Turning point

Today I was in a town nearby, for a walk. And at one point there was a car driving backwards and facing at me on a road which was not very good to drive on, nor really leading anywhere.

Then I moved away from the road, the car stopped a while and then drove away again. But it didn’t make any sense to do what the driver did. Because it was at a bus stop and there was nothing else. So I have to consider, that it wasn’t coincidence.

But you never know, right?

Like all these other car incidents and such things…

But well, yes, what is there to fear. I mean I have seen it all in a way.

It is only a question of time and how the things develop. But I am making some steps.

In some way the confidence is a power source and therefore actually like light in the dark. So if you step up, you actually light the darkness surounding you. Like a sun or just a firefly. 🙂

And the thing is, that more and more everything turns into a dark and gray thing. Houses, streets, cars, movies, schools, etc.

There are colors you know?

So tonight I let it rain, maybe tomorrow I will let it snow?

I mean, I don’t think that it will work this way, but I have my own view on things. The important thing here is, that you are at the moment very alone.

At least compared to other people around you. So this means, that if you are able to do something artful, do it. Destruction is usually not very helpful and probably won’t get people on your side. And if others do that, okay and if you want to do that, I mean, it is your decision after all.

Just think about the 5th November. Only that waiting until November could actually be too late. Therefor, why not say 5th August? Or maybe 13th August? I don’t know.

The thing is, that you can do whatever you want, but I will do my music.

And for those of you who still think, the government will safe them or things like that, well… sorry, that ain’t going to happen.

You are on your own now.

At least for now.

And I should probably do more and I hope I can do more soon.

Thank you to all wonderful people out there who read my blog or at least have a short look at it.

The world should be a playground in which we could create our own adventures and so on… not a battleground, factory or graveyard together with a big society play, just to be not locked away.

Okay the last video was a little weirder, but okay. And yes, Tesla had free energy. He knew that there were certain spots on the earth which could be used for certain things related to energy transport etc. Electrical cars aren’t a new inventions. Hundred years ago they had some, but weren’t supported because of big oil companies etc.

This is why music is your weapon of choice.

So if you want to break the “silence” or static, do it with music, but with music you can really relax on or which is making you feel heroic or something good at least. But not dubstep or things like that. I mean you can basically listen to everything and don’t die, but you shouldn’t. This is why symphonic metal is for example a very good choice or some classic pieces, or maybe your own music because you have control over it. Like I have with mine. I never studied anything, I never really learned much in school. Sure in the first years maybe because I still thought things were kinda normal. But yes…

So the music is not based on a genre or whatever others put labels on it. It just either makes you feel good in some way or bad or confused maybe.

Therefor you can decide for yourself what to choose.

So I for my part would choose uplifting and powerful music.

Epic music for example and such things.

Because even with the wrong base frequency or whatever this guy meant with 440, you can still make a difference. I saw the effect with my relatives, my mother and myself. So you could say I tested it out and was successful.

At least with my own music. So maybe I found a “hack” of some sort, you never know, right?

One thing is for sure, you are not the problem.

You are part of the solution. No matter what.

Well, at least if you don’t read this to target me. 😀

But even then, I would love to meet you. ^^

I mean, we can only make things better, right?

And otherwise I would finally have peace, like Waldo. 🙂

So what is the big deal?

Music is the key! Choose wisely (whatever you want) and make your move.

I hope you know how much power you have and don’t be scared, you can’t break things. You want good and therefor you will do good.

So if you break something, then only the dark mud surrounding us.

Humans by nature are kind beings, they work together and have a good time. So creating new things is no work for them but pleasure because a human does it out of free will and the interest to see how far they can go.

This means, that we were always manipulated the whole time. Either from other humans or from other beings.

A human can in theory live forever as long as they do something with their life. Why do people die? Because they gave up on life or got killed in some way.

Death is a paradox of life.

Death is not a rational way of thinking about life.

Death is not normal and therefor life as we know it is not normal.

I mean, I am not talking about death being impossible because it is clearly possible. But I am talking about the possibility of life without the need for death. So if no one else kills you and you are fully in control of your own life, you could be actually able to live forever and the other people like you.

Why is that? Well, because we are made out of energy or at least some kind of energetic particles. And the love to ourselves or from others holds it together. But with more and more hate, this love gets weaker and weaker or is not really there in the first place. So that death is programmed into our thinking. And then of course people would write about death and talk about death and so on, because it always has been, right?

But if you look into the bible – yes… I know, you still think I am a religious guy … bla bla okay – so if you look into the bible and also some other cultures and texts from some thousand years ago you should find something.

People back then lives way longer than us now. Some even several hundred years or maybe more. Why is that? Well… you start to think now.

And then there was a flood and most people died except for a little few. And people were advanced before the flood. They were not stupid, they even laughed at the people who built the ark, thinking they were crazy. And when the flood came they all died.

In Babylon our language got separated because we tried to built a tower into the heaven. Why is that? Well because if we would have succeeded, we would have seen, that God was not what we thought, as humans back then.

So in order to make it even harder, we lost our common language. I mean, I am not sure how, but well, there are ways.

This means, that you actually have to investigate everything, instead of assuming that it is garbage because someone said it is. Because I know that many people who don’t believe in God think that I want to convince them from God or that the bible or koran and things like that are all rubbish. And parts of the things in there are or at least seem to me. But not everything.

So the trick is to actually think it through yourself. And also, how would you hide a message for people in the future, while others try to destroy all evidence? Probably not obviously, but still in reach. And so in some way it might be a good thing that there are so many bibles around. 😀

And people still think, that they are not worthy, while in the bible it says, that everyone is like Jesus when they are a child. So basically everyone has all power. But because then people think “oh, now you are just telling about religion” or “you don’t know what you are talking about” or “but only through god, you are nothing without…” ENOUGH of this…

I know that words are useless, that is why I hate to use them soooooo much.

Music is much easier and better.

And yes, sometimes I actually got into religious thinking again, but it is hard because my parents are religious in some way…

And all this nonsense is very hard to handle sometimes, so it gets me.

Have a good night or good morning. 🙂

The world will get brighter, if not now, then at least some day soon.

And it starts with us and our hearts keep beating.

We will not be alone because we are not alone. We have us 💜

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