Finally peace – it is all lost

Man, I wish I would be Fox Mulder…

*Looks into the mirror*

Well… I guess not.

X: What is he trying to tell us?

Y: I don’t know, but he does it again.

I feel like this young man, asking questions, while people don’t really let me explain, then put other things into the questions which have nothing to do with it and then I am done.

So for example:

Me: “There doesn’t have to be money (or if money, then just a given number – but that would be useless after some time anyway from my opinion).”

Other people: “But now we have money. And also how would you want to buy something otherwise? Change salad against cheese? This doesn’t work anymore.”

Me: “Well, you actually don’t have to go “buy” because things would be available for everyone. Usually, if you wouldn’t turn people into “mindless” machines, you could instead interest or let them find interest in all kinds of things. We wouldn’t have to work all hard. Because the hardness depends on the perspective and joy in your life. So if you would know that your life and work is valued, you would be happier and also when playing games with friends or people in general. So we wouldn’t need to have a hard farmer life because the farmer might actually would be able to use some cool machines to do his work. Maybe even AI (but well… about that). So while some people might plant things with machines, others would find it challenging to do the same with hands for workout maybe. Then you would have some engineers who could produce tools and vehicles etc. which actually have a long “life”, not this cheap garbage which they produce these days. We could have some scientists to do some real science because these days you don’t really know what is science and what is just gambling. And….”

10 hours later

“… so the money wouldn’t be needed.”

Other people: “I couldn’t really follow you and it took a long time. I am tired. Maybe you could just plant something in the garden or maybe get some money yourself.”

Me: “… you didn’t even listen or understand.”

Other people: “I listened the whole time, but this doesn’t lead somewhere. You should do something practical. Intellectuals don’t really know how hard work looks like.”

Me: “I know, I also worked hard in my life.”

Other people: “Not like me or your ancestors.”


So yes, the young man wasn’t asking the questions properly, but Friedman was also messing with him.

The thing is, that Friedman actually stated something important. That most people are not willing to pay enough for their life and instead pay for too much to make it shorter.

And I mean Friedman was indeed a very interesting man, but he sure was supporting capitalism, but given the time it was also not that good to say something different I think. And yes, the global market is capitalistic.

So the problem here is, that most people pay with their life and or money, they earn through a painful job for things which often make it even more miserable. Because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to handle the misery in the first place. What does that mean? Well… the real problem is education. And that big companies use children and in general people in poor countries to produce cheap while ignoring human rights completely in some cases.

So basically the school system is complete garbage, everything is corrupt or at least could be corrupt and so on. And why is that? Well… guess what, because of some sort of money.

Because without money, you would only have resources and products. I mean you could then still give someone more than another, but there is another problem.

If people would be willing to share their goods with their friends and or family, then there wouldn’t be a need for money at all. Hm. It depends on the global perspective. But basically it would be depending on the courage and ideas one has. So for example, if someone wants to do something with resources you have or could get / produce, you could ask some questions and maybe depeding on the thing, make some models etc.

So then you would know whether it makes sense. You could then maybe also assist or give some other ideas.

And if it would be out of the will to get more wisdom and explore, this would actually be better in the long run. The education was always the problem. Messing with people’s heads until they don’t know whether they are wrong or right or even allowed to ask any questions.

So “of course” capitalism is the answer for everything. But when everything is based on money, someone else prints and you have no control over it, welllllll…..


I mean….

But what am I talking about. Of course we are all free.

Free to do whatever we slave… eh… crave. Love is irrelevant anyways.

What even is love. Good people don’t exist, right? I mean he said, he would run away for them. So maybe that was a hint. xD

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