I have no idea

So, I guess I will take down my blog soon

because I don’t think it is a good idea in either way to continue writing.

I could harm people who don’t think critical about what I post.

I could harm people who are already struggling.

So it is probably the best to stop this.

If you want to have the blog data since the beginning, you can download it here later.

XML – J.SYS – The Almanac (it is in xml format for WP import. sorry)

Should you still have interest in my crazy ideas. I guess I am stupid and crazy after all. And if not, well humanity was lost since the beginning I guess, so why worry about it. Some may survive and if not… hopefully you won’t have to worry about a thing then.

Thanks for following me and trusting me at least a little.

I probably should have never started this blog in the first place.

I knew it would be a bad idea to speak about what is going on in my mind.

Sorry for everything.

Edit: Okay you convinced me, I won’t take the blog down. But it doesn’t really matter anyway what I do at this point. It is all messed up.

Hope you are doing okay out there.

And I am sorry for all people who died this year because of the virus, the wars and in general. I can’t change it, the world is probably doomed anyways and I will now just continue with distracting myself again.

Maybe I post something later again, I don’t know…


  1. Please don’t take your blog down. You know blog is a writing space for what you feel and what you think, so stay and keep writing. The most difficult thing is to talk and display emotions , feelings and thoughts, if you get this opportunity here, than please stay.. and yes you surely have an idea..it takes a lot to write something meaningful and useful, all your blogs are wonderful that way..

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    • Yes, but I guess no one understands even half of what I am trying to say, while even I have to rethink it all again and again. And in the end I sound like someone completely crazy and I am probably, from an outside view. So if I will do harm to others, I will better take it down. But thank you that you care. ❤


      • Well every one is crazy in this world.
        Everyone is weird in this world.
        Everyone has their own thought process.
        No offense but if someone doesn’t understand, that simply because it takes a mind to read, and it takes a mind to understand, so someone doesn’t has the mind to understand.
        I read lot’s of blogs here and they are damn wonderful..even read yours.. they are awesome…the way you see things is unique. I don’t know you personally and likewise but the fact is it takes a lot to pen your thoughts.. valuable thought or unique thoughts. So before going do think again. Forget the idea about harming anyone. End of the day, it’s all karma!!

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      • I forgot to mention, it took me some about 11 years to start writing…if you are doing it..than you are courageous and thoughtful at the same time..yes having apprehension is natural..but keep them aside.. otherwise forget writing.. living will become a problem for you..no offense but that’s the truth..

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