So if people can be controlled in a way by others (whoever or whatever they are), you could actually also do that. But should you? It wouldn’t help much, I guess. But depending on the situation it might be useful to use some tricks.

And maybe try to show the important things, for example love and joy.

Why do people think love has to be related with pain? Pain and love are complete opposite things in my view. So why is that? Well, it is this way because others said it and most people experience it, so it has to be true, right? Wrong.

Because when I experienced true love in my forest walks, I knew that it has nothing to do with pain. So question that.

The more horror you survive, the more pain you went through, the more you realize, what actually is important. And the stronger you get.

But why are people scared of it? I watched a lot of horror movies, sci-fi and thriller etc. when I was an elementary school kid. Did I die? No. Did I break? No.

I got stronger, to survive the real horror in my life. But the more I gave up on fighting against it because I lost the hope, that fighting would make a change, that was the problem. That did break me, not watching, not listening, but giving up on myself. So don’t give up.

We will make this good and we will be great because we are!

It is a game, you know?

But the game has to be changed, once and for all.

Great dream, now make it happen, or let it stop. Depending on how you see it.

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