Funny videos

I hope you enjoy these funny videos.

I selected them out of a thought. Maybe they are funny.

Now you probably think, what the hell was that?

Well, dam right. What the hell was it all about?

I tried to shock you or at least try to “see” your reaction.

Because if you didn’t understand that things could change in a second…

I am still here, just wanted to warn you. And actually some of these videos are pretty interesting. But still…

And now I am asking myself, how one can disguise without being fake.

Hm. I will just try to continue as long as possible. What else do I have, right?

And I really love you. And no, you don’t have to all be united as one and stay all peaceful. But to think about your actions. Because it isn’t a very wise and intelligent way to kill, scream or torture your enemy.

You either teach him, ignore him or try to show him, how things are done.

Ip Man showed how peaceful “violence” is done. In a defending way. Attackers will come, so you just have to defend yourself and maybe fight for those who really need help.

Don’t trust the media people. I don’t know what it told people over the last months, I stopped watching a couple months ago, when I realized that they are all just confused and talking shit back and forth.

This woman was a hero.

Where are the heroes now?

Well, I guess they are working in disguse. Right?

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