No one cares

No one cares. Actually. But why?

Because there is a problem deeper all around us.

It wasn’t thier fault.

What is the best control system? Passive control. Why?

Because if the ones who you want to control, control themselves after you brainwashed them into doing so, you can just relax and see them running in circles. Isn’t that great? And then maybe place some “NPCs” to make the ones who think that something is wrong believe that it is them.

Great play, great play. And yes, this is madness, this is what others call a psychosis. But why does it make so much sense my friend?

So consider reality as reality, but completely messed up.

Because those who could tell how life was before, they are either dead now or also brain-washed, or broken. And the rest grew up with all this cool and fancy technology.

“Work hard”… die hard… I guess not. And yes, something has to be done, but it depends whether you call it work or surviving and fighting for your life.

And because everyone is brainwashed in some way, we have a perfect game.

Because some people believe in science, some in religion, some in this guy, some in this people or that one over there.

And well, I sometimes fell into these believe traps myself, but I tried to investigate everything. Because of course if you don’t like religion, you won’t read a bible or koran or something like that. Why? Well, because you think it is all stupid. And then the religious people won’t look into science. And the other people do weird other things. So we have a lot of things going on, while most of it is fake. Did someone consider that maybe some of the texts in bible were taken out of context and actually have nothing to do with religion? No? Well, guess no one is smart then…

Because I believe in my memory and what I experience. And often it was pretty weird stuff. And I mean, my father is very religious, he even tried to argue that the preacher in his church was doing a hard job for so many decades. And said to me once, that I should work like this man before I say something against him. Is this an argument? … aaaagggh

All I tried to explain was, that all people in this church are either already dead or old, that this man has no idea what he is talking about and also not really alive in my eyes. There once was another preacher and he was once fighting in second world war. And he cared more about people who needed help and his wife than church, so later he stopped coming to this church and instead cared for people who actually needed help. I felt good with this man, but bad with the other man. And my father usually defends everything what has to do with religion. I mean he called metal music, devils music… it is pointless. Even talking about religion is pointless.

Talking about science at this point is pointless.

I can just move on, make music, listen to music and write whatever this is.

Maybe next week I will play some music loud in public and see how people react. If I will end up in prison, at least I earned it.

Ever wondered, why we are all so busy, hurt, crazy and want blood?

Well, I guess, we should finally face it and look inside of us and see that we aren’t a problem. That we are wild horses, but we got taimed to obey, to be slaves and stop doing good things or things at all.

And that is why I always try to use no technology or as less as possible.

I trust more my memory and senses and even I started to lose it in the last years. Dam…

When I was little I had to explain my mother how to use a computer, a mobile phone and I reprogrammed the TV and turned on or off child security, while none of my family even knew it was a thing.

And that was over 10 years ago.

So yes, me, a child, had to explain this. To their defense, they didn’t have much technology in their lives, but still…

And I have seen that everywhere. I mean usually the children learned how to use their computers, mobile phones etc. pretty fast. And some even got into a little hacking. But when I asked some time later, they didn’t know it anymore or said, that they are doing important things now. Like … going to work for someone else.

Well, well…

And I mean, because I often had to listen to music or play games very quiet, I learned that over time the ears get more sensitive to sound, as well as eyes.

So I usually turned volume pretty low, just in case and also it was otherwise usually too loud. To a point where other people all of a sudden start talking behind me almost made me jump out of my seat.

During my forest walks without flash lights. Just me and my eyes, ears, feet etc. I found out that after some time I could see pretty good and that the flash light was actually making it pretty scary looking. I mean, okay, you still need some light sometimes, but I mean, I can walk through a big dark forest without a light and find out again. Because this is what I did many times this year.

Why is that? Well, I simply did it and faced my fear. And logically thinking about it, in my area where no bears or other big dangerous animals.

And those who could have been a problem even ran away for me. Also animals usually are scared, so even wolves usually won’t attack you. Only if they are very hungry or you attack them. But what do people say: “Wolves evil, wolves dead, kill wolves!” … wow.. I mean yes, they can be dangerous, but come on. We are also dangerous, but no one would say, ki… okay… see?

I like people and people who honestly believe in good.

And the thing is, you can find clues everywhere, history, religion, science, school, work, etc. but only if you open your eyes (not the two you usually use). I mean you have to always think critically about things. Because there are so many fake things and people, even I was one because I tried to hide.

Now that I think back to work, when one of my bosses said: “Are you a sleeper?” I laughed with him and my collegues, because we were joking back then. I mean I had a beard and looked a little like a cliche terrorist (those with bombs or machine guns). And now things actually seem that I was a sleeper, but not in that way of course. But that I was sleeping the dream of death in work.

Oh dam…

We are not dangerous, we are not a problem. But people usually drive us crazy, so that we then actually are kinda crazy and they can say: “See, I told you.”

This is why I have such a strong wish to go into a mental clinic or to people who struggle and tell them, that they are alright. Well, maybe not alright, but that it wasn’t them. – Lines, words, letters.

My brain really decoded… or I should say, repair.

This is madness… this is SPARTA!

When I was a child I watched some child series in which some teenagers or young people were spraying walls with beautiful images. And people were telling that they should stop damaging property. But in these at least some people reckognized the art and said something positive about it.

Sadly I now usually only see disgusting words, with red, black or white printed on walls. And bullshit.

So I drew a flower, some hearts and things. But sadly I had no spray.

And I mean this wall was filled with words for at least a decade maybe more. When I got there some days later, I first thought I am in a dream because it was all gone, I mean all what I drew. But luckily I looked closer and saw that the sun had burned most of it away. Because I was using markers and things like that. But man… that got me for a minute. I questioned reality again, luckily my common sense activated at some point and so all was good.

Music, games, movies usually widely ignored by the majority, are a good resource to understand what we are dealing with here.

Or things which often got discredited of many other people or made fun of and such things. I often saw that and thought, well okay, people are just stupid. But now I think, well, good strategy, well played (whoever is in control). The obvious enemy is not always the one to blame.

And not everyone who looks like your enemy, does have to be your enemy.

Not every soldier on the german side in WW2 was evil, not every russian soldier was evil and not every american soldier is evil etc.

We are still human, at least I hope that. So think twice, okay?

But decide by your own senses, memory and so on. Not by my words or the things I present here or others. You really have to think it through yourself and based on that make a decision. Otherwise I would be the one controlling you and that is not what this should be about. I am no leader and never wanted to be one.

If you call the result of a problem, the cause of the problem, isn’t that like calling slavery necessary because otherwise people could harm you?

We are fighting a war about mind control here and I don’t want to be a part of it, so I decide for my side and fight for what I believe in. My own memory, thinking process and what my senses (feelings, eyes, ears, and psychological analyzing etc.) tells me. And at the moment, it tells me, that my head is under heavy pressure, that I shouldn’t have give in yesterday and today to watching porn again and masturbating because I couldn’t fight back this pressure in my head. The thing is, that the pressure was without context. So it was not that I was the whole time supressing my need for porn. It wasn’t there until the pressure in my head got more intense.

I even noticed at some point, that I heard noise in my headphones, while there wasn’t anything playing… could have been the current or something, but it was a little weird.

And I am not sure about the last thoughts, but still it is very messy.

(warning – content could harm you or wake you up)

Thinking for yourself means, that you don’t follow anyone and don’t read too much about how one shall think or live. Because you will not be able to live this way give to what you really would want to do or love.

I just did what I wanted when I was younger, as long as I could find a way, but at some point also I gave up to the system…

Bad, bad idea. It only made me want to die. But isn’t that a flaw?

I thought by human nature you have a natural will to survive and yet most people seem to think or do the opposite. And if survive, than only as a slave of some sort.

“Did you every listen to what we play?”

Given that, I think that I can’t really make something wrong here, only hurt some people or harm them. And I don’t want that, but otherwise they would die anyway, I guess. So I have to continue. Music is the best choice for this battle because it is a direct and easiest way to reprogram a mind.

Music is just a set of vibrations which your ear sensor then interpret and the mind translates into some kind of sound.

But vibrations can also manipulate cells directly. Just recently scientists found out about it (again?).

As I said, your teachers are everywhere, if you understand, that you have to take action in order to help them. Because when your enemy might be a victim of himself or an even bigger enemy, you have to help and take action instead of fighting with the same weapons or blaming yourself.

Music (or sound in general) is one of the most powerful weapons in history.

The military used it to confuse enemy troops and such things.

So you can really do a lot with vibrations / sounds.

I am starting to fight with music, now even more.

And yes, I sometimes also don’t get things the right way, but then who really is right after all, right? … see…

And just think about it, Nietzsche was also called a man between genius and madness.

But what he really wanted to say (in a more modern version).

So who really is mad around here? Spartans? I guess not.

Nietzsche, I guess not. At least not what I learned about him.

But what I learned about many other people who were telling that they were doing things in the name of science or whatever. I am not talking about Einstein for example, or people who actually invented things and helped through that, but I hope you understand what I mean. There is a difference between a believe in science and the will to explore and study nature and other things.

I can sense when I can trust someone. And most people who are talking about so called science or other things, I don’t trust them.

And I often sense, that they don’t really know themselves what they are talking about, so I can’t blame them.

Passive control at it’s best. Passive mass control.

And then you just need a bunch of people to ensure that people stay focused on the brain-wash path and then the majority will support each other anyways. Leaving those who still not accept the slavery as insane, weird, crazy or stupid. And maybe put out some other actually stupid theories to convince others that it must be stupid or crazy. I often noticed that.

Man…. what the hell is going on. I mean I know in some way, but I can’t really tell for sure. And it is hard to stay focused on this thinking pattern without getting too much pressure or the need to do something harmful against myself in some way. When I think about misery, it usually isn’t that bad. … shit.

And my mother often backed her opinion that I should stop thinking this way on TV and religious people. As well as my father, except that he hates TVs. At least something, but he clearly didn’t get the point why. He just does it because religious people told him that.

This is the real madness here people…

When you have to fear to think for yourself.

And I am sure, that the people singing this don’t have free thoughts…

What a mess…

(By the way, the people from this photo were fighting against the nazi regime and got killed by it)

This is why, when you hear in the news, that some bad terrorist group or criminal got caught, think twice, maybe it was me or someone else who got behind the “dream”, the manipulated reality.

Because it is pretty easy these days to manipulate data and facts and then get someone into prison. So that police would probably actually find clear evidence and then would actually think you are a criminal. And what will you do about it? Nothing because police would think you are trying to defend your crime or that you are lying.

Man… we live in a police state the whole time, while we look at China. But actually everyone is kind of brainwashed. Except for some individuals who escaped or some countries which have less technology and other oppressors. So there is hope people, but we have to really do things.

I came up with music and the music created by myself might actually be very powerful. What do you got? Anything could help.

I mean really, anything could help because you only have to do something other than what most people do and you are already kinda rebellious.

Eh I mean, my music is crap. It is shit.

Don’t listen to my music.

My music is pretty lame and, well some is actually pretty lame.

But yea… where have we been?

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