Why is life painful?

It is not. (Whaaaaaa…???)

What I mean with this is, that life as it is supposed to be, is not painful.

Therefor there must something wrong with life at the moment.

And for those of you who did their research, either in their own way and life or through what is going on, then you probably noticed that things are pretty crazy. And that things actually have been pretty crazy for a long time.

But still, there always where times of peace or even some places which existed without much trouble, while the rest of the world was screaming.

For example some native americans (sorry, I forgot the name of their tribe). They live or at least lived with nature for centuries. And they also were open for new things, like medicine which helped them cure problems the europeans brought to them. They are kind and peaceful, at least this tribe. It is in one of the TEDtalks in my playlists. A man with a lot of feathers on his head. And he was talking about it all and that they were open for people who would come and visit and look how they live. This was some years ago I think.

Now you probably heard (or at least should have heard) that a lot of the rain forest in Brasil and other South American regions got burned or cut down. And I think I even heard from a genocid on native americans. And almost no one was talking about this, I think I heard about it in December or something, at least around half a year ago.

I hope this tribe was not killed and that the man from the TED talk is also still alive. And why is it happening? Well, at least the brasilian government seemed to need the rain forest for kettle and fields to serve the industry.

As if that is more important than the lungs of the earth.

Like telling a man to smoke more cigarettes to serve the lack of love instead of giving him love and support. (Maybe a weird example and some people can smoke and be happy at the same time, I don’t know, but yea…)

Most of our planet is dust, smoke and garbage at the moment. Soon we might get all replaced by machines or at least function like machines and whatfor? Well to serve a few or to serve the fear. Either way, the more we give away our power, the fewer will be the good in the world.

The young people (me including) could do so much more (yes, I could do way more than I do know), but we are too scared, distracted and broken. And even the generation before us, our parents are often like this, or grand parents. It depends on the country and area you live in. In some parts of the world people might still live in harmony. Actual harmony with nature and themselves. No a fake harmony to serve the need for positivity, which is toxic and then makes it even harder to be actually positive.

To say “mean” things out loud because of injustice, can also be positive. Not things which are just bad, like calling names, but a truth.

For example, if someone is pretty bad and does all kinds of bad things, but you accept it because you seem to have no power, why do you let this happen?

Others died willingly to fight for freedom and we die for our prison cells.

I mean, I don’t want that people have to die for freedom and instead live, but it sadly happened and seemed to be necessary.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was already safe in the USA, at least compared to Nazi Germany. But then he felt the need to go back before the war started, to help those who couldn’t get away easy, like him. So he got back and while he first was a preacher, he then became a double or triple agent. He worked for the german resistence underground movement (Widerstand), some officers and I think even generals where later involved in it as well. This way he got a position in the “Abwehr” (“Defense”) which was basically for spying and secrets, information etc. Because of this position he could travel into other countries and then talk with other people about the situation in Germany and then help the allies. He died just a month or so before the war ended, but he went on his last path with optimism. He made a change and helped many people, although his own path seemed to come to an end there, for him it was just the beginning.

Why was it all so difficult and painful? Because most people found it easier to follow the rules or even profit from them, for as long as they thought it would work. After the war was lost “of course” no one was a member of the nazi party and “of course” everyone didn’t know or even wanted to help… “of course”…

And those who actually helped were either dead or forgotten. I mean it took the germans (by the way I am also german … hello) several decades to finally honor Bonhoeffer’s actions and declare his execution for a crime.

I mean he went back to Germany, knowing he might die there, he helped people, did a complicated spy job while he was just a preacher before and so on. And it took the german government or authorities around 50 years to say that it was a crime to kill this man. But I have to add, that they only did this because some students and maybe family members stood up and brought up this case and maybe others with it. So if it weren’t for them, to stay up and say something in the 90’s (if I remember correct), maybe Bonhoeffer’s execution would have been a legal act to this day.

I mean think about this, people argumented that his execution was legal to the laws. But these laws also legalized the execution of literally anyone who was against the regime. So yea… those people who “of course” were all no nazi’s continued to rule or at least have high positions after the war. At least those who weren’t too popular in the nazi regime. Others did hide in other countries and so on. Sure some got caught over time, but I mean… it needed some students and small people to speak up, to give a true hero the position of a hero. “Because the laws were against him.”

So if someone who has some kind of control over others says something like: “By law you have to say yes to everything I say or do, otherwise you are a terrorist and will be eliminated.” Then they could just do that? And then if later asked, why people killed a hero, they would say: “But it was the law, I couldn’t do anything about it.” I mean what is this? Is this “here is my brain, just take it” or is this “wait a minute, that doesn’t make sense, everyone could have been killed, holy shit…”.

But well… people say, what people say and give their minds away. Right folks?

I hope not… I hope more people will wake up. It might get rough, but we will get through this, if we do some changes.

We can do good and we are good, if we simply start to think what we really want. I for example want people to be free to do what they want. I like to program machines to do what I want, not the other way around.

And I also don’t want to be a slave.

The thing is, that we are not fully in control of ourselves most of the time.

But not because it is normal, it is just how many people accepted it. That is a difference. And I know, that there is always a chance for things to get better, to be good.

My past was painful, but not because life is meant to be painful, but because others made it painful. And it is our mission to make it less painful.

I mean, it is not about making everything easy and all, but more like a challenge. Because in a game you usually (at least for me) have a challenge to beat it or at least have a good time and compete with others or yourself.

To either this time finally win against your friends and show them who is boss. 😀 So that they can challenge you the next time or simply a new project you maybe want to finish. But if it is not yours, how should it make you happy?

Many companies have their own agenda, projects and plans. I mean that is how it is. But if you have your own ideas or just the feeling to not fit in, why do you try to or keep forcing yourself to do so?

Maybe if you would take some weeks or maybe a year off and go somewhere else, try something new, different, you discover that there are way more things you can do or want to do.

Work is not what it seems. Because for me music is a way to let my feelings out or just experiment. I love it and I don’t try to make it special or something. These things just happen because I love what I do.

So maybe you can’t do music like me, but you might have some music on your own which could be pretty amazing.

For example, I love to listen to a lot of different kinds of music and usually because of the people who create the music. Because a part of them is in their music or art. If you make an indie game or a new creative product idea, there also goes something of you into this. And if it is good, it will make others feel good at some point. This doesn’t mean that it will work at the moment. But this is the thing. Would big corporations and corrupt people etc. not be replacing all what is creative, most people wouldn’t have to wonder or worry about what to do, how to do and so on, they would just try out, explore and after some time find something to do. Because this is a natural behavior. You search for a problem and then you try to fix it or maybe help fixing it. Or just make something beautiful to motivate others with what they do. Like painting or building a piece of art in general. And then the people who might not be as interested making art, could instead create useful things and therefor everyone can help each other.

Money will never really give you this, at least not if money is not stable, but a printable thing. I think that respect and empathy, together with love should replace money and corporations with all their industries. I am not talking about the technology, you could reporpuse it and use it for good, in the right hands. But as long as it only serves to destroy, addict and distract for the most part, it is not good. As well as all of this war technology. If we would use the military coordination systems and other things for good, man would this be awesome. But no, instead we use it to bomb countries, kill civilians or at least kill in general and back it with laws and so called reasons of freedom. Sometimes the people who get called terrorist might actually be freedom fighters. Wouldn’t be surprised if Osama Bin Laden (if he actually was a fighter and real figure at all), was actually fighting for good. At least he seemed kinder to me, than some of the recent presidents of the US. And with kind, I mean the look in the eye and the faith and all.

I don’t think that Osama Bin Laden actually attacked the US in 2001. Even if, then it probably was a bix hoax. I mean his group was originally hired by the CIA I think, at least some US organisation to kill other people for whatever reason (probably oil and power). So when they turned against the US, the obviously were terrorists. So if I say, that the US is a fake freedom country, am I a terrorist as well? We will see… but I know, that I don’t want to kill people, I want to wake people up.

So the next time you think you are worth nothing, remember this:

And we champions must help each other out sometimes. To build each other up and show that we are more than we think or others told us to be.

The weaker we look from the outside or on the first look, the stronger we are or will be.

The greatest among you will be your servant.

Matthew 23:11 (NIV)

So the servant, might be the greatest.

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