state, it could get rough. But just sit it out, maybe with someone else you love and trust (who loves you back and doesn’t call you crazy for acting weird). I don’t have all answers, I don’t know all facts, but I know that the world is a lot different from what most of us think. And some people could think that I am crazy and maybe see me as a weird guy who acts all weird, talks with himself and whatever crazy people do, right? But the reality is, that I at some points actually felt this way when I couldn’t handle the immense pressure of all these thoughts and pressures. But I survived and found ways to calm down, in the forest for example. The trees and plants helped me to relax, just walking there, lying on the ground there and such things. Or my cat also made me relax. And the thing is, that it is not about forgetting these thoughts or suppressing them, but mastering them and trying to understand them.

As a kid I had no problem to handle them because it was easy for me, I still loved myself and felt love for people and things around me. So why should things scare me or hurt me? But I wasn’t dumb, when I sense danger I also noticed that and did defend myself or try to get out of there.

I wasn’t naive, but others made me believe that I was until I started to tell it myself, until I started to hate myself. But actually most of the other people where naive. A paradox. And only because I felt so alone with the ability to look beyond these paradoxes and irrational behavior, I started to act this way myself. To somehow proof Carl Jung. I personal don’t like Carl Jung, the way he speaks, the way he was thinking. I got some useful information, but I don’t like this man, I mean he is dead, but still. While Nietzsche actually would be someone I would like to talk with, although I thought he was weird when I was younger. But only because others said that he was a little mad or against God and such things. While in reality this man probably was pretty rational. I can’t say how he actually was, but from what I read and heard, I think that he actually was nearer to the truth than Carl Jung and other people. That is probably why they call him a little crazy, because they feared his knowledge and understanding.

So maybe think twice before you judge someone you never met in person. Especially these days. But also don’t get dragged into what others say. Again, I could also be manipulating you and I know that not everything I post here might be accurate or true. But this is why I put it out there, because I want to find people who try to understand things for themselves and maybe have some information or understanding I don’t have.

So far I didn’t really meet someone, but I sensed and found some people who seem to understand the important part of it all. Love and light.

Many of them are musicians and some are people who also write blogs.

As long as they want the actual truth and want to actually live, they will find truth and life. I hope that I help and don’t make it more complicated and horrble or confusing, than the world already is.

I just try to bring things together again and to shine a different light on things. Too many people are just repeating what others say. Be it those in charge or those who go against them. They all follow other people or idealogies etc. and I caught myself on that many times. Because it is easy to do that, to fall into this trap. While we of course have to listen to others and try to understand, but to make something bigger out of it and not simply say: “Well, okay I guess I see what you mean, but I don’t believe that, bye.”

Check for yourself and try things for yourself. Well, maybe not the dangerous or hard things at first, but simple things (if you need that and feel safer this way). We don’t need more jobs, we need more people who follow their calling, the way how they want to make this world better or good again. Failure is only bad, if others tell you that and you believe them.

If you think you are a failure, then “own” it and show them that you are. Not by being all mean, all hating and full of anger, but by knowing that you know more than them. Because while you seem to be a failure from their perspective and maybe you life seems like a failure or mess, you actually understand that their life is not meant for you. And when they commit to a failed life and call it success, you might be smarter than you think or they think. You only have to love yourself again. Whatever you think is wrong with you or whatever you did, other people probably convinced you of it or made you do it in the first place.

I for example hear from people that everyone has two voices in their head or some have even more. I personally had only one for the most part. At least when I didn’t let this fear and hate into myself. So while most people have two or more voices in their head, I only had one as a child or none. Depending on what you call a voice. I simply observed my environment and spoke when it was necessary or I wanted to speak. And in my head I sometimes had monologs with myself. But I only had dialogs or more things when I wanted that. At least as long as it was only me. But when I started to hate myself another voice started to find a way. I mean it was still my own voice, but it was not following my command. So I actively had to shut it down by thinking words against it. Sometimes when it took over, I felt all weird and not like myself. I really had to force myself to walk away from something because this other voice or thing was try to do something.

And so now for example I don’t really hear another voice, it is more me myself or whatever I am hearing thinking about things and then writing them down. Not a conflict or the need for conflict. There is no conflict inside of me. Sometimes there are of course flashing images again or a weird feeling, but I then know that it is not what I really want. It is more an echo of what I either did when I was consumed by the hate against myself and the hate against others. And no I am no saint. If that should be the question. I still have this problem with porn, which sometimes gets me, when I let myself drown in the hopelessness of the situation again. But when I find back to my actual love and self, I don’t feel this need.

So of course I am a human and have physical needs, I go to the toilet, I take a shower, I eat and I have this need for sexual pleasure sometimes. But I know that the last one doesn’t really give me what I want and need. It only gives me a chemical reaction which calms down the mind for some time or excites it. But when I am working on things like this or programs and other stuff, or just enjoy the moment with my cat or the night sky, I have and get what I want and need. Because I enjoy the moment, the possible positive impact of my actions and the nature I try to protect.

So if people call it normal that we have a shadow side, maybe they just observed the world through their own eyes or based their knowledge on an already given norm. But they don’t consider that this norm, doesn’t have to be natural or “normal”. Therefor it is just “average” or sadly manipulated into a way in which it seems normal.

Because otherwise a nazi must have been a normal human being as well and killing innocent people must have been normal because they were against the norm. (Do you see what I am trying to say?)

If you accept what others presented to you as “normal” and don’t question everything to a point on which you even question yourself sometimes, you might always just explain the bubble or boxes others painted or placed for you. This means, that you would never find a way out because others also don’t know the way out, but think that it must look a certain way. But if you would simply look upwards (in the imaginary box) and realize that there isn’t a roof. So you could simply jump over the prison walls and explore the world outside of the box, you would only need to find a way to get over the walls. But if you think the box has a roof or is closed, then how will you think outside of it?

(This actually isn’t his voice, so I don’t know whether this is actually what he said, but still. And the original video is old by the way, just to keep this in mind.)