Secret Wars

And most people are involved, without noticing.

I personally have nothing to do with tradition, religion etc. only from my past or when it comes to other people and what they think is good for me.

But that is not the point of the YouTube post, not for me. This is why I share it here. Because she also said, that everyone can do as they wish. And that small changes can actually make a difference.

We could now debate about whether it is good to wear a mask or not, but for me personally, I don’t think it really helps. It only makes things more complicated, people make accidents, get more stressed etc.

And I mean, if it would be a virus with a death rate of 90% – 100% or even 50%, I would say: “Buy your ABC suits NOW!!!”

But it was never said to be this high and actually they were always speculating about it, some people had it, some didn’t have it. Tests were not working, some people had to use three and so on. So in the end, either we already had it all or I don’t know. But I know that people died.

The thing is, that after all it is a virus which isn’t that lethal. Because would it be, then we all would be dead by now. Why? Well, because so many people didn’t follow the rules, either by accident or by protest and I still see people where I live. So not many deaths. This doesn’t mean that people didn’t die or can’t die from it. You have to decide for yourself of course. But I personally don’t fear this virus. I fear other things, like AI or powerful countries taking over the world. Why should a virus which isn’t all that lethal, scare me?

I am sorry for the people who died from it, I am sorry for everyone who lost someone because of war, virus, or other things.

Sadly I can’t bring them back. (Man… I must seem like an asshole… 🤦‍♂️)

Okay, I am no scientist, but I also don’t really trust most of them. I have some I believe who can be trusted and I hope they are getting behind it.

Because the thing is, that it doesn’t even has to be the scientists fault, they usually use software to analyze, some even use AI already. And if they trust their AI and don’t check again, well… you see where this is leading, right?

Ultimately, saying that you don’t care about privacy because you have nothing to hide is no different from saying you don’t care about freedom of speech because you have nothing to say.”

― Edward Snowden

I remembered another book from my childhood. It was about a war in China. I don’t remember exactly who was fighting who, but I remember that there was one situation with a train. Two friends wanted to let a paper dragon fly and because there wasn’t much wind, they went to the train station. There was a train with weapons and soldiers and one soldier noticed the children. The train was meant to drive to a town or something, so not actually into direct battle. So the children got on the train and let the paper dragon fly.

But when they reached the next train station, there was gun fire all of a sudden. And then the soldiers from the train did run away, believing the battle where they were heading was already lost.

The children did hide and after some time some people came to the train and found them. In the end there were a handful of people if even, who were just randomly shooting to scare the enemy. They were actually nice and so the kids could travel with them, when they captured the train and drove up the hills it was originally heading.

These child stories are actually teaching more about life, then school or work and most people in general. In these stories you learn that a small group of people can win, if they know how to scare the enemy or improvise etc.

A computer usually goes for numbers and a possibility on how likely it is that this number of weapons, armor and resources will succeed against the enemy. But humans don’t think or shouldn’t think like that. The most epic victories in history were won by a few against many. Why? Because they knew how to fight, knew how to use all they got, instead of just rushing into the enemy and die. (By the way the story was meant to play in China.)

English: “Great-tiger and Christian”

(One boys name was Christian and the other one was named Great-tiger)

And I listened to the audio play:

German: “Großer Tiger und Christian – In geheimer Mission durch die Wüste Gobi”

English: “Great tiger and Christian – On a secret mission through the Gobi Desert”


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