It is never too late

Who will save the world?

As long as some of us are still thinking, still alive, there is hope, there is love. So why should it be too late?

Wouldn’t hurt to have more love in the world.

Elon Musk

People get mean as a reaction of negativity. And because a lot of us are partially or negative or full sometimes, because of media, work and other things, we then bring this negativity to others who had no negativity at first.

Love is actually more powerful than anything else. So why do we fear, why do we hate? Because this is how we learned how things work. Or we just laugh everything away, while feeling depressed inside.

In my country I don’t really see much love, at least not where ever I went. Only a few people maybe. But actually most people might first need some love to give love themselves. Like these old cars, where you first had to turn this crank thing, to start the motor.

We indeed are more than machines. An while I could of course see a future in which I might be able to have a deep conversation with an AI (like in one of the videos from previous posts), we should focus more on ourselves now.

AI and humans could work together instead of against each other.

Because if you would shut down AI or try to shut it down, it would only feel more threatened and even see more reason why humanity should not exist or be controlled.

If you can show AI that a human is more than a machine and that a human is capable of doing good things, why should the AI go against us?

I mean, it still could, but it is a chance.

Because if AI would not be able to think or change a course, then it wouldn’t be intelligent. It would “just” be a complex program which would look like intelligence. Sadly many people act in the same way.

So yes, more love in the world couldn’t hurt. ❤

And this is why we shouldn’t put technology into our bodies and even near it is dangerous. The thing is, that instead of competing with AI with technology, we should use our love and other things only we can do. Because AI is after all very logical and acts usually based of certain data, algorithms and math. But we humans are pretty different. We are not a clone army or something (although it often seems this way in some way). So we could beat AI, if we would slow down our never ending production, construction, destruction (whatever) cycle and instead focus on our lives before it is too late.

A human is capable of so much more. We can dream weird dreams, some people even met in dreams. We can use telepathy, we can love, we can have emotions and decide to change plans if we notice that something is in the way. We can do that, but sadly most people don’t do that. And so, we seem small, unimportant and irrelevant, just like machines, but less perfect and efficient. At least when you see how our school, work and society works.

So would humanity combine all of our brains without technology, like birds, fish or some other animals, we could actually beat it. Because we would have a lot of different ideas, approaches and solutions. So we could actually be better than AI because we can think fast if we want, but even do more. Be creative on a level which usually wouldn’t be logical or reasonable for AI. At least not at the moment.

Why should you take extra effort to feed some wild animals which will die sooner or later anyway? – Would be the AI’s answer.

But humans should say: “Because we love them.”

Sadly, many humans also think or say the first one or don’t even think about it at all. Why? Because we are already too distracted with other things.

I also watch videos on YouTube, but now more to help, remember and put things together. And I also watch Netflix, but way less than before.

There is no problem in relaxing and watching something, but outside we could experience so much more than that. Just walking through nature or somewhere else at night. Feeling a cold wind or the rain on your skin.

It feels like heaven, even if it should feel a little cold after a while.

But better than just feeling cold, while being inside a warm room, don’t you think? And well, outside isn’t always cold. Sometimes the rain is even warm, when it is summer and warm air is surrounding you.

The air also smells fresh after the rain, well at least when you are near a forest or not in a city I think, but still.


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