(The fifth wave)

Many people believed or maybe still believe masks secure them or whatever. Man, I can tell ya. I knocked down some things by accident because I couldn’t really see. It got harder to breath and I felt pretty stupid with these masks.

Because seriously, these things are pretty useless in the end. Because even if you wear them, others could still make you sick. So you would either have to wear an ABC-suit or just understand that our bodies can actually produce anti-virus on their own. And that vaccination (at least from what I have learned) just puts the virus in your body, while it should have been weakend before. So that the body can then develop anti-virus easier without the need to fight the virus while it is fully active. There might be other methods, but this is what I learned about it some years ago.

So probably there are better ways now, but still, your body can fight this virus on its own. Usually when you don’t fear it. People during the plague died, many died, but those who weren’t afraid actually survived, while being surrounded by death and chaos. Interesting things.

Man I really am not sure what to think.

We have the alien scenario, we have the “some people who play God” scenario, we have the AI scenario and we have, well, what do we have?

The thing is that soooo many movies and series I watched actually were talking about these things, either obviously or in a background story. And I thought, well okay that is pretty weird. And now it might actually be the only way to tell the truth. Through fiction stories. Wow.

Good job whoever is ruling or whatever.

Well played. And the problem is, that I might be a weakness in the system. Which means that I could actually still be alive because I am giving whoever is controlling or trying to control, access to a lot of other possible rebels or at least skeptical people.

Knowing this means, that I now should actually stop this.

Holy shit man….

Well, the problem is, that in our reality, this didn’t happen, it seems. IF you understand what I am trying to tell.

So whoever is in control, you can’t trust the news or whatever.

The thing is, that I am not a scientists, basically nothing and I really hope there are still some true scientists out there. I know some, but really, what is happening out there???

This is no joke. I just hope that this all is just a bad dream, but I know it is not. Because I have my memory back and given from my memory this is pretty real. Good to have you back memory. Would be lost without you. Even if it hurts, but I need this memory now. Maybe our lives depend on it or at least mine. You better remember your life. I know it is painful or at least could be, but it is necessary. Are you ready to fight?

The question is, how, who and when? I guess you have to decide for yourself, given on the memory you have and the thoughts and questions raised.

We are not so easy beaten down and we won’t let us getting fooled like this, do we? Are we alive or what? Lads, it is still an honor to serve on your side. Although I am not sure whether for you all of this seems like nonsense or crazy talk. I don’t know. But I know that from my memory, this makes sense and is highly critical and dangerous. Because it sadly makes so much sense.

Again, if the scenarios I presented are not real, good. If everything is not as long planned as I think it might be, goooood. But you have to be prepared for the worst.

Or as my friends in M&B Warband used to say:

“It’s almost harvesting season!”

Better not get harvested, right?

Wait a second…

And yes, I am pretty aware that I could be also very wrong.

My existence is wrong. But only if I would be a problem. Am I a problem for you? I hope not because you – whoever you are – are not a problem for me.

Even if you hate me, hurt me or whatever. Well, I mean if you are an alien maybe I will change my mind, at least if you are a bad alien. And if you are a vampire, okay, I mean at least I could get the chance to become one myself or have an interesting friendship through blood. Eh … where have we been? Ah yes, what THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE!?!?!?

(Please don’t let this be the Matrix, please don’t let this be the Matrix, please….)

And now something to calm down a little again. …. holy moly.

Okay, okay that wasn’t calming. xD Sorry

A little too much violence?

Because really, what in the world is going on in the world.

And I am not even sure whether I should write more about my movies and all. Because I know that it is crazy, but usually I learned a lot about reality through some movies which somehow interested me. So not like garbage reality shows or something. No, I am talking about sci-fi, horror, thriller and sometimes cartoons and such things. I am talking about specific movies, series etc. which hold some kind of messages. And that usually the opposite is reality. So when in the movie they saved earth, it wasn’t saved in reality.

Like Black Mirror, only that this series actually is more like reality.

It is complicated, but I hope you understand or already know what I am talking about. Again, I didn’t want all of this. I just remember all of this and kinda have to get it out. And then also all these videos pop up. I don’t know man…. I am confused half of the time and the other half of the time I am typing, watching searching and thinking about what all of this means.

Stay, just stay alive, okay? I don’t know how, why, when what…. I don’t know. And if you have to use a gun in self-defense, I wouldn’t judge you. But please don’t kill people okay, because maybe it hits the wrong one.

(Tells people to not kill people, while using a gun is okay? Eh… about my data and the correctness… but you heard me, right? Things are pretty weird out there, so maybe the prepper family is your best luck now? I mean a real prepper, not someone who just made some videos, telling you to buy toilet paper. Either for satire or for real. I hope you know what we are talking about here. Because my grandpa wasn’t a prepper, but he still had a lot of useful things in his house (which is my house now by the way). Even a mechanical writing device from WW2. If you have to go offline, I guess.

It even has a delete button, yep… that also suprised me.

Something like that, but an actual german version. Actually prior to WW2, I think a model from 1934 or something. I still don’t know how it ended up in my grandpa’s house. But probably because his father, my grand grandpa was working for the nazi’s and the local office maybe gave it to him as a gift. I don’t know. My grandpa was still a child back then.

I also got a lot of other things there. And man… wouldn’t my father have let in some weird guy who “stole” some of these things, I could maybe make some farther investigation. All of this is so weird.

Okay, gimme a break.

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