We are victims

Are we?

As long as we fear to be wrong, should we step up, we are.

But what does this mean? You decide what you are going to do.

So yes, most of us are victims, those who are not, probably get silenced and the rest is either still trying to figure it out or keeps in the shadows, waiting for the right moment, maybe.

And then I am all alone again. Great. 🙂 …


But I know where my vulnerabilities are.

The thing is, that I also know, that it doesn’t make sense that I am alone.

Because then I would know everything, but I don’t and therefor I can’t be alone. This means that you are out there.

And it also means, that our society or humanity is pretty dam brain-washed.

Because even if I would have a business now, I would have a problem because money is worth nothing pretty soon. And all this other stuff going on.

So even if I would step up now, would it really make a difference? Because I would also just look like an idiot calling for justice, while most other people think I am crazy. Great…. Should I do it anyways? We will see.

Maybe I will do some other things.

Thank you for following me (this sick dude who is all over the place)! ❤

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