I should continue now

I will really stop now with this blog.

I really hope that it helped someone out there.

Maybe see you some day in the future.

I will let this post stay online until tomorrow morning.

Edit: I will let this stay as long as it stays.

I really have to stop this blog now. While it helped me first to find my way back to reality. But when I found it, people probably still think I am trying to find it or cope with my problems. Therefor it actually is pointless to continue writing. It will only make things worse.

Don’t forget the music people, music is power, music which is not mainstream, maybe your own. Don’t forget that you can sing, that you can make music with your body and other things.

Stay safe out there, don’t forget me and remember yourself. ❤

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Isn’t it funny?! O_O ha ha ha …

I see a lot of flaws in this, but yes he has also a lot of good things.

The system is bad and the “drugs” are bad. So both things are bad.

Because everyone is in some way brain-washed.

I did a lot this year, made a lot of music, wrote a lot here and it was pretty easy, it was pretty fast and actually gave me a lot of joy and emotions.

So yes, question everything.

We have to WORK EXTRA HARD. Hm… I don’t think so. We should instead question authority and basically every institution. I can trust some people when I see them, or I don’t. But I can’t trust an institution or whatever, if they are all brain-washed themselves. I mean, it isn’t their fault. We are all trapped. But that is the actual big challenge.

Respect yourself and know that there is no box, if you don’t accept it.

I have a high respect for those who sacrificed a lot for the fight for freedom.

I have no respect for authorities because they didn’t earn it.

And yes, we have scientists, we have a lot of people who are good and actually want to find solutions. But can they really trust their colleagues?

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  1. I don’t think you should stop this. Writing and posting it makes a writer feel good. So I hope you keep writing it. 🙂

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