This is why I like Putin

Despite what he did or maybe others say about him.

He is a powerful man, yes, but as I said before, he is a man you can talk with. He is a man who will listen, if you don’t just attack him.

Sure he probably did bad things, but again, at least he is talking about serious things. Because I think that he has a will of his own – but not just for himself, while most other nations or their rulers don’t have that. It isn’t about world domination, but about change, as he said. And a positive change is possible.

We don’t need one big nation, but we need to make an end to these people in dark suits.

I mean, sure, you have to wonder and investigate Putins past and his intentions etc. but at least when he speaks, he speaks more clear and not too over-dramatic or confused. He sure has his own agenda and I am probably not okay with what he does in secret. But again, it is about who you would trust more in the long run. A man who his cruel (or at least in some ways), but has a strong will and you can talk with him, or people who are following other people or interests?

I am not calling Putin a good guy or something, but sometimes it is better to know your enemy who could be a future friend, than to think you have a friend, while it might be your future enemy.

We will see how Putin acts in the near future and what the rest of the world does.

But the best thing about him is, that he has some good words and thoughts, that you have to care for your own security and in general take care of the important things yourself. Because otherwise others could use it to attack you. If you can’t trust your security, friends, family etc. to the core, they could be used to attack you or manipulate you.

And also, that he was about “It is important what you think about yourself…” to help yourself and those you want to help. And that change is sometimes more difficult than it first seems. But totally worth it, if you don’t obey. But many people don’t have the balls anymore these days, including me.

So may I get some balls of steel! ^^ Or just do what I think is good and will make a change. Be it small, be it big, we will see.

The thing is, that in order to be good, you have to be able to think cruel in order to not do it, if not necessary. But if you can’t think cruel or evil, you can’t understand your enemy and therefor not fight against it. This means, that of course not everyone has to become evil or think evil, but that an understanding of evil or your dark side is necessary to prevent it from taking over and also to help others to overcome it. This way the darkness might actually be the key to the light. Because if you understand every bit of darkness, you know what light means.

So yes, the love will make us win.

Hate never gave a good outcome because hate created injustice, created dictatorship and corruption etc.

So a revolution out of hate, will only create more hate in the end. Because those you hated, will then hate you back and the cycle never ends.

Therefor stop the cycle, by stepping out of the box.

Changing the world, for example painting a big colorful image or logo or something on the street would also make a difference. Because these streets should be ours, but now they are either private property or belong to some people in high castles.

But isn’t it up to us to decide what we want and what we love and live for?

Otherwise, what would be freedom, if we all just do what others say? Someone sure doesn’t do that.

A world with different colors, is a world I want to live in.

A world with just one color, is a world without color.

The ones who work for a common goal, the ones who fight alone or together alone, they will succeed. But if you work for others, while not really feeling good about the goals or promises presented to you, why working for them? It would only lead to destruction in either way, either for your or for them or both. So if the others goal is a good goal, but not yours, why not set your own goals? And if the others goal is maybe to keep you away from your own, why not show them that they are wrong?

Either way, there are many ways because we are different from origin and yet so similar when met with love. Would we all look the same, we would soon be depressed, bored and broken. The different colors, views and shapes make the beauty and make us love the world we live in.

So we have to fight together for what we love, don’t you love nature? I sure do and everyone should learn to love it again and also what creative things it created and what we creative created as well. There is a lot to explore, we didn’t even start and already seem to come to an end.

And later we might not even have the need to debate about all the different views because we would all see that there is more than this mess, we or some of us or at least someone created.

Who really is the enemy in this one?

But one thing is for sure, old armor has a problem with bullets and grenades.

No, but really, who was actually the real enemy in this clip? I probably would have to watch the full movie or series in order to understand.

I mean, from the weapons I would say, the ones with the guns, but you never know because actually both sides had range weapons.

Is there a difference at all? Maybe those who are not fighting in the war, are the ones we should look at? Because people on both sides got killed or at least hurt.

(And yes, this video might be propaganda, but hey, I just want to watch some videos, okay?)

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