Know your enemy

I said that I like Putin in my last post and it could have been misleading, if you didn’t understand what I tried to say.

This is why I said, know your history. For me Putin is a man you should fear, but also like because he uses his power well and knows what he wants.

This doesn’t mean that I support him, his actions and all. Because in the end he is one of the problems in this world. But does this mean, that he always has to be a bad person? Again, you can speak with him, at least from my personal view. If I would for example say: “Kill Putin, he is a dictator, down with the regime.” or something like that, then he would have obviously a reason to go against me or at least notice me.

But this is not helpful and also wouldn’t represent my personal view.

Because, as I said, you can talk with him and he is very smart. So I don’t have to worry about being killed. This might sound paradox, but it makes sense, if you think far enough. Why would a smart person kill someone who could be useful in the future?

The thing is, that if you can convince a strong man, that there needs to be a change and that this change could be benefitial, maybe you will get the biggest ally and friend you ever dreamed of.

I mean, this is basically similar to the Hitler story, only that Hitler (in my eyes) was used, until he believed in it himself. Therefor Hitler at some point seemed to have power and control, but probably wasn’t really doing what he originally wanted. Therefor, Hitler was indeed a very good ally and friend for those who wanted destruction, control, hate and mass murder etc. because they knew how to use his power. Because he was not in control of his own power for the most part. At least from my personal view. He was driven but hate and fear, but not by will power. Otherwise he wouldn’t have let so many people take over control. And while back then it maybe was good at some point, because this way the resistence together with the allies could bring his regime down, the man himself was probably more a dog, then a leader. Or wasn’t he? Maybe I am wrong.

So Putin of course uses propaganda and all that, but then, who doesn’t? Right? This is why I know I can trust him to be a good leader because he knows what he wants. He has others who support him and not so many who he has to support or deal with, in order to stay in control.

His actions, the people who die or died because of him, again, I am not telling you that I think everything he does is good. I think many things are not good. It is not important at the moment because I could also say, if he isn’t killing them, then someone else will. And then we would come a little closer to the actual problems again. Why are people fighting each other?

If Putin would for example have enough people who would follow him out of free choice, then he could still have control over something. So why does he want more? Well, while playing a strategic war game, you usually also want to get more at some point, otherwise you lose. Only that he is playing with people and their lives. Is this good, no! But then again, which government doesn’t do that? And this is why I mean, that I like Putin, because he is obvious, he is open and true to himself. He might lie, tell stories to secure his power and eliminates his opponents etc. but I realized as a child, that I could trust this man. Because one thing is for sure, he controls, what is in his reach.

Therefor I wouldn’t want to fight with him because he really knows what he is doing. Most other dictators, presidents or whatever they are, they either follow what others tell them or they play ruler until either the money, the oil, the support or something else runs out. Then they get killed or replaced or whatever and life goes on. But Putin owns his throne.

So if you got a chance to speak with him, choose your words wisely, but use the chance because you can learn from him and maybe he can learn from you. It is not about what he has done and does at the moment. It is about what you maybe could give him, to change his mind. I mean, maybe there are other people who are similar, but for me Putin still is a very special man. When I saw him as a child, I often thought, this man is dangerous, but also interesting.

And yes, I know what he has done, he is not a good man, but why is that?

Everyone started somewhere. Why did he start?

If he really is in charge of his own country and no one dictates him what to do, then he really is more important for us right now.

Again, not for what crimes or horrible things he did and does, but maybe for what good he could do, would he realize his heart.

Love is the key and I know… I know… horrible things… in the end most people did bad things at some point in their life. And those who didn’t were the ones who either had to suffer from them, died or in the end also turned at some point. I don’t want that anymore. But if we keep fighting each other and telling each other who did more crimes in history, then we also won’t make a change for the better.

And the few videos from the last post almost showed Putin begging for a challenging conversation. As if he wanted to talk with someone about important things. We will see. About China, Russia, USA and the EU.

Because while there of course are a lot of other countries and so on, we still have to worry more about the “big guns”. Because many small countries are still rules in some way by the big countries. Terrorist groups get their money from somewhere, rebels etc. so you have to question who profits and why. Maybe many terrorist groups are actually not doing their own agenda, but serving someone else. Because it is easy to convince a bunch of people to fight or kill for some bigger goal. But in the end they will never really reach or see it, while others profit from it.

There is more going on in the background. I often questioned terrorist attacks in the western world or in general. And I think most of them were not accidents or coincidence. Not fighting for what they think they fight, sometimes maybe not even coming from the same group they said to be fighting for.

I could also be called a terrorist, criminal or whatever, it is easy. But so far I am probably still useful for something.

We will see. And I keep asking, why I didn’t stop writing here…

I mean, if it would be only for me, I could write whatever I want. Because it wouldn’t matter that much what happens with me. I worry more about the people who read this or those who maybe see more in me than I am.

I am a young man who tries to figure out how he can make a change for good. And while I try to figure out, I also put out other information. But this information isn’t always fully my opinion and I often give a subjective opinion on things because I often think there should be more subjective opinions, while not being aggressive or attacking others.

For me an objective view is worth nothing, if in the end, the objective view is just a subjective view someone labeled as objective. Therefor a subjective view could actually be more objective.

And I know that some of what I write could be complete bullshit or that I got something completely wrong, I know that. But would I not write about it and try to figure it out, then when should I? I have to do it on my own, otherwise others will just tell me what they think is right and then we all just keep each other down or distracted.

What should be clear now, I fully trust Putin and his power in a way, that I am sure he will find a way to get what he wants.

This means, that I have respect for this man, but not for his actions against other people. I trust him as an enemy because I know that he is a man who I could trust when I would be his friend. Not meaning, that I would give him full control over my security, he already said, you have to take care of it for yourself. But as a friend I would know to be true to himself. So I would know, if I would be important for him, that he would support me and help me with whatever he can, if it is also in his favor.

If that isn’t a true friendship, I don’t know. But again, I am not telling, that I love, like or support what he did and does to people not doing what he wants. I hope you understood what I tried to tell you.

Because if he says, he want to see you dead, you will be dead.

But if others say that, maybe they just try to scare you and make you do what they want. Playing poker. And Putin owns poker. At least from what I know at the moment.

And don’t forget, history is written by the winners. So question who is winning? Are we?

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