Does anyone know or remember these?

The three investigators / Die drei Fragezeichen – ???

Man I loved these audio plays, they always motivated me, made me question things, but still stay positive in a way. Where are all these good stories? And why can’t YouTube videos with child TV show content be added to playlists? Questions above questions… 😦

Couldn’t find an english version, probably because of copyright…

Well, well… But yes, these were the good days. And that from me, the guy who wants to die, at least if the pressure on my head gets bigger.

Good that I found these. Man, I completely forgot it, like so many things.

This is creepy. I forgot that I listened to probably hundred of these and couldn’t get enough of these when I was a kid or even teen. Maaaaann..

Our memory really got obfuscated a lot.

Or was it just me?

And well, psychologically a person who always is nice to you, will less likely be remembered by you and if even then only positive. So guess what psychopaths do, exactly. .) Have a good one.

Could need these guys now. I mean, they investigated almost anything. Ghosts, Mafia, crazy doctors, you name it. Where are my heros when I need them!? WHERE ARE YOU???

Just have to listen to this again a couple of times.