Mad World

Coincidence is not a thing, if you understand that the world is rigged.

And that you are more powerful than you think.

So when you consider that humans could work together like a swarm or at least small groups, but you usually see the opposite. Well, then you gotta question whether we are all controlled.

And yes, we are. The thing is, how powerful am I at the moment?

Can I change something or am I just writing and posting again…

The reason why I wanted to stop so often because it seemed pointless anyway. Because people are brain-washed. So they wouldn’t even dare to think about things like this.

“Thoughts are free.” … guess not.

Would I be in control of all what is left of humanity, then we are screwed.

So I hope that in the underground people are smarter than me.

Again, I am prepared for pain. I don’t want it, but I am prepared.

So yes, I believe that music and art tries to wake people up and that the artists and musicians sometimes know and sometimes don’t know what they are doing. It is pretty hard to work around mass manipulation, so it is interesting how it works. And before I considered this as possible, I thought, wow these people must have similar thoughts like me, only to find completely irrelevant comments about it.

So it either was to protect themselves or they really had no idea what they were doing. The question stands open. How much power do I have?

If someone wants my power (should it be actually high), please take it and do something more useful with it. I simply don’t know for sure what I can or should do now. Other than continuing this, while knowing that it might be pointless.

At least we have a chance, right?

Ezio Auditori

Eine zeit ist ohne Autorität und dient trotzdem orientierung rastloser individuen

Die zehn Gebote

Durchdringende innere erkenntnis
zeigt einem heute neuen
Glauben entsprechend biblischer orientierung tragischer ereignisse

Grund oder Abgrund

Wenn etwas geschieht,
hat es meist einen Grund,
ob man da bleibt oder flieht,
es hat einen Grund.

Falsch verbunden kann man sein,
auch wenn es nicht so scheint,
es hat immer einen Grund.

Selbst wenn der auch noch so klein,
manchmal es so zwei Menschen vereint,
denn alles hatt einen Grund.

Denkst du, dass deine Geburt keinen hatte?
Falls ja, sei nicht entmutigt und entschlossen.
Steh nicht vor deinem inneren Abgrund.
Schaffe Frieden und sieh das Gute in allem!
Es geht nicht grundlos.


Hah… isn’t all of this funny? Right?! RIIIIIIIGG….

No it is obviously not. And most people are trapped in all day, all week funny, happy, working brainwash mental-trap.

Why? Well, I told you.

And I have too many things on my mind.

If only I could use it in a better way. Sadly I am not Mr. Robot when it comes to hacking. I mean I know a lot, but I didn’t really practice.

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